Episode 2 when?
flat chest vampire airline is the best airline


Shalltear has a hard life. Please help her.

>was the heroine in the WN
>ended up being replaced by a bustier figure
How can a chair recover from that?

She is a sturdy chair

Uncle Cocutest is a better chair

I would warm her cold undead body with my own.

Is she still number one in Maruyama's heart?


Ainz: Whos a good Neia! Whos a good girl, alright Demiurge, shes all yours.
Demiurge: Understood Ainz-sama
>*proceeds to flay skin *
Ainz: What have I done!
>But, I can't stop him now, that will make him think worse of me.
Umu. Carry on.

>was the heroine in the WN
>ended up being replaced by a bustier figure
How can a chair recover from that?

Is the WN still going?

Breasts pad!

What was jaldabaoth thinking when he grabbed Queen Calca? Is he insane?

Reminder when?


Who will voice our guy Lockmeyer?

CD is confirmed stronger than Shalltear despite being a lower level. NW talents and gear are too much for Nazarick. It's basically an expansion character vs a vanilla

that doesn't bode well for Nazarick

Do you think the others would feel the lack of compassion towards humans that Ainz does or is it just a part of his passive cause hes undead?

The only expansion related thing CD has is when I fill her stomach so full of semen that her clothes burst apart.

Renner-sama is confirmed smarter than Albedo/Demiurge despite being a human. NW keikaku and plans are too much for Nazarick. It's basically an expansion character vs a vanilla.

that doesn't bode well for Nazarick.

Matter not, when the one controlling Maruyama is the busty editor, Albedo's real life image. The personification of his loli fetish will be damned in hell.

>jaldabaoth thinking when he grabbed Queen Calca
He didn't. Silly user.

Renner is be the one organizing the anti-Nazarik extermination force. After becoming a heteromorph by gaining their trust, she will join forces with the Theocracy and PDL to take down Nazarik. They will murder every guardian that currently exists in the new world, and force Ainz to retreat into his dungeon and never come out ever again. When Ainz tries to exact a counter-attack as a last ditch attempt at revenege, newly-powered-up Climb will finish him off, becoming the hero of the story.

[[Grasp heart]].
Climb's body falls like a puppet who's strings have been cut.

>In his last breaths, Ainz gathers all his strength to tell Climb that Renner is actually the true master mind behind all the misery happened to him and humanity
>Climb tries to investigate by himself
>Finds out the truth
>Proceeds to confront and kill Renner to avenge all those wronged by her
>Makes a harem of dozens of bitches

Brain is confirmed more genius swordsman than Cocytus despite being a human. NW nail clippers and plans are too much for Nazarick. It's basically an expansion character vs a vanilla.

that doesn't bode well for Nazarick.

I'd take IMAGINE or fug the bug any day of the week over this user-kun.

>supreme dads
This picture makes me feel sorry for PA.

Dont fuck with Brain, kid. Brain is the one who will win this for humans.

Genuine dere loli-baba Pleiades when?

There's not enough bullying in this thread.

When she gives me the non sample version

Whoa, Albedo's tits were that small?

Thai lady boi opening a salon in nazerick soon

You're a fat guy.

Ugly-tan a best!

Since Enri is working for Ainz Ooal Gown, a thought came up to me recently. What if Britta sees Shallchair and recognizes her for the evil vampire that tried to kill her? Would Britta bring it up with Enri or others to warn them that nothing good can come from dealing with such evil beings? Will she keep quiet and keep the status quo? Will she tattle to others? Or will she run away to unknown lands never to be seen again? There's a lot of neat options for this little side character that only got about 10seconds of screen time in the first season.

Any idea how far into the volumes this season going to be?I kinda dropped out reading around volume 9, and pretty much forgot much of it.

end of vol. 6


>What if Britta sees Shallchair and recognizes her for the evil vampire that tried to kill her?
There is little chance. Shalltear literally mind broke her that time. I doubt her still remember much, but let's say she remembers.
>Would Britta bring it up with Enri or others to warn them that nothing good can come from dealing with such evil beings?
With the present of Lupus, they are already know what kind of people they are dealing with, they just don't care.
>Will she keep quiet and keep the status quo?
Then she will go crazy overtime.
>Will she tattle to others?
Lupust will catch the wind and silent her.
>Or will she run away to unknown lands never to be seen again?
She will be captured and sent to the happy farm.

Enri already knows about Papa Bones does she?

>I kinda dropped out reading around volume 9

You are really lazy there man. Watch the anime season, then pick up again on vol. 9. Overlord isn't even a hard or complex book, how do you just drop it when you can read the entire thing in 6hours or less? Just get a book nigga, read!

How can we fix her design?

Who are you calling flat chested you little wolf bitch? Your sisters wouldn't be able to recognize you anymore after I'm through with you, mangy mutt.

