Steins Gate 0 anime

How badly will it be received on Sup Forums?

>worst version of Suzuha
>Kurisu only exists as AI
>Daru is even more obnoxious
>Okabe has like 2 good scenes in the entire thing
>Bunch of new characters who don't mean jack
>retarded mess of a storyline that now has to be put together into 1 singular route

Okabe goes from really smart retard to just retard on SG0

Is gonna be shit like all the other sci;adv adaptations. Steins;Gate being good was a miracle.

I didn't watch Steins;Gate but I will watch this one since it'll be with Sup Forums this time. Plus I want to see if they can work it all into one route.

Pretty sure you mean best version of Suzuha

>Daru is even more obnoxious
He's not though

Adaptation-wise, R;N and O;9 is okay. It's just that the source materials are really mediocre.

>come on uncle okabe
>come on get in the time machine
>i'm sorry please don't tell my daddy

But you forget: Maho will be there to save it.

Did you at least play S;G? It’ll be confusing as hell otherwise

Maho’s just a glorified onahole
>muh salieri this
>muh amadeus that
God, sex toys shouldn’t be so overbearing when you’re manhandling them

Wasted Potential: The Character (Chie Edition)

Don't get me wrong, IMAGINING Maho is a lot of fun but that's not all she's good for.

the game was a clusterfuck of unresolved routes already so I assume it can only be worse in anime format. That said, r/a/ddet will probably love it


no bully suzu pls

I'm sure in the next spinoff she and the other girl will have a larger role

The way Maho can save this anime if the director focus on her character as Saleri, not as another girl in Okabe's harem. Maho being in love with Okabe ruined her character in S;G 0

>>worst version of Suzuha
Worst Suzuha is Gamma
>>Kurisu only exists as AI
Oddly better as an AI
>>Daru is even more obnoxious
Daru has always been obnoxious
>>Okabe has like 2 good scenes in the entire thing
They're very good scenes
>>Bunch of new characters who don't mean jack
>>retarded mess of a storyline that now has to be put together into 1 singular route
Now these I can't defend

Her role in S;G 0 was the biggest she could get.

You know what? I am sad that you suck so much academically that you don't know anything about academics having that kind of complex. It's rampant starting with postgrads.

Beta Suzuha is for bully.

Don't know why people flip their shit over this, she's obviously desperate to fulfill her mission.

For me, those are my least favorite aspects of Maho and Kurisu. When you’ve got somebody like Okabe or Suzuha, it just makes the daddy issues/inferiority seem petty by comparison.

>lost the kid
>couldn't get okabe to do the thing
>gets lost in time
at least she wasn't the one that committed suicide, but still.

Everyone has their demons. Even Mayushii.

Measurements pls

Height 152 cm
Weight 45 kg
B/W/H 85/56/82

Man, just imagine

What kind of absolutely garbage taste do you have to have to hate Zero? The VN was fucking great.

Kagari was indeed the worst part of it, but I have a feeling they might cut her from the anime entirely. Her storyline can be overlooked without losing a whole lot and there's so much else to cover.

You are not allowed to imagine Mayuri.

They spent way too much time on Kagari to simply drop her, even if she's basically pointless.

It's been a while since I read it but I think there's so much else going on that even without Kagari they can easily fill 24 episodes.

How deluded do you have to be to think they would or could possibly just cut Kagari from the adaptation?
Luka has been even more useless and pointless throughout the entirety of both VNs but he is still around.

There certainly is, but they won't cut Kagari.


>You are not allowed to imagine Mayuri.
I do not believe you

>they might cut her from the anime
She's in the goddamn PV. Even the green Upa was in the key visual

God I wish I could forget she existed

Do the Japanese also have an irrational hatred for Kagari like Sup Forums?


What if Mayuri imagines you?


She's the main plot point in Rinascimento route, you can't adapt that route without her.

Post that pic. You know the one.

She likes it though

>1 route
>1 cour
It's gonna be so bad, I have no idea why they even bother to make it.

>why they even bother to make it
For money, duh

Can I save this picture of the fluffiest scientist?
Same goes for the other cosplay bitches.

