Kyoani's overhyped violet evergarden

>kyoani's overhyped violet evergarden
>shaft fate adapatation
>new trigger anime

holy fuck

Sup Forums is going to implode

You're late retard.

I'm perfectly on time

a tad early for trigger tho

VEG is barely getting any attention because it's so boring

>barely getting any attention
Half the threads in the catalog right now are about this show.

>that delusion

My favourite season already.

Not even the Code Geass season.

Five is not half the threads user.

You forgot about Netflix saving anime.

Maybe the retards who somehow feel compelled to continually watch and complain about shows they don't enjoy will grow tired with all those whining-opportunities lined up.



I'm just gonna hang out in the Yuru Camp and Cardcaptor threads until the storm blows over. Everyone else sounds very angry at each other right now, more so that usual.

Why do you little fucks try to recapture the last intense shitposting year that was 2013? This season is nothing compared to that year.

moe fate

>no Cardcaptor Sakura
>no Citrus
What a garbage post. Delete this thread and do over.

What about Citrus going to make Sup Forums implode?
We already had Netsuzou Trap and barely anyone gave a fuck, Citrus is the same shit.

PTE is about to lose to VEG in Amazon only after 1 hour! Veg preorders are up and people not even realizing they are mostly.

Le Million sales/Le world trending/le million niconico Epic team

>Thinking that sales mean anything in 2018

That backpedaling

Kill yourself, faggot.