Tessa on the Front Page!

Tessa on the Front Page!


What are her qualifications to be a military commander again?

She's really cute

She has some sort of military intelligence superpower like the blue haired cunt. She also makes my wee wee hard.

She's the best girl and she's really smart, unlike that stupid blue bitch cunt whatshername.

Why did Tessa pretend to be a student in S2

Chidori was one of my first anime waifus.

I found Tessa annoying or barely tolerable.

So she could be with Souske

whispers have superhuman intelligence, apparently in different fields.

I'll allow it.

>Assaults you if you look at her wrong
>Picks on every mistake you make
>Lucky to get a kiss if she's not in a mood
>Will ask for separate beds in a few years because you "disturb her"

>will only hug you, never hurt you
>encourages and believes in you
>will always kiss you after saying hello and goodbye
>wont be satisfied until she can fill a school bus with your children

Tessa is definitely the superior waifu but Sousuke is obviously a masochist who loves to hit by Chidori.


Based on that information, I think we all know who the superior girl is.

Why is Tessa so appealing? She looks cutesy & innocent, but then has this determined cock hungry side to her.

I'll show you who the real best girl is.

The shitstorm will be huge when the anime airs

I enjoy Chidori because I’m a fucking whiteknight who likes protecting girls. Chidori is actually pretty vulnerable and helpless. Tessa seems weak but she’s actually stronger than Chidori.

Sometimes best girl is not "malleable, soft and eager-to-please" girl. Consider that you only worry about being hit with fans because you're a fuckup. Straighten your shit out and stop earning your bruising. Until then, don't consider having kids to begin with, manlets.

>There are people who pick the other two over Mao

You know what we call those people? Pussies that's what. Probably got toothpick dicks.

Will TSR also got director cut treatment?

Mao is a cheap bar girl!

I don't know, I wonder if a significant amount of FMP fans still exist on Sup Forums at all.


Tessa is cute.


Inarguably best girl.

Tessa was one of my first anime waifus.

I found Chidori annoying or barely tolerable.

Did they ever explain why the Whispered exist?
I'm currently re-watching the whole series, on TSR now, but I dont remember a clear explanation yet.

I imagine some crazy scientist with the feds banging down his door, mind fucking some kids as hard drives...

And? Better that than being a dead fish whose every sexual experience is to lay their and pretend to cry over user's micro dick barely reaching into their pussy. Real men go for a real woman and don't worry about this purity shit because they know they can wall bang the memory of dick out of the bitch. Meanwhile you virgin faggots probably wouldn't even know what to do till a week later your girl is leaving you for some black dude.

What did he mean by this?


why's chaika wearing a hat?

An acceptable choice as well.

For the life of me I can't imagine Kurz being on top.

Maybe but she is definitely more of a classic missionary kind of woman. It's just that she'd hammer back at you so hard that you'd be the one getting fucked. Those without amazing abs need not apply.

Ah, a force her onto the bed face down ass up and hammer her from the back kind of gal.

She had none, the military just promoted her to commander as a joke.

That tank top never makes it off until afterwards when she uses it as a towel before round 3.

Is it me, or does Mithril have the most incompetent human resources department in history?

>Implying I'm not riping the motherfucker off of her while I'm hammering her juicy almost too tight cunt then using the rag to tie her hands over her head.

Will we get more fun operator moments?

HR is bs anyways. All they do is protect the company from employee lawsuits. In any case, you can't sue an organization/paramilitary that does not "exist" in the first place

That's what panties are for. Am I the only one here who remembers when we used to refer to them simply as "handcuffs"?

Thanks for reminding me why this show rules.