Admit it, you only hate Umaru because she wouldn't have sex with you

Admit it, you only hate Umaru because she wouldn't have sex with you.

I don't have sex with animals

I hate umaru because Taihei-kun is the best character in the anime and the rest of the girls are fucking bunch of shit except for Ebina

using this logic, I would hate everyone

Don't you, though?

>implying i require consent

The only one I would want to have sex with is Kirie, because she would NEVER tell anyone.

But you can't have sex with 2d girls since they don't exist

checkmate, athiest

no, I love my waifu

Apparently I hate everyone but my cat

Umaruun is pretty sexy desu

I don't hate Umaru and she's already my onahole/daughter/wife so we are having sex quite frequently.

As far as imoutos go, she is in trash tier, below tsundere's in my opinion.

I just watched the 2 seasons and it wasn't bad, but I feel I wasted all the that time.

I've never hated Umaru. She's my favourite.

I hate Umaru because I can't bully her irl

>implying she wouldn't Fuck me


She might not want to have sex with me, but I want, and I could force her to.

Apparently I hate everyone but my mother.

But she would. All y ou have to do to get her to spread her legs is offer her meat and turn the AC on.

Seriously, she'd have her knees on the floor just thinking about it.

I hate her because she has not fucked Kirie yet.


>all you have to do is buy her some imouto eroge

She is so fake and have so many faces. She cant even show her true self in front of her best friends

So you mom is willing to have sex with you?

I have sex with her all the time though

It's off topic but did you notice that Umaru looks like a baby in either form?

Onaholes don't have a choice.


I'd fuck you..

Bishoujos looks young

Will the announcement in March really be another season or will it just be an OVA?

>no underboob

>Hey onii-chan, you peeking on your naked 16-year-old sister?


But I don't hate her.

I don't hate her, I hate that loud, obnoxious hamster thing.

>implying she wouldn't