JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Yesterday(JPN Time), Shueisha registered ”Part 5 Logo” as a trademark.
What does this mean?

part 5 never





>Golden Wind
it's already ruined

>Golden Wind


based hairposter

>Golden Wind
Into the trash it goes.

>people bitching about golden wind
>can't even pronounce vento aureo correctly

I can't read ching chong

This. Almost every fucking thing part 5 related is under Vento Aureo. Honestly it will fuck with their marketing

It could mean anything. It could be part 5 characters being added to the mobile game, it could be a reprint of the manga. Who knows. The Logo does look like it belongs to the anime but who can say.

Did they do they same with DiU? If so it's basically confirmed

>bitching about the name
you will argue about anything won't you

I hope so


t. Americuck
It's literally called Golden Wind in France and in Japan only when the entire title is in Italian (Le Bizzarre Avventure di GioGio: Parte Cinque) they use Vento Aureo.

inb4 live action movie

Here's google translation of the page.

So nothing then. Just more in the wave of Part 5 merch they've been spitting out lately.

Can we just skip part 5 and go to 6?

I need best girls in my life

hardback part 5

Who here loves Jojo series but fucking hates the fanbase?

Don't play with my emotions OP. Hope you aren't bullshiting here.

hardcover edition of part 5 volumes

>skipping to worst part
Besides, the best girls are in Part 8.

What is this and why does it make me uncomfortable

You're like walking into a room of JOJO fans and saying that you hate JOJO fans. Just go away then