2017 is ending

>2017 is ending
>only watched 7 shows this year

what's wrong with me Sup Forums?

Quality > Quantity
It's a normal thing that happens when you complete your backlog

if you watch more than two currently airing shows per season you've got fucking garbage taste to be honest

This year was pretty shit. Nothing wrong with you.

well i do try avoid bad and "meme" anime but this is bad. back in 2013 and 2014 the year end with me watching at least 20 anime


thank god i'm not the only one who thinks so

Not OP, but I also watched like Ten shows this year
>tfw I wanted to watch more but can't because I moved to a place where there is no wifi
I started to save up GB so I can download what I want to watch at the end of a month

I only watched 4.

because most anime is forgettable to bad

This year was trash.

You're growing up and turning into a normie.

I probably also watched around that amount
I didn't watch anything in the winter.
Watched a couple things in Spring, only thing I finished was Kyoukai no Rinne and Sagrada Reset. But then I didn't finish those or the couple more shows I watched in summer.

So far the only thing I've finished in winter has been Inuyashiki, Kino no Tabi, and Shoujo Shuumatsu. Still have to complete Kekkai Sensen and Infini-T Force, if I ever get around to them.

As far as backlog goes I watched Kaiji and Hare+Guu. Those were really good.
So basically besides those two old shows, the only stuff from this year that I watched and finished were 3 others so far.
2018 doesn't look any better at all.

That's way more than enough to watch all decent anime aired during this year.

I mostly watched/read stuff from my backlog

Makes 3 shit years in a row.

2015 was great though
And the second half of 2014

What did you drop this season?

Never said 2014 was bad, Fall alone made it great. 3 in a row meant 2015, 2016 and 2017.

>2015 was great

i miss 2014

Don't worry. You are normal.

Which 7 did you watch?

>Nanatsu no Taizai
Fall was just beautiful.

That's quite a lot considering there were only two worth watching.

mfw I only watched 5 or 6, there's so much trash out there now. I miss the early 2000's when anime felt new and fresh to me, now it all feels like rehashed garbage.

i unironically only follow soma and black clover. and i have been watching since over a decade now :^)

Only watched Flip Flappers, Konosuba and LWA

I guess you mean the shows you watched to completion. In that case-
>Winter- 0
>Summer- 2(Snk, BnHA)
>Spring- 1 (MiA)
>Winter- 2 (GLT, HNK)

That's it. I also dropped the most amount of shows this year.

I don't know user, even winter was decent in 2015 with Yuri Kuma, Junketsu no Maria, Binan Koukou.
Plus it was an AMAZING year for shorts, Wooser, Miss Monochrome, Wakaba Girl all together in that anime block thing they did in the spring, along with Danna ga Nani. Then Teekyu AND the Nasuno spin off. We got the last good Gainax show Houkago no Pleiades, Kekkai Sensen, Plastic Memories, Euphonium and a couple more that I liked.
Summer had a lot of good stuff too, Akagami no Shirayuki, Rokka no Yuusha, Sore ga Seiyuu was that summer I think, Classroom Crisis, Non non Biyori and the last season of Working.
Yeah all that alone made 2015 pretty good, plus the other good stuff I forgot.

get gud

>fall 2014 was great
What? It had like 4 shows at best

>Junketsu no Maria
Shitty censored manga adaptation with worse art and character design. Why would you call that anything but god awful trash?

Nothing. There's no reason to watch something you don't enjoy. If you only like 7 shows then that's fine.

I didn't watch anything this season.

>worse art and character design.
Either bait or a critical case of contrarianism.

>either bait
Oh you were baiting? Oh yes I see it now.

Shut up, I don't know what you're hoping to achieve by pretending to be retarded, but this doesn't look better than the anime designs and you know it and you know everyone thought so.
Last reply.

It's a down-right fact that the anime is censored compared to the manga dude. Now just the fact that you claim this to be bait means you haven't read the manga.

