She doesn't season her food or use any sauce

>she doesn't season her food or use any sauce



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>blaming the animation studio for the writing of an adaptation

That's a metafor for having a bland personality?
I still love her deliciously lewd body!

catgirl irl

She looks so ugly in that pic

Show me a pic where she looks good faggot.

I thought it was a nice metaphor actually.

so what exactly does chuno sauce taste like?


Cats like it raw

Niyoyosisisin-kun is a hack. More news at 8.

it's kind of in-between.

But it's Nisio's writing not Shaft. At least do it right if you wanted to shitpost, newfriend



Think something at the intersection of American ketchup, Worcestershire, and applesauce. Very close to tangier A-1 or fruitier HP.

This was Hanekawa's best hairstyle

I want to drink her juice

I've got a sauce she can try

my man


I dunno. I think her and Medaka are some of the only characters that look better after Nisio's patented "character development."

Hanekawa looks better and Medaka seems more suited to short hair

Raw sauce

Damn she really grew from the first season

You have to have a very high IQ to understand monogatari.


You got the gays, poor user.
Time to embrace traps.

>Kaiki made this happen

how can you forgive him

literally who

Maybe you only got that by now and tried to feed your already destroyed ego? Or just a bad shitpost? So many possibilities.



why is crabs so shit bros?



Same, OP is just a dense faggot.

who is this cute boi

cus shes a niggy

Law of universe dictates main girl to always be the shittiest. She lost the moment she won.

>crazy tomboy
I didn't know I needed this in my life.

You're just jelly.

>main girl
Is this a joke?

>all her problems stem from being cute
>makes herself uncute
What's wrong with this?

She's ararararararagi's girlfriend m8, can't do much about that. Of course I don't mean main based on how much the story focuses on her, 'cause she loses big time there.


One of the only girls to look better with short hair.

What about ketchup?

Hanekawa? More like shit.


"Main girl" spot is shared by Crab and Bat to be honest. The entire series moreorless revolves around the dopey shit Araragi gets involved with as a result of maintaining his relationships with these two chicks.

One of the MANY girls to look better with short hair.

>Better with short hair:
>Better with long hair:
Math, Bee
>Much better with long hair:
Snake, Crab, Araragi
>Equally good either way:
Monkey, Bird, Bat

Why the fuck doesn't she season her food? That's fucking bland. No wonder she lost. Senjougahara would grind her pussy onto a steak without even having to be told.

Not really.
That's how the author describes cat's personality. She's fine with anything. She doesn't care to eat something better if it would bother someone.
It gets to a point where cat actually believes she likes bland food better. She doesn't hate anything, but she doesn't like anything either.
And that's why she's best girl.

medaka looks like shit with short hair


Is this snek mixed with monkey?

10 out of fucking 10

>>Much better with long hair:

This can't be overstated enough.

Literally worst monogatari after Sodachi.

Weird assertion since Sodachi is one of the best.