Papa bones season 2 preair is starting

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link to stream?

look up abematv






> preair
What is that?


Some channels airing the first episode ahead than usual schedule


dumb chair

it's time


its rather fast, isn't it?

more semen demons?

lizard arc is pretty shit so its ok


oh shit

That crown is way too small

>[HorribleSubs] Overlord S2 - 01 [1080p].mkv

>HS subbing anything.


Who is this cutie? A non-useless human?

next you'll say you're pretending to be retarded

I cannot into moonrunes. Seeing as OP poste nearly an hour ago I get that the broadcast is over, but what is this? Is it being recast later? Are we simply too late? Did anyone actually record it?
Read the LN.

Oh fuck. The anime showing off all the big faces we never got art for.


mega link still up right?



next broadcast is standard airing time, which is jan 9.

After looking at this I realize it's just listed the official airing dates for the episodes.
In other news I'm hype for lizard bros.

Why is Renner ugly?

Will this goddess appear again?
I heard she gets resurrected or some shit in the LNs

They couldn't capture her beauty right. It's called budget.

Lizards look good and white sasul is cute.
I always loved the lizard arc. Hype! Hype! Hype!

you think madhouse will spare us from the boredom that was the lizard volume?

Tiny hats are stupid

So yeah, I made a few mistakes with the ch33 TL script, this should be better.


Also Zesshi being bred when

Third princess is lucky she gets a crown

You're a fucking nigger.

Apparently not, enjoy steamy lizard sex.

She should get a pearl necklace

>Read the LN.
Which one?

So that's how his sword actually looks like.
I had a really hard time visualizing a three thing sword without thinking of a trident.

Are there even any oceans to get pearls from? Well our slice of map at least seems pretty landlocked


You heard wrong

There are oceans and harbors, take another look at the map faget.

My fanfic can't be wrong user, she'll be back.

Volume 4 Intermission Chapter

So when can we expect rips?

To be fair, there are signs in the released LN that indicates she will return. Zuranon won't let a human that has reached the realm of heroes go to waste, either as a human or otherwise.

These have been out forever, and I didn't see them. The first one is hype as fuck.
Only Zenberu really sounds like a lizardman to me.
All of them.

Thank you.

already there, lurk more

Take with a grain of salt. Overlord is full of foreshadowing for future events or just for the sake of worldbuilding/cockteasing the readers. She was a leader in a necromancer cult organization and her corpse went missing under the MC's nose, which he cursed himself over letting happen. There has only been one scene talking about this, but it's highly likely Maruyama means to have her be alive. Even if he's not going to use her again she could be relegated to be "Schrodinger's Clementine" just for the sake of world building.

Why would you lie to me like that?

oh nvm


I want to impregnate Pestonya

>Rigrid is Goku


>Certain Death is a chuuni.

that's a damn fine tasty looking burger


Why am I streaming again after avoiding it for a decade? The quality has unmistakably gone up since the last season and yet I'm watching it with decompressed quality on dailymotion of all the fucking places.
I just realized how much I care about Overlord compared to all the other nip-stuff I've been consuming over the last years. I can't remember the last time I was enjoying something so much. And it's just a big commercial anime for a LN I read years ago too.

Her boobs are perfectly proportioned, she'd nourish our children perfectly.

>Hiyama as Eclair

I haven't caught up with papa bones for so long, has vol 12 come out yet

they've changed a lot of things as usual, huh?



>the art is still ugly as fuck

Why did i even bother

Probably end up looking like a litter of Polts.

Thank you good user

No release date for volume 13 yet, right?

I'm surprised they actually found a character design that actually makes her not look like a chuuni tryhard-OC wet dream from how Maruyama described her.


do the lizards fight for the right to bring home omurice?

>cute princess stereotype

I feel like they are still rushing the hell out of things.


It can't be helped, the animu adaptation feels super rushed after reading the LN.

No one wants a faithful adaptation of lizards

>>cute princess stereotype
Y-yeah, let's go with that.

Oh well, cute Albedo was cute


>Satomi Arai as Pestonya
They're grabbing a ton of good actors for this.

Holy shit i heard that in her voice.
Thanks user, i was supposed to go to sauna but now i have to fap furiously first.

>Auras thank you Bukubukichagam
Of fuck, that was too much for my heart

Be a man. Fap in the sauna.

If it hasn't been uploaded with subs anywhere by jan 1st I'l make a script for it. No I'm not Nigel. I'm hoping someone else can make subs out of my translations as I have no experience with that.
Speak for yourself, I loved vol.4

albedo and shalltear are 100% hotter

They portrayed her heart perfectly

I want the lizards.

I feel like it's already better than season 1 in regard to details. But the anime is just one big commercial for the LN.

Got to finally meet best bro Mushroom Head Bartender.

I wont disagree with that. Guess we'll have to fill in the gaps for the secondaries.

Oh you sweet secondary.