>no Re:Creators
garbage taste detected

The person you quoted didn't mention censorship. Are you genuinely so retarded you think people won't notice you trying to shift subject when being proven to be the absolute idiot that you are?

>that person
Nice try

You said the designs were better. The aren't, it's ugly as sin. I don't know about the censorship, you're right I haven't read the manga, but I know enough about it to say that the character designs and artstyle were definitely a large improvement.

As far as the censorship goes, I don't remember any complaints about it so I can't imagine it's as big a deal as you're making it out to be, but whatever, I'll take your word for it.

>you're right I haven't read the manga
then you don't know what you're talking about and still claim I'm baiting. How queer.

one minute apart

THE, you stupid fuck. If you're going to try and pretend people aren't calling you out for being a complete mouth breahter, at least learn to quote properly.
>1 minute apart
Sorry I'm not devoting my every waking second to your mental meltdowns you absolute fucking mental midget. Do you have any sort of justification for just how mentally deficient you are or are you just going to use shitty canned newfag responses?

You're littering Sup Forums with your blog garbage, that's what wrong.

>no argument: the post
>/m/ shitter
Oh I thought I was talking to an adult. Turns out I was talking to someone playing with plastic toys.

>no argument
An argument against what? You've done literally nothing but throw baseless accusations of samefagging while not even bothering to acknowledge the shit you're being called out for. I have nothing to argue against.
retarded and blind. Go figure.

There are usually 4-6+ things airing that are worth watching. It's not that people have garbage taste, it's that you're inexperienced and don't know how to check out the good ones.

>an argument to what
I'm not here to spoonfeed you. You're a big boy now! Physically I mean.

Nothing this year was as good as Rakugo. There's no point then.

Of course you're not here to spoonfeed. You're too fucking retarded to even understand how to chew food, let alone operate a spoon. Lord knows if you tried using one you'd probably drown in it.

>food analogy

oh okay I've been baited, carry on

This selection proves you only check out a few series at best a season.

>uses food analogy
>gets called out on it
>I was just baiting haha
Still retarded.

Yes, because the rest are absolute spew. Even those I do consider, like LWA, end up being contrived garbage. If I can list a few "classics" off the top of my head, even well-known one's like Eva, and the show I'm watching doesn't even begin to compare, why bother? Pic related, one of the few shows this year I stuck with.

>why bother?
Because there are different degree of good.
Because different shows offer different things.
You, like most other in this thread, appear to be pretentious fags who actually don't really know much about the medium. You probably started to watch anime just because it was a fad.

ACCA was fucking trash, m8.

>Because there are different degree of good.
Different degrees of shit, more like. I don't care about cheap ideals of entertainment, memes, seasonal spew, etc. If the show doesn't hold up, I'm not going to bother. Rakugo is a compelling generation drama that makes you interested in a performance art you haven't even heard of until then. It stands up above other seasonal shows, and that fact isn't pretentious in any way.
>You probably started to watch anime just because it was a fad.
I started watching anime film for its artistic merits.

Which 7 series did you watch, OP?

I didn't manage to watch anything this season. Not that I dropped anything, I enjoyed the episodes of Girls Last Tour, Net-juu, Kino, Garo, Osomatsu, still plan on watching at least these, but somehow I didn't continue after that. The further I went was episode 4.

Nothing. 2013 was the last year of around 10 years of Anime boom. With some notable enjoyable exceptions, the vast majority of anime output in the least few years has been derivative slock, with trends like isekai type premises gaining dominance, rom com and sol genres doing nothing original and just being carbon copies of what was popular 5 years ago, and original anime getting no funding as opposed to LN adaptations.

I'm not saying there aren't any good anime anymore, hell there's been some great stuff this year. But it simply is no longer the way it was during the boom when there was nearly as much quality as there was quantity.

>2013 was the last year of around 10 years of Anime boom.
What? 2013 was worse than 2014.

>2017 is ending
>didn't watch any new shows this year

A-a-am I free?

>Samurai Flamenco
>Kill la Kill
>White Album 2

Fall 2013 alone was better than all of 2014.

