Now that it's been over for a while, your opinion on this series?

Now that it's been over for a while, your opinion on this series?

It gave us the greatest butt slutt ever.

Waiting on translated manga scans where he has sex with all of them.

No paizuri 2/10

hot as fuck women

I've only watched the anime. It's not amazing or anything but it was entertaining enough. Also Zest is the best.

It was shit but Hasegawa's OVA actually made me nut so it was worth it. Hasegawa best girl.

Its better than DxD

Literally sensei gives him one in the OVA

The novel sex shits on the manga.

Neither the anime or LN are over though, considering there's still more content being pumped out of both even if the main story is "over".

are they actually having sex or are they just rubbing each other or some shit

must be fun at their children's parents-teacher counseling

It’s hentai tier womb fucking.

time to start reading

P-post more.

it was pretty shit. only chisato was good and basara was a faggot who acted like banging his harem was a chore. it also had way too much focus on shitty action. hagure yusha was way better so I don't understand why it was less popular.

>turns out hes related to literally everyone

It sucks but at least I can easily fap to all the girls

The show was utter shit. The story and the MC was boring as fuck. The only thing carrying it was the ecchi.

The novel ended?

Shinmai has better art, lewds, and waifus.

Waifu doesnt mean girl newfaggot

The day us (small amount of) Kurumifags won

Final volume came out and main story ended.
Side volumes will still come out and OVA is coming this year

Is he walking her home gently?

No, he's cumming inside her gently.

Pure unprotected sex

My dick liked it.


It was only vaguely implied, we didn't get to see Basara's reaction to it or anything

best fucking ecchi.
number 3 in my list.

Can I watch this if I'm doing #noporn2018?

She titty fucked him until he passed out.

read the light novel it's better

Well it isn't porn at least

>Read the bottomest tier for of literature, literally aimed at teens, translated by monkeys

No thanks, ln are shit. Always.

>clealy shown sensei moving her tiddies up and down at the speed of light

Hardcore masochist

It feels like its the only ecchi series with a protagonist that isn't a spineless beta faggot. Its why I could never stand Maken Ki.

Look at those happy faces.
This guy's dick game must be legendary.

I wouldn't mind a taste of it

I just wish they had shown a bit more, like in this page from the Arashi manga