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First thread of the new year, time for a preliminary look at how currently solicited shows are doing. Note that many shows are yet to go up for preorder (like VEG, Basilisk, and Franxx), and it's still early in the season, so take these numbers with a grain of salt: it's just to understand which shows are doing fine out of the gate, and which shows are off to a slow start. Note that only highest ranking volumes are listed below.

>Idolish7 tier
***,*18 (**4,105 pt) Idolish 7

>Hits tier
***,*94 (***,666 pt) Overlord II
***,170 (***,131 pt) Takagi-san
***,187 (***,440 pt) Pop Team Epic
***,236 (***,176 pt) Touken Ranbu

>Average tier
***,318 (***,*65 pt) Uchuu Yori
***,400 (***,118 pt) Yurucamp
***,954 (***,*38 pt) Gintama

>Slow start tier
**1,575 (***,*64 pt) Koizumi-san
**2,385 (***,*72 pt) Citrus
**2,904 (***,*34 pt) Slow Start
**2,955 (***,*56 pt) Gakuen Babysitters

>Flop tier
**3,850 (***,*40 pt) Mitsuboshi Colors
**4,575 (***,*82 pt) Junji Ito
**8,130 (***,112 pt) Hoshin Engi

>JUST tier
*15,815 (***,*12 pt) Sanrio Danshi

>??? tier
---,--- (---,--- pt) Oshigoto

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>stalker thread
>first week
>half shows not even aired yet
nigger what are you doing

It's to laugh at Slow Start's slow start.

Kemono curse hit last season's stalker threads hard.
Let's see if it is still in effect this season.

Well, we'll see once Violet Evergarden's, Fate, and Trigger numbers came in

What Kemono curse? Stalker threads during Summer were still very active.

how do i read this

Lurk for two years before posting.

Basically, the lower the left number and the higher the right ("pt") number means it's doing better.

>**2,385 (***,*72 pt) Citrus
Yurifags absolutely btfo

>Sanrio Danshi
Let be real here.
Does Sanrio cares if it flops or not?

More like Western anime hipsters BTFO. They seemed to love Citrus but the Japanese didn't agree with them again.

Yurucamp is up there, my man

>stalker thread this early
I bet lots of anons haven't seen a single episode from the current season yet. Come back in a month.

At least it's not flop tier.
And it's the first week. Not like i expect things to change though.

It's not canon yuri, and even it being subtext yuri is debatable. Uchuu Yori has more potential for yuribait.

saleswittols will never recover give UP

It was confirmed by the mangaka, idiot

It's not as in your face as they needed it to be.

Where's Sora Yori?

>my favrit show is better than urs, lookit da sales
>no u, my favrit show is betta sales
>fuk u
>no u
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>***,318 (***,*65 pt) Uchuu Yori

Active with KF derails
KF ruined 8 months of stalker threads then went to hell carrying the stalker threads

Right, I'm retarded, thanks.

Despite the fact that it;s too early for this thread, why are you ordering this by current amazon ranking and not the points? The points are what matter.

Good evening, Stalker-senpai

>yurifags blown out

First of all Citrus was always going to sell like trash because the Nips hate actual yuri. Yuri bait is fine, actual yuri sells like trash.

Second of all Citrus was always going to sell like trash because it IS trash. The plot, animation and direction was all bush league in that openner, ignoring the content the actual exicution was pure bush league

Third of all Citrus was always going to sell like trash because its a non BL; SHOUJO MANGA with "adult" modeled character designs -- a specific niche in the nip market that NEVER sells well no matter what the content it.

Because as you said, it's still too early. Points don't really matter until late February to early March or so when release dates are near and the numbers are closer to their eventual sales numbers.

Japan has shit taste as always.

>Second of all Citrus was always going to sell like trash because it IS trash. The plot, animation and direction was all bush league in that openner, ignoring the content the actual exicution was pure bush league
Then why do Westerners like it?

Because they like yuri and shoujo.

>Pop Team Epic
>Currently 440 points
>BD is releasing in 3 weeks

Unless something miraculous occurs that's not a hit OP, that's a flop.
It's important to take into account not only points and but also the release date when looking to assigning hit or flop status to something.

>***,170 (***,131 pt) Takagi-san
Absolutely disgusting.


And Sakura?

I haven't seen a single episode from last 3 seasons and yet I'm here

I'm sad that nobody uses the SI unit for sales numbers anymore (frt).

because western anime "fans" love yuri, and girl on girl porn.

it doesn't matter how fucking stupid the plot, writing or shit tier animation and direction is, if it has two nubile young women writhing around on the floor with locked tongues the hipsters, tmblr fags, reddit trash and /u/ fags will all unite to declare it a masterpiece of film making.

It's homo shit. Do you really need more explanation?

What about the new CCS?

Why is it called stalker thread? Is stalker an abbreviation?

Not yet up for preorder

it used to be full of russians, now it's full of arabs and the name doesn't mean much but they kept it regardless

**4,312位/**3,850位 (***,*40 pt) [*,**0予約] 2018/03/28 三ツ星カラーズ Vol.1(イベントチケット優先販売申券) [Blu-ray]

Fuck it, bocchi wouldn't have flop , wasted chance

I assumed it was because they stalked the amazon ranking.

After blurays like this have come out, will the sales of the Japanese blurays decrease in Japan? America and Japan have the same region code. Oregairu 1+2 cost ~324 usd on amazon Japan. On the other hand, the US price for the box with both seasons is $ 51.99.

Why is it doing so poorly anyway?

>stalkerfags claim kakegurui is flopping hard
>gets a second season
stalker threads are fucking shit and you're retarded

Ellffff :8

It sold poorly sales-wise, so if the production committee decided on the second season, it was either: 1. planned from the start, or 2. it earned money through other means (like streaming or perhaps merchandise and promotions). A sub-1k selling show like Kakegurui getting another season is an atypical case, though.

Kakegurui has Netflix money

Seriously though what happened to Mitsuboshi?

When does VEG come out?

nobody cares about sales anymore, and only downies spend their lives bumping worthless threads on Sup Forums

PTE dropped like a rock in just 2 days.

Production committees still do.

It's still high, though.

Is this the cool Sup Forums slang I have heard about?

tumbrl SJW

HAHAHAHAHA, flop confirmed

>Unironically shilling a shit show because it may turn out dark and edgy