Alluka is a girl or boy? Pansexual maybe? or another gender?

it's a soyboy

Alluka is transgender, female assigned male at birth. Killua refers to her as female, but the other Zoldycks, who view her as a tool or even not part of the family, refer to her as male.

Both Alluka and Nanika are female.

Alluka is coded trans. Biologically male, but Killua uses female pronouns.

a male kid with a female demon in it

She is Togashi's sex toy

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Alluka and Nanika are male, actually. Alluka just thinks he's a girl :)

>Another gender aside from boy or girl
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all shitposting aside Alluka is actually a female.

It’s a boy that thinks it’s a girl.

Killua is the only one who likes him, so he calls him a her.


isn't that all of Silvas' "sons" though

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Author confirmed it was a girl.

>another gender
no such thing


Alluka is a boy. In the ancient times, young boys are dressed like girl to ward off potential assassins from killing the heir of some rich/aristocrat/noble/emperor.

You guys need to remove yourself from the modern American SJW lexicon and place yourself in a world where assassins/murders are rampant and the only way to protect their children is by hiding or training them.

>is by hiding or training them.
Or by training them wrong as a joke. Killua didn't even know that Nen existed even though every single member of his family and staff could use it.

Killua was deemed too strong so he wasn't taught in normal way. Instead the father allowed him free reign over his life.

Is nanika a girl at least?

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>4 more weeks until new chapter

All official sources call Nanika a male sibling, only Killua calls him a girl because he's the only one that cares for him as a person.

The chapter is coming out in February?

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Killua said Alluka is a girl.