How the hell did it get season 2 ?

How the hell did it get season 2 ?
I thought this flopped hard as fuck

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Apparently Netflix likes to pay for things in spades before they actually get them.

Agreed. This anime was a disgrace to gambling anime.

It's not always about BD and DVD sales. You have to take into account merchandise, manga, live action, etc. They all feed into one another.

So with netlfix now conquering anime
our voice actually matter
voices outside of japan actually matter now
I think Netflix views anime as the logical replacement to them losing the Disney shows in 2019. the entire landscape of the streaming video industry will change as Disney starts to manage Fox and takes over more of the entertainment industry. I don’t think Netflix had much choice on where to go, it’s their only way to combat Disney for this demographic.

still better then kaiji

Because Netflix anime are based on stream numbers over BDs.

It was planned in advance, thats always the case when flops get another season

netflix is saving anime

>tfw kakegurui S2 announced

I want to FUCK yumemi

>streaming numbers
>its not even on netflix still

No, it's more like Sup Forums thinks their BD sales threads are the only thing that matters.

I doubt it otherwise they wouldn't have done the anime original ending or the director would not have said in an interview that he hoped to properly do the tower arc which he had to skipped someday if given an chance without really going into the reasons on why he had to do that.

>people still think sales means much

Disney can suck my Dis-D with this NWO entertainment overlord shit

Calm down user, Netflix only licensed it.

>the director would not have said in an interview that he hoped to properly do the tower arc which he had to skipped someday if given an chance without really going into the reasons on why he had to do that.

>meme faces
>nice art
>godly Yumeko's VA
>better than Kaiji
>not having a second season

Best girl


>its not even on netflix still
Seriously? What a fucking terrible business strategy for anime.

Forcing a "binge watch it later" model on a medium that is already available on a weekly basis months earlier in Japan, plus the factor that anime users pirate more so than the average TV user.

I am so glad no one gives a fuck anymore about kaiji

>kaijifags are this mad

You have no idea how stupid normalfags who watch netlix are .

Do we know if netflix kakegurui will have a dub ?

As a big Midari fan I really really liked her voice in anime

The manga doesn't really have enough material for a second season yet.
We may be heading into full anime-original territory, boys.

>better than Kaiji

>waiting for hiryuu

I hate my autism sometimes.

God no
I am sure they will have enough material by fall 2018 right ? right ?

I thought it was a fun little show. I don't really care for gambling, but it was nice to look at, and I liked the soundtrack a lot. Yumeko losing her shit against Mary and the nail girl sold me.


Sure they do. They only did about half the current chapters already, the Election arc will probably be over once they the anime is close to airing anyway.

literally just watched this so I could hear the OP 12 times

one two one.... aAAH

They won't have enough time to adapt it

>We may be heading into full anime-original territory, boys.
Fuck this , they already have enough original scenes in anime , full on anime original will be a mess

We don't even know when it's coming out. They did 27 chapters for S1 with an original end, and even if they don't do Tower at all they already have twenty-something chapters left.
They will clearly do the what we have of the Momobami group now, dump Terano out however the author plans to, and finish with another original YumekoKirari gamble.

Isn't that the same with Crunchyroll?

CR is cheap with their money, that's why Netflix and Amazon got all the big shows, and no producer talked about the western market till they showed up




>This anime was a disgrace to gambling anime.
What, to all two of them?

Those fucking faggots I swear. Just fucking finish it already, Christ.

I heard this franchise is very popular in Nipland. They sell tons of stuff - table games, mobile games and different gambling merch. So the show is basically just a big promotional clip.

>Next episode should come within the next few days.

Fucking daiz

as long we get more free jazz i'm game


Correct, Yumeko is best girl

dam how is Suzui suppose to handle this body

Ah yeah yeah, that's why CR is on several production committees for the past few seasons now and Netflix on none...

He has the plot on his side user, don't worry

>he hates it

He isn't, she's all over MANyuda's dick now.

