Kaguya Wants to be Confessed To

Volume 8 Cover

Ishigami cover next r-right?

Is she choking her

And I bet the slut is enjoying it.

Why is Kaguya grabbing Subject F by the neck?
What did Aka mean by this?

Kaguya offscreen going for Ishigami's throat volume cover when

>in one hand Fujiwara
>in the other Ishigami

Fujiwara is into erotic asphyxiation.

Every fucking time I forget Miyuki is blond. I keep imagining him white haired.

She saw the doujinshi.

new chapter?

The mango is on break this week.


Fucking again?

Need more palm on cheek gags.

The whole magazine is. I think this is the last break for the holidays.

I wonder what will Aka do to open the year with

She already went for Ishigami's throat a long time ago. No wonder the poor guy was scared. What's with her and choking?
With all this free time, one would think it may be a good time to translate the volume extras but no.

We already got Ishigami arc, who is next Fujiwara to expand on the mysterious life and mind of subject F? Or Miko and to see her new role and relationships with the council and her white-black mentality?

More like to translate the doujins

Next is Prez, we've been getting lots of Kei and Papagane lately.
F either gets nothing or is true final boss

I want a Kei and Monster Virgin incest doujinshi for C94.

We dont have a anime yet, and there has been too little of kei for that, Just be glad we have 2 doujins in general, manga rarely get stuff before a anime

Last chapter was already the first for 2018.
We're probably going back to Kaguya and Shirogane for a while.

I love Fuji but this cover is the worst.

Fujiwara Best Girl. Kaguya a shit.