What did kyoani mean by this?

What did kyoani mean by this?

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what the fuck.

What the fuck was the point of all those manner hours drawing detail in the background if the director was just going to digitally blur everything

Who the fuck was responsible for this?

Showing off that they can burn time and money

Like Dio ripping up his own flesh just to heal

>post-processing set to high

>work overtime for peanuts to draw the background characters in the short scene
>CGI guy just blurs it all


i get the blurring, but it's just too much. it's almost like some fuckwit doing the fx is trying to make a point.

>people think this looks good
Bokeh effects are amature photographer tier, and in anime it just seems like a joke

They could have just made a 3D background then blur it into oblivion. What a fucking waste of time drawing shit only to be blurred by egoist retards.


i cant read moonrunes
is this official promotion ? like are they proud of this ?

This is so babby's first DeviantArt post-processing it's genuinely sad.

This isn't even bokeh effect, it's literally just a photoshop blur filter.

If they actually had put an effort into it because they really thought it was important to give the character that much presence in he scene they could have at least try to make the lightsources have geometrical shapes instead of making the viewer think he went near-sighted

You don't get their thought process. Why'd you need to see anything but the cute girl?


Sasuga, KyoAni.

KyoAni, unlike many other studios, pays well. The amount of blur is still dumb though.

you got an audible chuckle from me

I get the heavy blur for the flashback scenes, but would it really kill them to just up the contrast ratio and saturation a bit? I hate how everything looks fucking grey and washed-out in this episode.

Imagine being a some gook/chink working on minimum wage putting his heart and soul into drawing this background and then some autistic hack at KyoAnus decides to blur it out with 5000 instagram filters.

This looks retarded, all that blur made things look worse.
It's the beginning of a beautiful KyoAni meme though.

I thought that image was a joke, what happened?

>some pleb in some anime image board will praise it like clockwork

Fuck off kyoanus shills.

Someone at KyoAnus had a "genius" and artistic "vision".

lens flare


This, but the fuckwit in question is the director, who's the one who gives the orders.


That's all they've shown. They've refuse to grace us more of their secrets on how to make their anime absolutely blurry-as-shit technique that every 14-year olds Instagram users already know of.

It reflects the depression and confusion that Violet is going through. As much as I dislike it, the visuals are a good way to convey that to the audience.

Addendum: Even beyond the filters, blur, and colors there's the message that when you're in such a state of mind, you can't see the beauty of the world, even if it's right in your face.

Or so I'm guessing.

after watching it i'd say it doesn't matter that much. it's only shocking when you see how much work is being "wasted". but then again, it's not noticable.

>we didn't want to use color, contrast, framing or composition to create focus, so we applied a thousand effects in post to hide most of the image that our animators and background artists worked hard to create
Excellent visual technique.

This genuinely makes me mad. They better remove it in the BDs

>It reflects the depression and confusion that Violet is going through
That only makes sense if the effect is not applied for scenes that aren't from her POV.

Let's go even further beyond

Yep. They think this is a good artistic choice.

We need to go deeper.

Filters worked for the original Kino no Tabi anime, it will work for this.
It's for building atmosphere.


2D Images do not contain air molecules. Use better words.

the pervading tone or mood of a place, situation, or work of art.
"the hotel is famous for its friendly, welcoming atmosphere"
synonyms: ambience, air, mood, feel, feeling, character, tone, tenor, aura, quality, undercurrent, flavor; informalvibe

Just blur entire image

Instead of copypasting a dictionary entry in this thread, you should've read it because it lists better words for you to use.


Is this the Breath of the Wild of anime?

This is beginning to look kino.

Right looks better though.


I get it but you can still do those kind of stylistic flourishes without them getting in the way. Having those filters on all the time, even when we're just getting an establishing shot of the town, just looks like the people responsible for digital post-processing fucked up.

That OP is a faggot

Can't see shit

What is that supposed to prove? It's blurred to hell.

That there are at least two more faggots.

>the aliasing on her hair
This is supposed to be a big budget project by the "leading" anime studio? Even when you try and show off you just make it look worse.

colour grading is slighly different deal though
it's still can be fucking horrible but it's a neccessity for films when they use different cameras that don't have the same default colour range

in kyoani's case, they added artificial bloom and bokeh that shouldn't be there in the first place (colours are ok, imo)

too much detail in the first one, you dont pay atention to her.
second one she is the focus

it looks liek dog shit but it was the right decision

The nitpicking is fun considering how shit your favorite show is / will look in comparison.

I haven't seen this artfag show yet but blurring background characters in a crowd is often used to showcase loneliness.

Except like every scene in the series is like that. Its the style they decided to use.

Violet Everblur a shit.

And it looks like ass


>kyoanus in charge of damage control

What is up with shitposters outing themselves as Sup Forumsedditors?

Bravo Snyder


>Chink scanlator think that clipping = improvement.

>Lets just use blur instead of an actual visual "direction"
Kyoanifag doing damage control

Where's that one .webm of the monks destroying art when I need it?

learn to fucking read

No, you can put the focus on one character without blurring every other detail out.

like i said it looks like dog shite.

Can't you shitheads type a better argument than "every other show looks like shit/this is better than everything anyway"? It's like you're not even trying to defend the bullshit that the art direction is.