Let’s have faith for the sleeper of the season. Bath scene will be epic.

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Why is mei so pale?

If they make it lewder sure. Also is it true nips love Matsuri?

>unironically using epic
I'm afraid i'll have to sage this.

How much of this is going to be UNDERTONES?

I want to fuck Yuzu in the ass.


Undertones. No. But it will play safe. There will be anough tho.


Yuzu get her top ripped up next ep.

I want her too kiss-rape me.

it's undertones until one girl cuts the other girl open and eats her liver

I want Matsuri to impregnate Harumin.


>If they make it lewder sure.
Dude, the director did Yosuga no Sora. And Spice and Wolf.

Post lewd Mei.

Will this show save yuri?

Do you approve of her choice of underwear, user?

Yes she is so hot.

A yuri (or yaoi) show will never, EVER do as good as fujobait and yuribait. It's like a written rule in anime.
Citrus might do decent enough, though.

Flip Flappers already saved yuri

Nips love Matsuri together with Harumin.

No, only a Yuzumori-san anime will save yuri

Then they will extend the harumatsu scenes in the anime. And add the drama cd stuff.

Some of you f/a/gs really need to understand the difference between actual yuri and yuribait/yuri subtext.

>he didn't understand the themes of sexual discovery and growing up of Flip Flappers

I pity you

can't possibly top scums wish

I liked KnH but damn literally everyone was a cunt.

it's bait unless they attend a wiccan handfasting, nothing else is considered yuri

Let's hope so

>I liked KnH but damn literally everyone was a cunt.
Cunt is an understatement to be honest.

Matsuri pinning Harumi will have everyone swooning.


That kiss is overrated as fuck.
ITT post better yuri manga kisses

>Then they will extend the harumatsu scenes in the anime.
Besides the volume 3 bonus chapter, Matsuri and Harumin didn't really interact in the first 4 volumes, which is what the anime will be adapting.

I was impressed by how quickly the manga turns into a dumpster fire.

>That kiss is overrated as fuck.
No it isn't.

I like you.

In terms of how shit it's gonna be. You might be right there user

I feel the opposite. I'm re-reading the manga and I don't even know why I was irked at some parts.

Yuri can't be saved, and nothing can convince me otherwise at this point.

That is why I said extend it add the drama cd in some parts.

Nah, nothing can top that one. Every single character was shit, except for maybe the cousin.

Having to wait between chapters maybe

The first 3 volumes had some moments that annoyed me, but were overall okay. Volume 4 was a complete dumpster fire. Then volumes 5+ have been okay, more like a slice-of-life series.

>Having to wait between chapters maybe
I remember when people used to hate Girl Friends years ago for the same reason and complaining that nothing was happening, which is funny in hindsight.

The drama CD story doesn't fit, since those events with them take place after volume 4. You know this because Mei and Yuzu fight at the end of Matsuri's arc and they're back talking again in the drama CD.

I said they can alter it.

I doubt they'll change it that much. They've been pretty close to the source material so far. They have too much to adapt already with the first 16 chapters and the volume bonus chapters.

>Then volumes 5+ have been okay, more like a slice-of-life series.
It honestly makes me laugh when people who obviously stopped reading Citrus a long time ago complain about it being angst filled, when Citrus transitioned into a SoL manga nearly 2 years ago.

You can obviously tell the people who haven’t read the later chapters.

You can also tell when people haven't read the improved chapter 19 and 20 translations on dynasty. Chaosteam's translations make it so clear that Mitsuko's actions gave Harumin a major complex about manipulative behavior.

is this actually going to be a yuri end or will it end with "and they all grew up and fulfilled their obligation to society by finding nice men"?

This shit show is against Abe-sama agenda

Yuri end confirmed a billion times already by the author.

Abe is already pushing for gay marriage because of the 2020 Olympics

Yuzu will find a nice, black boyfriend and Mei will off herself.

Why are you so obsessed with black people


Yuzu is not Galko, user.

Will there be a beach episode?


Unless they create one for the anime, then no. In volume 7 Matsuri takes Harumin and Nene to the pool and gropes Harumin's boobs though. The anime won't get to summer time. The anime will cover fall and winter.

It's more like a gyaru obsession.

God I really need to start this.

And then killed it again by the end.

dont bully onee-sama

Yuzu needs help.

>perfectly cute normal gyaru turned into a lesbian after getting mouth-raped by her step-sister
Just WHO is the audience for this show?

is fucking great

lesbian step-sisters of perfectly cute normal gyarus
in other words me


people with taste

>implying it was rape
Also, me.

>normal gyaru
She couldn't even get a boy to kiss her. She was a failed gyaru, now she has been saved, and can thrive as lez siscon.

This is the most autistic Mei has ever been.

Better put a helmet on her and send her to school on her short bus.

The sooner that girls blast through their blatantly fake lesbian phase the sooner they can begin loving cock and motherhood. Abe's already 10 steps ahead in 4D Mahjong, user.

Which one is better girl, Mei or Yuzu?

If dick is so great user, why haven't you fallen for it?
Face it, pussy is the true champion.

Mei is good if you like the emotionally repressed, autistic type. Yuzu is a literal ray of sunshine with some confidence issues.

If you haven't had a dick in your ass today, you do not belong on Sup Forums.

Sup Forums might be gayer than /u/

>hetshit and pricks.
No wonder FlipFlappers and Izetta flopped and are fucking jokes to yuri that.


Will there be biting and licking in this anime?


They're lesbians, not dogs.
But yes, there will be.

Biting isn't until later in the manga, so the anime likely won't adapt that. Licking, yes.

Don't they already have the Olympics? Why do they need gay marriage?

To avoid pressure from the other countries so he's pushing gay marriage everywhere in Japan despite like 5 cities in Japan allowing gay marriage

Citrus is basically shoujo but with a yuri forbidden love incest hat.
All you need to do is replace Mei with a troubled bishounen and it's almost the same thing.

Abe doesn’t want to be like Trump so of course he’s pushing for it no one in the fucking world wants to be like the president.

Because of Australia, Taiwan and Philippines are legalizing it so it's a political and economic pressure in Japan.

Besides Japan have been very, very homo in the past.


Do countries really pressure each other for gay marriage? I get pressuring countries that murder them but marriage?

If all the cool countries are doing something you're supposed to do it too to fit in.

Abe likes Trump and Trump doesn't care about gay marriage except Pence including his conservative Christian voter base. But I don't Christians don't care about gay marriage and has been slowly accepting it in the last couple of years.

I am Australian and think that we didn't have to get it legalized personally.
From what I have studied, there are no benefits that non married couples (ie gay) cannot get that married heteros have.
Therefore, gay marriage here is either a cosmetic thing or for gays who are still religious.
The only use it has here is like you said, to pressure other countries into also agreeing but it also has another more subtle benefit.
It just gives conservatives another reason to not bash gays because it is integrating more into societal ways.
I understand why gay marriage was big in America because they didn't have the coverage we have.

Trump seriously needs to cut pence...