Boku no Hero Academia

Spoilers soon. Last chance to predict Camie's quirk.

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It's impressive how your long rant had almost nothing whatsoever to do with my post.
>hurr durr powerlevels muh onepunchman muh deep mechanics
No one asked or mentioned and no one cares, quit shilling.

Camie's quirk is pusy

Chemicals to make people fall in love/be happy.

Her quirk is vaginal suction.


If Hori's into that sort of thing, Camie is apparently a variation of Cammie, which is short for Camilla. Behindthename says Camilla "was the name of a legendary warrior maiden". Maybe Camie's gonna be powerful as fuck.

Elastic woman.

usually the clues are apart of the costume/character design/name

I am going to go with super prediction. Similar to Nighteye but different. She can guess what a person is going to say/do to an extent but it's not future prediction where she can alter paths or see people around them and the like.

It's just couple of seconds of precog.

Think of the simplest pun you can for Camie’s name, her quirk will be based on that

>She can guess what a person is going to say/do to an extent but it's not future prediction where she can alter paths or see people around them and the like.
And she probably gets this as some sort of infinite input that she can't control well, hence the airheadedness. There's just no brain power left to think.

Based on her uniform, she turns flat and likely younger so age reversal.

Her quirk is to be able to turn up the homolust in the room which is why we will be getting todobaku sex in 14 minutes

This actually sounds plausible.

That'd instantly make her best girl.

Gender bending.
She's actually a guy who transformed into a girl because his airhead/gyaru personality is more acceptable for a girl.
"She" is going to give all of the kids sex changes and make them freak out about cooties, thus defeating them without using violence.

>tfw someone remembered your theory from a while ago

>turns up homolust
>there's no change to inasa which is why no one noticed she was missing for 3 days


Whats left to predict? I thought she could turn in some kind of goo

That was Toga, speedreader-kun.

what if there is no traitor, it's just that since they are all teenagers they keep tweeting shit like "teaming up for raid on yakuza house! So blessed! #plusultra." For everyone to read.

Fuck it, I’ll check back later for spoilers.

aka pussy juice

Extra smelly farts. That's the only reason why she's single.

>One Piece has spoilers
>Shokugeki and Bokuben have spoilers and pics out
>Boku no Hero Academia has nothing

>female in BnHA
>secondary character in arc starring Todo and Baku
It's gonna be lamebrain.

Prediction: She turns into a puppy, thus the collar. Even bratty kids will love a dog.

She charms people aka mindcontrol.


>She's a literal bitch


Yeah but why though?
seems consistent every week that SnS pics come out first, OP pics come out after that and BnHA pics/spoilers MAYBE come out on friday before the chapter


be cool if she could turn into any animal she wants?
She'd be like Amajiki

She might have dog-like abilities, like tracking? Or detecting bombs, diseases and quirks through sniffing?

we are truly lost

She seems to have the classic airhead type look that in reality is super focused and fast when it needs to be, so I'm going with super speed.

haha nice meme, upvoted! dab on the haters!

>she's an actual bitch
Now I'm not a furry but that would be somewhat cool. We need a hot mutie anyway, Froppy a shit.

>friendly, happy, dumb, horny
She's got the dog personality down pat, may as well give her the abilities.


You and the people who say "Dab on the haters" have something in common. You both with never be loved.

She has observation Haki so strong she can see a couple seconds into the future

>a roomful of violent sociopath children
Not even Shinso and All Might's child could brainwash love into this crowd.

Todoroki is capable of love. Now Katsuki might be the real problem here. He'd just start crying instead, probably.

She can "Steel Up".

Or hardens in response to physical trauma.

So a better Kirishima ?

I miss stick user

The ability to hibernate for four days without anything to eat or drink except roofies.

She has a quirk that lets her turn into goo, triggering Bakugou's PTSD from his encounter with the slime villain

>camie fanart

Careful, it could be Toga fanart.