Big fat anime tiddies

>mmo armor
Yeah no

Yeah its faster to just read it than to sit through all the anime

i think she would be blazing hot in a black knight armor.

A lot of the character development that ainz got from the start is that he stopped feeling human emotions because of his body, and into some way, even his moral was affected, I wonder how will he react if he gets, lets say a item, that allows him to reverse his undead body emotion supression, and realize all the shit he has done

> happy farm
But user-kun nobody is happy there

Well, I dropped it or might as well forgot about it since you know how the translation went, with waiting for volumes and stuff. I did try to check out the translation before this new season, but it seems like in a million different pages for parts of its chapters(its probably just my bookmark).Not really blaming anyone though, I understood its me, might give it another read after this season ends. Motherfucking lizard arc though.

>What is Total Maniac?

By giving her what she wants. babby

I'm pretty sure Demiurge and his demon lieutenants are very happy there.

Demidemi is a good shepherd.

He even let the parents bid their farewell to their child when he served him to another faction.

Dick will make her better

Get the PDFs so you don't have to search for chapters individually, they are out there and pretty easy to find. You should only try to read them in piece of our lord Nigel is dropping them as he goes. You miss out on the pretty pictures that flush out the story and give it context if you just read them in parts on a website.

>didnt check nyaa
Now I feel retarded.

tfw I copied the chapters of the first 3 volumes into my own .epub

But flat is justice su


PDF per chapter is older TL version and it's actually better.

> not using audiobook

>not using Braile

> audiobook > braille

That's just, like, your opinion man.

For you.

This, they know who that are working with and simply don’t care.

This village was constantly under attack by raiders or monsters, their young men rounded up every year to fight a pointless pissing contest with the kingdom. During harvest no less. Ain’t comes along saves then raised them up provided unorthodox protection in the guise of monsters, enri now leads an army of gobs a few ogres and some trolls (cant remember if there are giants in the mix) they don’t care. They are training them selves old lady’s using bows for the first time even ain’t was impressed. They are full camp ain’t now and they are building a beautiful big wall to keep the ‘mexicans out’


>building a beautiful big wall
But can they make the Kingdom pay for it?

Kek yes but not in the way you think
More blood for the blood god more bones for the throne.

Splat SPLAT SPLAT...bleeeet bleeet
What do you think user?

I think I need a drink.

How much would the story improve if Vito Corleone was one of Ainz' consigliere?

That does not look comfy

I bet that sword feels fucking cold

Give me one valid criticism of her design without using the word 'edgy'. I bet you can't

How do you know?

you can't fix perfection user

She deserves it. She is a high level guardian yet is unable to take her role seriously which lost her the battle and got her mind controlled and forcing ainz to waste many irreplaceable one time use items on her.

Is she supposed to be fat? Or were they just going for the motherly pregnant look for the implication?

Besides which, Shalltear was just cleaning up the local banditry. What's so evil about that?

She just sits all days in the treasury, guarding the ST's most valuable items. So basically a basement dweller like most of Sup Forums. Can you remain slender in that condition?

If a random citizen suddenly kills off criminals instead of turning them to the authority, would you think it's alright?

I can

Post pic or you lie.

If they and the criminals are out in the wilderness without reasonable expectation of protection by the authorities? You're damn right it's alright. Especially at the time period/technological level of the NW.

>Implying Ainz-sama isn't the authority

What pic user-kun

Real world humans are confirmed stronger than NW Humies despite having no magic. RL weapons and technology are too much for Slane Theocracy. They're basically heteromorphic humans vs vanilla humies

that doesn't bode well for Humiefags

Your slender body.


Friendly reminder that Jaldabaoth is stronger than demiurge

I wish I was Renner. She's so beautiful and intelligent at the same time. She has a wonderful friend in Albedo and is considered an honorable heteromorph instead of a filthy lower life-form despite being genetically human. She's cold, cunning, and calculating but at the same time very loving and generous to the person she cares about. I want someone like Renner in my life, I want to be her dog. I want to see her turn that orphanage into a bloodbath and ascend into her rightful position as area guardian. I want to see her turn Climb into her useless dog and scoop his eyes out with her bloody hands. I want to see my goddess overthrow Ainz and rule in his place, disappearing any of the NPCs who dare go against her. I want to see her become the Stalin of the NW, ruling with an iron first for eternity as she brings the world into the space age. I want to see her begin galactic conquest and rule over the galaxy, and eventually universe, because that is her rightful place as our empress. Renner!!


excessive deviantart tier design applied to what is essentially a very flat character.

I don't mind her or anything but you did ask

If I'm a guy I would user

Why is his eyes diamond?

If Albedo or Shalltear were futas would she mind as long as they beat her?

Are you telling me you're a little girl user?