Just saw this, ama

Just saw this, ama

shia or sunni



Light 8


It accurately describes how I feel about it.

How was it compared to Arriety and When Marnie was There?

should i kill myself?

I haven't seen those ones so I can't really compare. But i'll say that it wasn't as good as kiki or princess mononoke but about the kinda level of spirited away. Although on a similar note. There are a number of references to not only kiki. But also mononoke, spirited away, laputa, pom poko and a little bit of nausicaa.

I'd prefer if you didn't, you'd enjoy this movie.

where can I see/download it?

Did you see the English Dub or in Japanese?

If Dubbed, how was the Dub?

Did it feel 'miyazaki' or does it simply LOOK 'miyazaki'? I can't really explain what I mean by that, it's just an intuitive thing, hopefully you know what I mean.


I saw the Dub with UK VA's. I really enjoyed it, the actors they chose nailed the parts. For example the garden farmer sounds much more northern than mary or the house maid. Key example being a couple British phrases that I haven't heard for a while appearing in it.

I think I know what you mean. This is hard the write, but I think that while it does feel miyazaki overall, in terms of character development, story structure and the like. It feels different enough that I wasn't thinking it was just a discount miyazaki. I think the biggest example is the background and setting. Most miyazaki movies are set in Japan. With the exception of COC and PR. But even then the focus in PR is the islands which is almost interchangeable. But this very clearly takes place somewhere in England. And while the backgrounds in miyazaki movies are often moving, a lot of focus in this movie is things around the background such as clouds and water and fire effects. I guess to summarize i'd say that miyazaki is a firm tree being blown by the wind, whereas this is the small stream running by the tree.

How puffy?

Just saw this as well, NZ premiere?

It felt like Ghibli movie but not quite there. Like they tried hard to get the feel and look and for the most part they nail it but small details that round up the aesthetic just arent there. Like compare Mary's terrified face as she first rode the broom and was going everywhere vs Chihiro running down the side stairs and smacking herself on the wall. Yeah different situations but both have them out of control in movement, screaming, and hitting stuff. Chihiro nails the expression especially with her eyes with real small irises while Mary not so much. Or heck, the signature "hair and clothes rise up when character is enraged" isnt in Witch's Flower and would have done nicely when Mary and Peter were insulting each other. Stuff like these are minute and small and don't break the film but it does show how much control there is in Ghibli to delivering character and emotion especially under Miyazaki's direction.

Other than that, rank the Marys
Full fluff Mary vs Fluffy Twintail Mary vs Fluffy Ponytail Mary
Full fluff>Fluffy Ponytail>Fluffy Twintail

Not Very


I think that's a very fair critique, oddly enough I felt as those her head was weirdly shaped in some cuts, especially compared to the poster. like it almost went full peanut. Ponoc has some way to come but they did fine on this one.

Fluffy twintail mary>full fluff>fluffy ponytail

Why did you watch a children's movie as an adult OP?

I watched the movie too, great little flick. Loved the information near the end about granny.

What was the best thing about the film to you?

Because I like supporting fresh studios work, even more so when it's good

I loved the mirror scene, although when the principal arrived it felt very odd for a moment.

there are two things which I really liked. Mary is a great protagonist. She has these great moments of just fucking around that build up her character. But then there are moments in which she feels like a real person. This is doubly so when she actually uses magic.

Also the water and fire effects were lit, the opening scene really brought me alive because of it. There is also a part where a spell is cast from a book, and it really invoked a sense of wonder

>I like supporting fresh studios work
By going in alone? By watching a movie that's below your age rating? They don't want your support. If they wanted adults to watch their movies they'd make adult movies. You just wanted to watch this movie to signal your virtues? Instead of actually wanting to see the movie? wow. That's a new low. Even as far as blog-posting goes.

You got me, my single, only intention was to spend my money on this movie so I could profess my values and virtues to some randoms on a imageboard.

which cinema, the one I went to only had Japanese dub
Also good Mary rating but we can all agree all Marys are good

Yeah it didn't feel like a Miyazaki movie because the narrative beats and focus aren't in the same vein. Similar tools like design and how cuts and transitions don't call attention to themselves but different presentation.
Also Miyazaki's backgrounds and focus are more on his commentary on environmentalism and politics while Mary here has its setting sort of exist for itself rather than as an extension of a commentary.
(Although the plot revolving around extracting an plant essence and experimenting with it by fusion with other living material then finally humans for the sake of making magic accessible sounds like something about GMO though)

Not OP but for me, I love the music especially when it is just strings that make a certain metallic sound and it just sets the mood right.
Also when Mary mocks Madam and Doc by impersonating them and the Ohira esque cut when Doc was freaking out while the animals were breaking through the door
I feel massively bad for female AI Calcifer though, welcoming your Master and her broom after many long lonely years and never realizing it is actually your Master's grand niece is a bummer to think about

Thanks for admitting you're a blog-posting redditard that hit the wrong bookmark by mistake.

Under Mary and her fluff we unite

Thanks, I went to the cheap and smaller Academy but now I can rewatch in english dub now

And her eyebrows, what kissable eyebrows

Is this her in the future, please say yes.

I would recommend the dub over the sub.
Also her thigh highs + spats

As much as I would love to, she's to cuntish and city like for it to be precious little mary

I have no idea why but when I saw her with thigh highs and spats, I just in a state of disbelief because it does look really good on her. Man, the more I think about it, Mary is just too good.
Also dub sounds good from the trailer, I'm excited

Perhaps a cousin then.

Also, did you think it was weird that they bring up the trespassing transformation rule, but then flannagan doesn't get turned into a human when mary casts the undo spell on peter?

Seems like a french cousin

Either Flannagan was never a trespasser and is just naturally like that or he was never in range of the undo spell
What was weirder for me was we never see the other students' faces as they were all behind the black and white masks so when Mary was the only new student and nobody bothered to look at her till prompted and when they said that the Doc and Madam have become less popular I instantly assumed the students were fake

I thought that they were just trying real hard to hold the invisibility

no because even students not involved in the invisibility class like the recreation section were wearing masks

I'm gonna be watching it in a week, subbed
Is the movie really 2 hours long? Does it feel that long or is it one of those 2 hour movies that goes by quickly?

It's only an hour 40, and it feels shorter, especially at the start

Huh, when I bought the tickets the page said 2 hours. If they're factoring in the trailers, maybe, but Fathom Events as far as I know dont usually have trailers.

well it says 1 40 on wikipedia and when I watched it it was 1 40

Odd. I guess I'll see when I go.

Oh I'm dumb
Theres an "exclusive interview with the filmmakers" included in the event. I see the ad for this every day at work but I never heard that part.