Why would Netflix want to put tv broadcasted stuff that gets fixed in BDs anyway?

This got a 2nd season and your favorite show didn't. Aced.

Is this show not on Netflix? I searched it and its no where to be found

They have the rights but haven't put it up for whatever reason.

>kimono friends didn't get S2 but kakeguri did
get FUCKED moe degenerates

Dropped after 45 seconds for wrong portray of poker. I love poker to much to let it be played wrong in an anime.

Are you suggesting a full house beats a royal flush?

Isn't there like 200 variations of poker? Texas holdem seems the most popular, but other ones are also valid.

didn't they end the show with an original filler ending?

Plebians and ironic weebs from reddit love it. Plain and simple.

No they were playing 5-Hand poker but he had a 3 in his hand which is impossible because its played with a stripped deck (cards 2 to 6 are missing).

There aint that much. And basically only 3 are played properly.

I thought stripped decks depended on the number of players, with 2 people 2-6 aren't normally stripped.

but I'd strip her, if you know what I mean, which you should, because she had some nice DSLs

5-hand was played by cowboys they didnt have dealers only money on the line thats why they are always stripped. 2 to 6 cant make high hands. Cowboys liked high hands. A stupid reason to waste some cards but still part of the rules for 5-hand.

I drpped the anime but design wise I would smash.

Do you have any idea how absolutely small time Crunchyroll is?

Their best bet was to get bought out by Amazon or Hulu, but that's long past.

>kemono friends didn't get S2
Yes it did. It will be shit, but there will be one.

If you can't name more than two gambling anime, you don't deserve to post on Sup Forums.


I was more thinking of One Outs and Hikaru no Go.
You have old mahjong OVAs too but nobody gives a shit about those

How are these gambling, they are spokons

Yugioh season Zero is one of the best gambling anime, too bad people forget about it.

is there even enough source material for another season?

i remember some weird tower game, then not much after that

Not really. The election arc has only had three gambles so far and the arc doesn’t look like it’s ending soon. They could retcon the ending and adapt the tower gamble though.

Gambling is kind of a sport too

Yes, but in Hikaru no Go protagonist wanted to play professionally. He never did bets on his games, he played for clear joy of sport. This is an opposite of gambling.
Can't say anything about One Outs, I watched it too long ago, all I remember they played baseball. If there were bets involved, then maybe it could be called gambling.


>believing stalkerfags

Oh please, Cartoon Network mattered far more to having a western voice in the industry than Netflix and look where that turned out.

The dude in One Outs plays tricks on people for money so that counts

>50 episodes of Kaiji
>26 episodes of Akagi
>Kurosawa will be adapted someday

Cartoon Network issue was more of a management problem then anything else. The person who was in charge of it for a couple of years was more into live action stuff and didn't really give a shit about anime or cartoons too much.

They also have the side mangas in case they run out of stuff.

I'm still waiting for them to finish Shimoneta.

It's top bullshit if they don't include MANyuda blanco.

I thought she was showing off her tits in this image for ages. I only now realise that she's showing off some kind of card on a string.

It's Japan user, success is not as important as socializing with the right people.
A couple of calls and recommendations and every problem goes away.

>Do we know if netflix kakegurui will have a dub ?

It's guaranteed it will

Yes and it's 100% going to be cringy as fuck


Yeah what a shocker that the only streaming service around might have had a seat until now before the big boys started bringing in their cash.

CR can't be assed to pay a guy minimum wage to read encoding tutorials, they're not going to be spending money that a Japanese producer would care about.

>Can't say anything about One Outs, I watched it too long ago, all I remember they played baseball. If there were bets involved, then maybe it could be called gambling.
One Outs is really, only tangentially gambling. The whole premise is about bets made with the pitcher and the team owner but it's more of a thriller with mind games.

So that's how my girl will look?

I thought the fansubs finished based on Twitter feeds unless it was just modified versions of FUNishit