That's an acceptable amount of anime per year desu

This was the year of best girls (and some guys)

if you don't like cute girls I can't really see you liking this year

>go to contrarian thread
>complain about contrarianism

>Space Dandy
>Mushishi S2
>Ping Pong
>Yuuki Yuuna
>Nihon Animator Mihonichi
Yeah, no.

The only things you listed that can even compete are Ping Pong at Shirobako.

>2017 is ending
>Haven't watched anything since the summer
>Meanwhile, picked up a whole lot of manga
Guess I've finally reached the burnout phase

My condolences. How many of those have you even watched?

How so?

I watched about four shows, none of them while airing. Read a lot of manga tho.

Fall was a bit disappointing
lot of promising series that couldn't stick the landing

it's funny all the best anime this year was in the Summer and Winter which in other years would be the seasons with the worst anime.

Only good thing about 2015 was new lupin

Summer was pretty awful this year with only a couple of exceptions.

Barakamon is real good.

As long as you're reading manga it is fine I guess.
But if these 7 anime are the popular/meme anime of this year then I guess you're pretty much on ironic weeb territory.

>Not liking Mushishi

>tfw Sup Forums can't have a decent reflection of this year because no one can agree on which shows are good and which are garbage.
gonna take 10 years to sort it out and even then it's not certain

I feel that I had more interest in anime this year than any year beforehand

>Meanwhile, picked up a whole lot of manga
You just saw light. Manga is superior choice

It's weird I saw myself reading less and less manga this year

what manga you picked up?

Mushishi S2 is arguably better than the first one. You should absolutely give it a watch, even if you're one of the low-IQ plebs who "fell asleep" when you tried to watch it back in '05.

I've watched 19 shows this season and going to catch up on couple more later on. It was pretty good season, tbqh.

What are your top 5-10 from this season, user?

I could fall asleep to Mushishi every night, shit's comfy as fuck.

Houseki no kuni, shuumatsu ryuuko, eritoniito, konohana kitan, yuki yuna(haven't watched movies) were the shows that i actually waited for. I'm sure going to love sangatsu, but i don't want to watch it ongoing. Maybe i forgot something.

Can't even remember wich shows I've watched.
Berserk was this year?

I liked Mushishi's first season but only watched S2's first cour. It's been so long ago that I can't even remember why but I just didn't find it as compelling.

All of them except for Mihonichi and Garo. I dropped Space Dandy after that godawful first episode and unfunny boob joke.

Other way around for me. Art and sound direction were stronger in S2.

There's nothing wrong with that. Just stick to your backlog when times are rough.

That was a mistake, Space Dandy wasn't consistently the same and had different directors for each episode, dropping it based on one episode when there are episodes where all the key frames were drawn by one man and directed by Yuasa is just stupid, I'd highly recommend picking it back up. The fact you didn't watch the Animation Expo Shorts says a lot. Garo was severely underrated and was overshadowed by Shingeki no Bahamut Genesis, but ended up being much better than it.

>watched and finished more seasonal shows than usual this year as they aired instead of adding them to my constantly growing backlog
>Owari S2

>still have shows I started watching or put off till later - before the year ends - but now that the year is ending they're automatically on my backlog now
>Mahoutsuki no Yome
>Aho girl
>Kujira no Kora
>Blend S

I'm forever playing catch up

All I watched was Gunbuster. I did read a lot of manga though, so I don't feel like a total failure


You’re in the stage of burn out.

Soon you’ll get to the point of not giving a shit and just watch what ever is on.

i don't understand how some people watch 5+ anime per season or even more

mostly went into the backlog this year

otherwise SnK s2, new monogatari, a few other ones that were popular but i dont have in my folders anymore so i forget

not a good year

Did anyone else drop like 10-15 shows? Holy shit I don't know if it's me or if shows have started with false advertising or something but the ones I thought would be good ended up sucking bad.

Net-juu no susume was a highlight of these, garbage after like 3 episodes