Post best traps only

Post best traps only.


what? programming thread?


oh my



Do reverse traps count?

Did someone say gay?


My average Saturday night.




Is this worth a read?



Good trap stuck in a shit anime



Got axed pretty early,if you can't bear repetitive misunderstandings then you won't like it. Other than that,it has it's own fair share of funny moments and if you have read Tsurezure Children,you might wanna give it a try.




now that is a holy trinity

I want to punch Maria in the face!

That looks kind of gay.

Can I join in?

those dirty, dirty slavs know how to chill out.

Gays go away.

what a fucking slut
I bet he loves it

Only traps who like males are gay.

only good trap

Im totally a straights man, but I like girls with dicks, is something wrong with me?

Is that even a reverse trap? Becuase that definitely looks like a girl that looks like a girl.


himegoto's too depressing to watch desu



Only Mariya and Hideri matter, all the other ones are either shit to begin with or start out good but have crippling flaws.



Fuck, that's hot

That's exactly why i hate trap threads so much.


Not at all.
2D traps are the best.

There's nothing wrong if it's 2d


Its only gay if its 3D.

Female in male clothing is far superior, and I hate male traps, but here you go.


>no one posting the literal greatest trap of all time


Based Trapchads working pinheads like you into a seething shoot

they are dogs?


When will trapfags leave

Comiket men's restroom.

The surprise are the women who dress like traps just to sneak inside to take a gander.

No, I'm here forever.

>Replying to every post just to say "no"

Is this irony?

That's the only trap I've ever liked, I usually hate is when they add them to a straight manga, but he's special.

Best one right here.

>is this irony ?

he is mechasexual, user

No, that's my wife.

Do you want to be a cute trap or a cute girl? I know most people of this bo/a/rd want to be cute girl, However I want to be cute trap instead.

Is his nipple censored?

Punch Satania in the face!

Is this true? If so, I wanna go to Comiket and get sucked and fucked by Japanese traps in the men's room.

traps are gay

Only good one in this thread.

I'd rather have the ability to be a cute trap and then go normal mode on off days.

Great choice.

I don't even know anymore.

this one isn't a slut

If you choose to become a cute straight trap then you can fuck cute girls(anons) as much as possible, turn them straight women, make them beg for your cock and become the king of harem.

Cute trap/otokonoko like this glorious bastard, of course. Being male has just too many advantages.

>straight trap

this so much

god i want a cute feminine boy body so i can throw on cute skirts but then dress normally and hit up bars with the boys on normal days too

Soon I will make you beg for my huge straight trap cock when time has arrived.

Glad you understand, user.

Threadly reminder that it isn't gay if the trap is on his belly

>cockslut trap
Tsumannee na

I need more pictures of hideri kun being hugged!

oh yeah then what about this?

he was forced into that against his own consent

Wow rude, I just want to this when we are marry with my waifu.

Those are actually rare to come by, it's mostly Hideri-kun's something else being hugged by Miu's warm something else, if you understand my subtle wording.



>no tetora

Because he's a girl at that point.

>scroll through thread
>no Ernesti

I'm very disappointed in all of you.

>speed scrolling


I'll apologize just this once.

I want saika to turn me into his BITCH with his ELEPHANT cock

not a trap and not gay so doesn't belong in this gay thread

Brother and sister.

Brother is to the left

There is nothing better than Trap x Reverse Trap

I dunno, futa on trap is pretty good.

There is nothing better than Trap x Trap