I thought code geass is shit

i thought code geass is shit

I thought that too but with an image like that I'm not so sure anymore

It is shit, Creayus is just a god.

Don’t care if I have shit taste, Code Geass is unironically great fun.

Neck thyself.

c3 is best witch of the series.

c2, my bad


So did I, but I don't go around making threads about it.

Code Geass is great.

You a shit.

R3 fucking when REEEEEEEEEE

Classic CLAMP

ccuck is shit though.

>believing Sup Forums

But Sup Forums mostly loves Code Geass.

I was really talking about how so many of the posts on Sup Forums are just calling everything shit

After the third movie comes out so probably in Spring of next year

Third movie is in may.
So Autumn or Winter 2018. Summer at best but probably not.

>Posting the edit

Left or Right?

Right has better triddies but left has better hair.

Left also doesn't age.


Shouldn't even be a question.


Left all the way, she learned C++ as a slave. Now that's more impressive than a Mech pilot any day.

how is this still a question. Left. Obviously.


thanks doc

The twist will be that he's actually dead

>tfw can watch code geass with Sup Forums again

>you won't EVER experience Code Geass Sundays EVER AGAIN

>you will never experience the days of TTGL shitposting so big it crashes Sup Forums

>You will never experience reading Umineko with Sup Forums for the first time ever again.
wtf bros

More like funposting. Fuck me we’ll never get pure fun ever again because you know Sup Forums will just flood in and try to ape the old threads they heard about.

you had a shit taste

With the R3 preview I really doubt that


I mostly just want to tell the people who were ready to trash R3 to fuck off when episode 1 comes out
I'm setting myself up for disappointment but it will all be worth it if this is anywhere close to good

they lied to you
Geass is the best thing in the world, seconded only by fresh toast and other Sunrise mecha trainwrecks