Why is JJBA so unlike any other shounen?

Typical shounen
>might take a little while to get off the ground, but has an amazing first two arcs
>some pacing issues in arc three, but still solid
>things start to crumble in arc four
>final arc totally sucks
>ends up getting rushed and then either badly finished or just cancelled

>first part is the worst of the entire series
>some pacing issues in part 4, but has been consistently awesome otherwise, even when it was still in Shounen Jump
>still great to this day

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I thought the first part was pretty neat. I'm hyped for what's next then.

Because Araki is a massive westaboo
Even in DiU which is set in japan, Morioh is closer to a stereotypical american suburb setting

Araki isn't afraid to throw everything away that doesn't work and try something else.

>the Japanese author is a weeaboo
Fucking what?

JJBA is homosexual propaganda

Better question - why other shonen are not like JJBA?

There is more money in playing it safe.

Its more effective at it than americans i'll say that much

Is it true Part 3 is Japan's favorite? If so, why?

Jotaro is mary sue enough, or were the 4 awesome parts just that awesome, or Dio?

Westaboo, not a weaboo

That guy said "westaboo".

You need an extremely high IQ to appreciate Jojo

Ah yes, you really need a quite solid grounding in rock music to catch the references.

Part 3 introduced stands.

Look at me George! I survived the lapse of space time. I'm TIMELOOP CARSSSS!

Is that a JoJo reference? XD

Never thought the first part was the worst. 3rd arc is so pointless in the middle you can watch the first 10 episodes and last 10 episodes and you'd miss literally nothing

>erhmaigawd jojo is so epique XDD
this series fanbase is as bad as rick and morty

>>first part is the worst of the entire series
Fucking kill yourself you stupid fucking paint sniffing teenager. get the fuck off this website.

It is? Looks like the same shit as other battle shounen to me.

>first part is the worst of the entire series
First season is the only part I've watched that I enjoyed. People who say it gets better after season one must be kids or something that appreciate a cheesy story over outrageous humor.

It's weird that the series only got more popular as the art got worst. Araki completely forgot how to draw different faces after like part 4.

I don't know, I could still fap to Jolyne.

They're both good shows its just the fanbases that ruined them. It's always the fucking fanbases.

I mean his style's not really ugly, everybody just looks the same aside from their hair. All his characters are also just kind of hyper neurotic unbelievable weirdos now too.

There's still something to enjoy in Jojo but I think it's definitely gotten worse over time.

>All his characters are also just kind of hyper neurotic unbelievable weirdos now too.
Weren't they before?

Not really. Rohan was kind of the first as far as I can remember.

my impression was japan loved part 5 most

take out the pacing issues and that's One Piece

jojo fans didn't swarm mcdonalds to demand a sauce you can get just about anywhere, on top of harassing poor min wage employees who were just trying to do their job and had no control over the upper management's fuckup

This show is like a cheese; full with holes.

They would if they could. And the jojo threads in this board are as obnoxious

You're right, they're more similar to bronies because they bring up their series every chance they get

No we don't.



3 and 5 are Japan's favourites, 3 because Jotaro is Kenshiro 2.0 and because it introduced Stands and because of DIO memes.
5 because it's literally Part 3 2.0 featuring DIO's son.

Hell no, Araki's art deteriorated fiercly after early Part 4 and frankly it never improved and only got worse. I can't stand his Late Part 4 and onwards art style. Read all the manga up to and including Part 7 but I tapped out on the anime on Part 3, especially after I saw the trailers for Part 4 and how the budget literally stopped existing with all those simplified designs, plastic flat colors with no shading etc.

>first part is the best of the entire series
FTFY. Others are enjoyable either.
I like comedy, and Part 3 has lots of on point hilarity. You don't have to like Jotaro or Dio to enjoy it.

Boingo's prediction turned out 100% accurate anyway during Part 6

>100% accurate
He always do, including disguise and Jotaro's super luck.

That means that he wants to be american

I love how the anime went the extra fucking mile and made not one but TWO different EDs exclusively for the Oingo Boingo episodes.
Blew my fucking mind.
Though in hindsight, I'd rather they didn't waste the budget on something so ultimately stupid and put it into DIO's World which was the biggest fucking disappointment ever with not only horrible powerpoint presentation slideshow, but also art NEVER being on model 90% of the time (even on Bluray) as well as extreme censorship to the point of even removing the greatness that was the car scene.
Fuck DavidPro and fuck their garbage Part 4 adaptation even more. I'm glad they lost the rights to the franchise since they clearly stopped giving a fuck and putting in any effort during Egypt arc and it only kept getting worse and worse, culminating with the shitshow that was DIO's World and Part 4.

>they lost the rights to the franchise

Wait what? Is that why Part 5 is taking so long? What happened?

one advantage jojo has over long-running shonen is that araki can switch characters, it's more like an anthology series
making a single story that runs for two decades is actually a retarded fucking idea because everything gets so creatively strip mined over such a period of time, so you have to make retarded choices when moving the plot forwards

pretty much the only consistent thing in jojo is the stands, and they don't follow any sort of rules anyway except for humanoid stands generally being damage-linked to their owners and stands being hidden to normalfags

>because everything gets so creatively strip mined over such a period of time
What do you mean?

Part 1 was good though

some say it's


Is that a JoJo reference?

It's the structure. Each part is a self contained story and long enough that it's more accurate to compare other series vs individual parts rather than the whole series. At the same time they're short enough that they don't suffer the same fatigue as other series, usually (I disagree about part 4 but I think part 3 needed to be much shorter). The audience also gets something new and fresh on a semi regular basis, so they don't get sick of it.

It's not my favourite battle shounen but I give Araki serious props for doing it like that, it's clever. And it's impressive how long he has sustained and even improved the quality over such a long period of time, in general he's just a creative, imaginative guy, so he doesn't run out of ideas like other mangaka.

Not that guy, but I assume he means exhausting a story's development, eventually the writer brings in asspulls, forced drama, stupid plot points, etc to keep it going. If that's what he meant I 100% agree.

like I never read bleach but I heard that ichigo had literally zero reason to do stuff after the first few arcs and just went along for no reason, stuff like that more easily crops up in a longer work

araki can just go "well i'm done here" and start a new story while still keeping all the prestige of the JJBA name

In Bleach's case I can only say that applied to the final arc, in which it was just a "protect my friends" thing. Well, until the "twists".

Especially Kakyioin.