Left or right?

Left or right?

Always left.

Left, though Yui is god tier also.

Always Yui.


Sweden yes

Absolutely disgusting.

Correct answer is always both at once Sup Forumsnon

Not anymore.

Yui is always Yui even if she gets HUEG.



But she's not cute anymore.


Look at that face, she's still cute as fuck.

Not really. Even her demeanor changed to match Misa's.



Yui chan is just a very good actress.

Left. Tittymonster Yui just looks like Misa.

A better version of Misa from what it looks like.

>All the fags jumping ship just because Yui isn't muh petite princess anymore
KIll yourself faggot.
You don't deserve porn at all.

I like the colors

I hope that dark-skinned magician girl gets fucked.


right is perfect

>just because Yui isn't muh petite princess
Can't deny that was the original selling point, she was even more petite than Sasaki.
Ever since then she developped plenty other assets like her assertive semen demon yet kind personality and her acting skills.

Is there a nude edit of this?

I'm happy that Erika gets to wear her cheerleading outfit.

Oh wow a tsundere cheerleader, never seen that before.
Is she even tsun anymore?

I don't like these colors

I do miss her bossy attitude, but I still love her.

She's not just bossy, she's arrogant and thinks she's the hottest thing on the planet. And she still has that attitude in spades

He only uses all those varying colors for his sample collages.

She stopped being that way around 9.0

>And she still has that attitude in spades
We've clearly lost some important things along the way. Consequences will never be the same.

I really miss her sharp bossy look...

Scans when?

I could cum to just the faces Yui makes.
Her being so into it is an amazing trait.


Looking at data from the past years, sometime during the next two weeks.

You are my nigga.

I always find it incredibly awkward when an artist suddenly switches from white to shaded hair for a brunette character.

She was hotter when her hair wasn't colored.


Please tell me there's a proper threesome this time.

Doesn't look like it from the preview.

Left ftw

I'm getting tired of this. Misa had a threesome with Yui, Erika, and the albino.

Erika and Yui should have been paired up.

I wish Raita read these threads.

I think he's long since ceased to give a fuck about what anyone thinks. We're just along for the ride here

I do wish the guy would add tentacles and semen monsters every now and then.

It's getting kinda boring with the guy banging the girls.

I don't think he needs to add too much to keep it fresh, it's just that he keeps avoiding obvious things he hasn't done yet and he's pushing Misa too much instead.

After it comes out.

I want to see these girls covered in cum.

Sorry, this is Raita country, only x-ray internal cumshots with sperm dialogue bubbles allowed.

I want diversity. There were only 2 facials in the whole series.

Yui > Erika > Puni > Misa > Albino > BR

Who needs facials when you got this?

Those tits are unironically too big

I like that too, but I want some cumshots on their chests and face.

>pure untouched idol ovum

>upper right corner

Whichever one leglocks me and whispers in my ear while playing with my nipples/balls as I'm about to come.

Puni lives on in VC4.

I hope VC4 does well enough to pay his bills.

The game's success has little to do with the amount of money Raita gets.

I want to gather both of their sweat in a bottle and drink it

Left by far.

What the fuck is wrong with his urethra?

You mean your dick doesn't break itself when you cum?

>his dick doesn't develop spikes and contorts like a dying snake when he cums
What is wrong with YOU, user?

That's not how breasts work

Or spines or asses or balls, etc.

What are you gonna do huh?
Call the breast police?


>it's actually 18.0 and not just another artbook
There is a god

I'm all for raita threads but man mods are really sleeping tonight

I just wish he'd make Kirara a regular character.

She now developed stinky love breath. How obscene.

She only gets better as time goes on.
Soon she'll be unstoppable.

Comiket porn hype.
I like Raita threads but we really shouldn't be making them, it only encourages more porn threads that attracts cancer and retards.

New VC protag kind of looks like what would happen if Erika and Whatsherface fused together.

I wish Sasamori Tomoe was a fan of Raita's Absolute girl series. I'm pretty sure Punyaka's designs and the other girls will translate good to other art style

it's always fascinating to see people who unironically like raita's shit.


>mods in charge of giving a fuck

Not a single nipple in there

We keep those nipples well hidden.
This is art not porn.


>stinky love breath

>Not liking sticks with boobs
So you are gay.

Exchanging bacteria can get pretty smelly.


Right, because I feel like I get get my average dick past those thighs.

>kya kya hazukashi
Yui always being secretely embarrassed even when she's acting so bold is really cute.

Really, really, really hard decision but right.