There's too little, hopefully her quirk is cool enough that more people start to draw her

I'm dying for her quirk reveal

I have the feeling that Hori is gonna troll us pretty hard. The entire chapter will be about the boys struggle against the kids and the last page shows Cammie making a cool face and saying "let me deal with them senpai"

Yeah, aside that, the best shot she got at fanart is either having more moments with a guy (Bakugou) or getting some more to her character. I really wanna see more of her, she's one of my favorite girls.

super speed would make sense, her turning up late for the first exam could be joked about

>Camie is actually quirkless and is a genius at bluffing, stalling and trickery to cover it up

Goddamn, Camie somehow makes the Shiketsu hat look sexual

Isn't it a bit weird the the general populace has doubts about this generation of heroes, despite them facing and overcoming odds that the previous generation didn't have to face? Like how many classes had direct contact with villains 2 weeks into the schoolyear? Or fucking stood like 10 meter next to AfO?
I could understand it if Deku and the gang failed every time. The only time they really failed is by losing Chisaki.

I'm up for Fem Reigen.

I think its ever prevalent "the current generation is bad, lets put our hopes in the next one". You know, how people are shitting on millennials, every previous generation though the next one was bad.

Ah good point. Adding to that, it's the parents that are saying it, so being biased towards their kids isn't that surprising.

It's just Hori being a hack as usual.
It'd be nice if he was showing us how mass hysteria is generally baseless but he's doing the same shit he did with Stains motives/critique of hero socety

He's presenting problems with zero evidence. These generation of heroes suck despite beasts like Mt. Lady and Kamui woods being among them. Hero society is full of fake heroes, despite the fact we see zero corruption or cowardice from any pro hero

Crime is increasing though, due to AM being out of commission. Hori keeps bringing it up since the fight in Kamino.

It's Japanese as fuck, they would act that way if they get saved 12 times but 2 of them caused collateral damage.

Yup, he also just brings these things up out of nowhere without really setting them up properly or really integrating them into the narrative. It doesn't help that we don't really have any J. Jonah Jameson characters out there to give a face to this supposed mistrust in heroes.

They're saying the next generation will be better, so it's actually the related but opposite "you're all old and busted, we need the youth for fresh ideas" trope.

She is in reality quirkless and went into one of the top-schools because of her high agility and skill. Despite being a airhead she is top-tier on-instinct-relying fighter.

>"you're all old and busted, we need the youth for fresh ideas"
They haven't even finished the first year yet!

>sexual hat
... how? You fetishists are weird.

Problem is, if you show widespread and well known corruption among heroes, Deku and co. look like delusional idiots for buying into the hype.

>Todoroki's birthday
>everyone remembers
>anyone else's birthday
>no one remembers

people remembered momo's birthday

Read the whole manga again please, i can't imagine how many other shit you got wrong

We remembered Ochako's birthday, and Katsuki's is around the corner with 4/20.

Sure, but did the official BNHA anime Twitter make a tweet about it?

People talked about Bakugou, Ochako and Deku's birthday. Tsuyu too I think.

I wish Deku meet real Camie.

I congratulated my wife on her birthday, and iirc Ochako, Tsuyu, Deku, All Might and some more being rememebered too. I guess i have been a lot in this threads.

gotta get em fujo bucks

The Yakuza raid arc was a mistake. Mirio protecting Eri was pretty good though.

Say Happy Birthday to the best of all boys!

I could search on their twitter's timeline to find out, but i'm too lazy to do it now desu

Why is he such an asshole? He's had a pretty great life and no real hardships other than the ones he's made for himself. People everywhere envy and fear him. Pretty sure he's even a little bit smarter than Izuku because of that one test the took where he placed ahead.


delete this pls

Because for most of his life, everybody praised the ground he stood on and his parents did a shit job at raising him.

I think Hori tried to write a character who's an asshole exactly because he's been spoiled and lucky all his life. Which is realistic. But he flubbed and wrote the kind of asshole who's an asshole because he's threatened and insecure. They are very different breeds of assholes, and I don't think Hori completely got that.

His mom calls him out on his shit and probably spanked him. Can't blame her, he was just too much of a shithead to cure.

Bakugou transitioned from one to the other.

Are you a speed reader? Fuck off.

no u

Did you speedread his post? Fuck off.

Fair point.

Will Bakugou ever save a single person? So far, he played the damsel in distress more than he played the hero.
Do you think Bakugou would save Deku? Or would his ego get in the way?

Post birthday gifts.

He saved Pikatard from the meatguy with his grenade.


spoilers when?