Dragon Ball Super Caulifla edition

Will she be featured in the new movie? It will undoubtedbly have something to do with either U7’s or U6’s Planet Sadala.


Since earth girls are all slaves to the Saiyan genitals, which one is the prefered lesbian fan art partner for Cauli


>earth girls are all slaves to the Saiyan genitals
What about 18?

So, is Marron half robot? Or is she quarter robot because 18 is half robot?

Krillin used the Dragonballs to switch her off and he got Dr Brief to reprogram her into wanting his shrivelled earthling willy

100% robot, Briefs built her after Krillin threatened to take away his cat

You’re a retard, that’s what she is.

If Bra and Goten have a kid, what's the Saiyan:Human genetic spread?

It'll be about U7 saiyans.

1/2 Saiyan, 1/2 human just like them. What kind of question is this?

She is full human.

But 18 is half robot. Did they adopt?



Enough to go super saiyan but not enough to get a tail

18 isn't half robot, she's an artificial human modified at cellular level

No wonder you aren’t a biologist, you’re retarded.

I just noticed her name is like cauliflower, the vegetable. And vegetable is like Vegeta.

Has anyone ever picked up on this?

Both already belong to Caulifla's harem alongside Goku, Cabba and Kale.

Female Puar.

So, Marron is half artificial Human, half Human?


Also, Jiren is Superman if Superman was an alien. Neat, huh?

You are so fucking stupid it hurts.



Sorry I never got my astrology degree, asshole.
Okay thats what I thought

>caulifla, kale and subsequently kefla only exists in r34 drawings
it will remain like that when they dont get wished back

What are the chances Broly actually appears in the new movie?

Was thinking of re-watching DB, enjoy some fun DB content without having to put up with power levels and other faggotry

Can’t help but think I’ll finish it feeling really depressed tho


>It will undoubtedbly have something to do with either U7’s or U6’s Planet Sadala.
No, it won't. It will likely be something about Goku or Gohan, as per usual. Maybe a Jaco adaptation.

If a Saiyan breeds with a human, the offspring is half as Saiyan as the Saiyan parent.

nice general

What happens if her opponent punches her in the boob with all his strength. Does it blow up?

DB is fun.

Hell rewatch the Garlic Jr arc as well, feels really DB and not DBZ. Piccolo coming back from fighting Frieza and then jobbing to Yamcha and Chi-Chi is awesome

Fuck off.

Thank you!

They're both 50% Saiyan. So their hypothetical child would get 25% Saiyan and 25% human from each parent, making them 50% saiyan as well.

Now Bra and Pan having a kid would make a 3/8 siayain baby

Dende used his magic to give Pan a cock,
in case you were wondering

Nice face.

Thanks, we're gonna have a lot of them since theres no episode thisweek


Does Oolong still have the softest panties in the world?


that sounds retarded, toriyama wouldn't let something so stupid happen in his manga

Post the cum for Cauli gif

the fuck are you on about

That was a good OVA
But Tarble is stupid

Akira really went overboard with Caulifla:

>beautiful face
>great hip-waist ratio
>above average boobs
>5'0" (peak female height)
>powerful (but not invincible)
>likeable personality (brave, strong-willed, but can show a much softer side to the right person)
>alpha female behavior / natural-born leader

Her clothing style is a little on the simplistic side, it fits her, but it could be improved with a leather jacket. The colour of the baggypants was really well chosen (purple is the colour of nobility).


So is this incest?

becareful with that knowledge young one

no unless you are one of those Steven universe-tards that think just because SU made fusion into a erotic dance it also applies to DB

She needs to be updated with a new whole design. Is horrible, she is way too simple. In general 95% of all the Super characters need to be more Toriyama esque; they don't look like they belong to Dragon Ball at all. From design, to color choice.

Seriously, what the fuck happened? Is Tori that old that he just can't design anything anymore? He was a master class on clothes/fashion design, but now... they gave the fucking fashion androids some of the most plain and bland clothes of all the series. Same goes for mechanical design; those new robots are fucking awful compared to the BEAUTIFUL mechanic design Tori is known for.

Want to shot cum in her.


sounds like a good Doujin...

