Anime of the Decade


What's up with the colors ?


> Macromedia flsh plyr 7

I added a little bit more atmosphere to this picture for you, OP. I think you'll find it's quite the improvement.

This show is disappointing.

user... let me tell you is not because of the VLC that it look like that.

If you cant tell from the sameface and shitty filtering then you should lurk more.

reverse image searched and translated some korean result to get "violent evergarden"

thanks tho


Thank you shitposter-kun, for making my anime more enjoyable. Keep up the good work.

Aya Endo actually gets to speak in this show!

they are beautiful

Violet Evergarden

6/10 show in a season full of 9/10.

Nobody will care about it after two weeks.

so fucking sexy

Waifu doesn't mean anime girl I'd like to ravage.

solid wife material

Brown girl?

shes hot

This entire show is like watching a modder "fix" an anime with SweetFX ENBs.

Fuck off back to Sup Forums.

Fuck off, idiot.