How did you get into this situation?

How did you get into this situation?

by downloading the sample version

I don't care but I know I'm not getting out of it.


It started with this trap faggot taking me to his cafe

Another girl trying to seduce me, why does this keep happening?

Can I please just have my coffee.

>still posting Blend S in 2018

Someone is trying to make me get out my yurifag phase by teaching me the wonders of penis in vagina

I almost want to watch this just just because of how hot this slut is.

I paid a lot of money.

By being the game master.

Thats a flat cunny

Rape Kaho

how much


Shieeet I wish the 3DPD bitches looked this great. I hope heaven has a 2D route.

This kills the Akizuki.

How is this allowed?

Thank you for the effort.


>How did you get into this situation?
I fell asleep

Cute couple

That outfit, what the fuck

How did they get into this situation?


Official art to bait /u/fags I think.

How do I get into this situation?

You need to ask truck-kun while wearing a proper outfit. I recommend a lenght of rope.

>series is so anti /u/ the /u/ pairing is actually straight as fuck
>series is so anti /u/ the marketing team has to invent /u/ scenes
Based Miyuki Nakayama

New warrior


More investment

I would share my xp with her, if you know what I mean.