You guys are ready, right?

You guys are ready, right?


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you're not mogra user, but how many hours until it start

I'm pretty excited to finally be around to watch this year.

Any anons planning on going tomorrow? No idea when I should turn up if I want to make sure to get in. Also clothing etc. don't want to get shot down at the door.

schedule says 19:00 JST.

This is the event I look forward to the most, got a little carried away when i saw no mention of it in the catalog. Sage this thread until the mogra user makes the right one.

>This is the event I look forward to the most,
it's the same for me, i love new years mogra threads so much. definitely more so than those shitty r/a/dio threads.

r/a/dio threads used to be much, much better until 3-4 years ago, then it all went to utter shit. You never know what you got until you lose it.

r/a/dio was actually pretty fun during christmas, I'm not sure what the problem is

Shit, I gotta get to sleeping

Where can we expect rips of new year mixes?
Previously they were on nyaa, but that one's dead.

You can look up soundclound of each DJs and most mixes are there already.

I've been listening to it for like 4 hours now. get on my level scrubs

It's not the actual event.

I'm listening to comfy r/a/dio instead

Hope we also get the 7 hour rip of the whole stream.

That's doubtful unless you rip from twitch yourself, yesterday was also better than today to be honest.

I think they post the whole streams on Ustream.

5am start, decisions decisions

Why no thread ?

read the fucking thread

the actual "countdown" event hasn't started yet

you're too early user, just delete the OP to prevent shitposting

>deleting the OP

you can't delete OPs anymore? what the fuck, gookmoot

countdown event is done. my life is empty. wat do?

It's been that way since at least 2014 user.

Wait for tomorrow's event