No matter what it will be one of the most hype dup things of the season, and it will attract people to the VN so...

You most certainly may.

A shit adaptation will turn people away from the VN.

is it 24 episodes?

Not for lewd.

>Don't know why people flip their shit over this

Really? I mean really? She's failing to understand that Okarin doesn't know how to fix shit even though he explained that all he did was fail, and top of it all she tries to fucking shoot him which could fuck everything up (like killing him, even though he can't die- a detail she doesn't know).

Desperate doesn't cut it, she's fucking crazy. They really should've gone more into her PTSD and her difficulty adapting to society, fuck me m8.

The piece of shit tried once and then gave up to doom Suzuha to live in a fucked up wartorn hellbent future and live knowing that she failed everyone becuase he was being a pissy coward that wouldn't even stop to think.
But yeah Suzuha is the crazy one for not wanting to be born in hell.

Surely you’ve seen her body? Literally MADE for lewd

suzu did nothing wrong

>Okarin is a piece of shit

Did you literally just throw everything that happened to Okabe out the window? But I guess none of that matters to soldier girl.

Made for hugs, not fugs.

>piece of shit
With his understanding of convergence it doesn't matter how much he tried, Kurisu would always die that day. Either he would kill her, or she would die some other way.

> she tries to fucking shoot him
She actually did shoot him in Arclight.

I want to hug and fug her jugs

Still mad they didn't make Kagari turn to that black haired girl Kaede or whatever. That whole plastic surgery thing is retarded regardless but black hair is a titty monster and it would have given her an actual role. It's not like anyone would have missed her absense while she's fucked off to Europe. Having Kagari be Yuki is just completely retarded. Hell the entirety of Kagari was just completely retarded but still.

Yeah funny how Okabe's tune changes after he spends, what was it, a day in the 2036 Suzuha lives in.
If he stopped being so self centered and tried to have a little empathy for even 5 minutes earlier maybe he would have realized that Suzuha wasn't fucking joking about the future. Suzuha was kind enough to give him like 5 months

Just finished the true ending. Correct me if I'm wrong. Okabe from zero will never achieve happiness since he won't be to reach S;G right?


Fuck You. SG0 is actually pretty good. I think I loved it even more than original.

You're forgetting the fact that he didn't know how to fix anything.

>this PTSD ridden wreck is a shitty person for not throwing himself at a problem he has no solution for!

Some things are best left alone, some things are best without a sequel.

>she tries to fucking shoot him
You sure that's not just her trying to intimidate him? She didn't resent him that much till the point of injuring him.
Besides, she knows how helpless Okabe is early on, but since they're straying further away from her objective as the worldline have changed, she's really running out of option.


>tfw she'll never shoot you in the leg

Intimidate sure. It's still a fuck awful plan though.

She could've just beat the shit out of him, throw him into the time machine and held him at gunpoint to follow her back to that day.
But nah, she's not gonna do that to her beloved uncle Okabe.

>She could've just beat the shit out of him, throw him into the time machine and held him at gunpoint to follow her back to that day.

Yeah and waste fuel (don't forget the trip back too) plus get Kurisu killed once more. Great plan, soldier girl.


woah, what did daru do to his daughter?

Accidentally fell in love with her


Suzuha is a fathercon! Fathercon!




So is Kurisu. Maybe Sena too.

Does Chiyo have a thing for girls with daddy issues?

Maybe. Even Sarai has some kind of daddy issues too.

Why does okabe consistently get his ass kicked by women

He's a hardcore masochist.

He holds his own against Shining Finger pretty well

Who the fuck was under the helmet?
It's two different people depending on the route, right?

Rinascimento route -Judy
V&A route -Kagari

He just knows how to write good characters.

But he didn't write them.

He's the one who signs off on everything isn't he?

So did Subaru. Daddy issues, in general, is just a series staple at this point.

you piece of shit

Dudes I love steins gate but I have never read any of the manga or looked into the side stories. Where do I start? Ive watched the anime and played both games, but I kind of want to read the manga from the beginning.
What do

Is that her high school uniform?


Never read the S;G manga. It's awful. There's excellent side material like Braunian Motion and Babel of the Grieved Maze.