Is Higurashi worth the watch? Got the op stuck in my head

Is Higurashi worth the watch? Got the op stuck in my head

read the vn

Yes, it is a wonderful show. When you finish it, try the manga if you feel like you want more of it. It will help you understand the story a bit more, and the art style is varied and overall nice.

Rika is adorable and not for lewding.

True, only a literal homo dick-eater would do something like that.

The anime is decent. After you watch the anime, read the VN. It's overall better(music, tense atmosphere, etc). The anime did not adapt all the materials from the VN and you'll notice it reading it.

Visual novels were amazing. Anime was meh. Plus the anime never explains that there are different arcs which confused the shit out of me when i first found it.

Read the VN.

Reminder that VN discussions are bannable and you're stupid.

Haven't read the VN yet, but binging all of the first season in a night was a fun and fever dream like experience

VN > Drama CD > Manga > Anime

Pretty good story and atmosphere but the animation and art quality ranges from mediocre to comically bad.

It's my favorite VN adaptation.

Better than Grisaia?

Watch the show AND read the VN. Both are insanely good.

I think the weird animation adds more to the show. It gives the characters a more strange/disconcerting feeling.

I never watched it. I've heard it's pretty good.

I'm reading the VN and having a blast tho, it's really good.

Yeah, they fucked up on adapting the first Grisaia novel despite getting the other two right.

Read the VN.


Place to find it for cheap?

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Get the steam version or pirate it. Look up the voice patch, and do whatever you want with the sprites, since there's three sets of them.

No, she isn't.

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Prove it then. Oh wait you can't, you can't marry a fictional character.

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Steam versions are cheap but you can pirate them super easy. It's what i did through erogedownload i believe. It was the first to pop up on google

I'm still waiting you to prove how you are marry to her, or maybe you're just words?

Should I act as though I'm torrenting or treat it like a normal download (i.e. no VPN and shit)

The only reason you should read higurashi is so you can get blown away by umineko afterwards

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Blown away by the shit ending, right?

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I'm currently reading the manga and this shit is legitimately disturbing, I genuinely hope there's satisfying conclusions to all of this or I might slip a little further away from sanity

Don't worry, it has a happy ending.

This feels like a lie
I don't even care if the ending is happy, I just want it to make sense

Also, it would help if the author wasn't a smug prick and didn't keep putting shit at the end of them like "There was a key here to understanding one of the other arcs did you catch it, did you, you didn't did you, cause I put in lots of fake keys as well, suck my dick"

I'm not lying, just keep reading. It might comes as a little forced and cheesy but it's enjoyable to see the characters happy for once.

What's your favorite chapter and why is it Tsumihoroboshi


and then he made a vn series specifically about that and only that

Cause it isn't. Minagoroshi-hen is my fav

Just starting out, not knowing anything about it, the joyfullness of it can properly lull you into a sense of security that everything will turn out alright
And then pic related happens and all of that is ripped away in a single moment, you are filled with this sense of dread that while present and perhaps even stronger in other chapters is made more powerful by it's sharp contrast to what came before
It actually made my heart skip a beat and I still think about it some times


Who's best girl and why is it Rena

Damn, I think I remember fapping to this image ten years ago

Cause she isn't. I like Rika, but Mion (the nice one) is best girl imo

It's Rena!
Because unlike Keiichi and Satoko, she doesn't just lie down and take her HS like a bitch.
Because unlike Shion, she doesn't go around murdering without a plan like a wild animal.
Because unlike Takano, she can protect and help her beloved guardian.
Because unlike Hanyuu, she has actual plot importance.

Because unlike Rika, she's not a washboard.

Shion is a strong second I'll give you that but Rena is best Yandere and Yandere is best type of girl


Yes. The ending of season 2 is one of the most satisfying conclusions to any anime.

There is no such thing as good horror anime

That's all you got?

Also she's not a child

Yes what's your point

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Don't kid yourself, you know what my point is and you know it's a good one

Remember when Rena got shot trying to save worst girl?

I wish I could forget, but the only good thing that came from Outbreak was Rena kicking ass for about 40 minutes.

I love Tatarigoroshi, but only in VN form. The anime version sucked dick

Remember when these threads weren't full of dumb waifufags? Yeah me neither.

Remember when Ryukishi went out of his way to portray the villagers as kind, warm hearted folk and how horrifying it was when they all died?
I like how Outbreak just has a free for all of murder like their lives and the village are worth nothing.

>expecting anything different from a hack

>hey, who turned off the TV?

I remember this scene in the anime and I think the execution was better there because you just hear noise of a door closing and then Keichi's dad tells him Rena was just in the house.

If I remember correctly, that is.

Felt more creepy for sure.

If they didn't kill Rena's father and kidnap Satoko then they all wouldn't have died.

I remember liking the character Akasaka alot.

He seemed like a bro-tier character.

there was a short he wrote where it sounded like he understood finally that his fans weren't into mysteries as much as he was. Who knows if that will change his future work but he does understand he should have expected most people wouldn't solve it.


Play the VN.

It's not that I'm not into the mysteries, I think they're super cool
I just think he's a smug piece of shit who thought he was clever for understanding a mystery he wrote himself

Takano makes me feel funny



VN is better, but the quite comfy and good. Enjoy both if you can my friend Hinamizawa is a good universe

You're wrong. Sonozakis are better and cuter

> t. curryfag

She has the best taste in food and she is a shining example of justice.

>Mion is best girl


Is the drama CD worth checking out if I've already gone through the VN, manga, and anime?

Except Rena isn't a yandere. That would be Shion.

>Liking mafia bitch/her shitty manipulative sister
What's it like to have such shit taste

She was fun to play in Melty Blood.

She's not just some bitch she's the heir. And she's a naive countrygirl tomboy, you can see why she's popular.

Nah, Shion's just a psycho that blames her shit on possession
Rena is the sweetest cutest little murderous psycho that never lived
Are you honestly telling me you didn't get turned on by her evil shit in Onikakushi?
Pure hate fucking and pure love fucking are the two best kinds of sex out there, how could you pass up both in one package

>Naive countrygirl tomboy
You mean lying skank
You mean ingrate who became exactly what was expected of her instead of being a unique person

What sort of terrible taste leads to these sorts of preferences

Not that anyone, but you don't have to put everything in a bad light. I think his intention was more of an encouragement to involve yourself more into the story and play around, like "let's try it again, you can do it"
Well, she's pretty nice and the most normal of them all. This is why I think she's best girl.

>Not that user

Yanderes involve someone going crazy out of love though, which doesn't apply to Rena. You're thinking of yangire.
>Are you honestly telling me you didn't get turned on by her evil shit in Onikakushi?
I never said that. Though, she only technically went crazy in Tsumihoroboshi


>first episode of Kira is about Keichii thinking of lewd punishments for each girl
>ends up as a dream

Did Keiichi just want to fuck all of them?

To be fair would you straight up tell K1 about the murders when he asks? He's a nutcase. I might have lied to him too.
Mion doesn't have to run off like Shion to be unique. That's a nonsensical rule you made up. Not making up her mind is a weakness she has, she doesn't really enjoy being the heir but she doesn't hate it either. She just goes with what is expected of her but conformity itself doesn't make a weak character. Though very typically teenage, that struggle is an interesting part of her.

Yes, especially Satoshi.