Did he ever create any mecha manga? That seems like it'd be perfect for him.

>straight haired Caulifla
Surprisingly attractive.

So we're all agreed that the final matchups will be Goku+Vegeta vs Jiren and Freeza+Gohan vs Toppo, right?

Assuming Gohan doesn’t get BTFO by Dyspo then yeah. Otherwise it’s gonna vs a 3v2.

Never, but his mecha design is gorgeous. They have so much personality. Giru was one of the last truly Toriyama mechanical designs for the series.

All the new universe mechas look like complete garbage at it's side.

his design was cool but he was annoying as fuck apparently

Don't really see Dyspo knocking out Freeza or Gohan, and by spoilers it seems 17 will be knocked out by Toppo. Dyspo will be, most likely, mostly in-betweener scenes padding out the fights against Jiren and Toppo.

Toppo's powerup will probably be in response to Dyspo being eliminated, or Freeza + Gohan beating his ass (which means Dyspo was eliminated). In either case the clown will be freaking the fuck out and retire from GoD to avoid being erased.

It also fits that Freeza would fight a GoD.

Nobody likes you.

disgusting filth

The writing is a whole other thing. Toriyame did not write anything at all for GT, he just did a couple of designs.(Trunks, Goku, Pan, Giru and the spaceship)

Seriously, MAN, Super is a fucking letdown for all artists hungry for more Tori drawings. Jiren is easily the most BORING new central character ever made on Dragon Ball. He looks like an insert Deviant Art avatar.

Also, whatever happened to the classic DBZ music? Why did they change to generic rock instead of the beautiful orchestra Z used to have?

But how can he retire from GoD? I thought GoDs weren't allowed to fight in the tournament, wouldn¡'t that mean Toppo is instantly disqualified?

Implying Zeno will give a single fuck

It's neat, so it's safe. Also GoDs weren't allowed to enter the tournament, nobody said they aren't allowed to fight in it if they power up inside of the ToP.

post more mechs
this is a new topic for once

Cauli a qt! Shame she wasn't drawn in the old DBZ style that liked their women to be thicc in the hips and waist. Though Kefla seemed to come close in super saiyan form


Honestly, even if her face is ridiculously plain, my biggest problem is how fucking big her pupils are.

You mean like this?


Zenou reminds me of a fanboy that doesn't care about anything as long as it's cool. Is Zenou a SI for the audience?

So much better.

Why didn't they just cast Maisie Williams instead.

Anime girls are always drawn with big pupils though?

First two DBZ movies were just Gohan-ex-Machina

Does it stay that way?

He just wants Vegeta with tits so he can feel less gay while he jacks off

Really though

they exchange him with goku instead

Why is that gay ass dude wearing pink like a fag?

what's his name again?

Guy who lost to a child

Kefura a best.

Good, Goku is the best.

Again, the main reason is because she wasn't designed by Toriyama. Whoever made the Super designs never understood Tori's anatomy (including faces) and that's really fucking wild because it isn't hard to emulate his style at all.

Yes. Yes. Yes!

Why does Yamcha keep getting into fights instead of sticking with baseball and rolling in loot and bitches?

she was

Could he beat Jiren?

The poor old man can't draw anymore, holy shit. How old is he now again?

His style is simple, but that doesn't mean its easy to replicate, even tori said that some animators in dbz failed to imitate his style in the right way

>oh no the forest burned down, where will all the critters live

>I know, beter summon the eternal dragon from it's lair of fire in the centre of the fucking earth and use its near-omnipotent magical powers to wish the trees back to life

Fucking hate Krillen, glad he got cucked by 18

>Look at Caulifla r34
>a large portion of it is her getting BLACKED
>Kale only has one blacked picture

>Can only destroy the moon

>a large portion of it is her getting BLACKED

There's no black people in Dragon Ball

The movie takes place after the tournament so probably. I imagine it'll be Vegita and Goku coming to visit and some shit occurs and Cabba becomes SSG

Of course I'm just talking about 2D drawings; getting it animated requires a shitload of skill since Tori is/was one of the best action comic/manga artist of all time. There are some some really neat articles about this, anyone curious google it.

Fucking time man. Age really kills a man. ; _ ;