Death March

First episode airing soon.

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>oh an all gir...
>oh wait, no that's a dude.
So, haremshit? Okay. What's the gimmick with this one?

another isekai where op main character makes himself a slave harem

The loli building slave harem is finally here. Arisa voiced by Aoi is going to make me cum buckets.

>4 kids in his harem

I think I'll pass

>What's the gimmick with this one?
MC has a bunch of girls over his dick but goes fucking educated prostitutes.

Is it really a slave harem when they're totally going to be able to leave on their own if they wanted to but they don't because they're 'scared' or 'have honour' or some crap?

its a harem so no one wants to leave on their own.

(spoiler) just know the main character chooses to sleep with random npc tavern girls rather than any of girls u see in op's pic (/spoiler)

That's my point. It's not really a slave harem if they can leave.

>makes himself a slave harem
Can't wait for people to actually watch it so they'll stop parroting this bullshit

He literally goes to a brothel while his harem's ovaries make friends with cobwebs.


>inb4 this anime


Pretty much real slave harems would be be something like kaifuku jutsushi no yarinaoshil and even Oroboros Records has it depicted pretty much spot on rather than a happy go lucky ones in this or isekai maou

>boob armor

Whats with that chromatic aberration

death by overwork

The latest PV looks atrocious, enjoy your shitty anime, you dumb LN fuckers.

See ya degenerate

>casts meteor

Not really. I'm here to laugh at how bad the first episode will be.

bullshit he slept under the table not on top of it both in WN and LN reeeeee


Ive been seeing people hyping this one. Whats this all about?

Oh shit I literally just got why it was called death march. Because the MC died from overwork into another world.

Jesus fuck.

If you think Smartphone is hilarious, then you'd like this one. Every time MC does something he gained a title or a skill or something. It's for fun.


But does Death March have a smug as fuck fairy?


The strongest


It looks terrible. If they aren't following the LN artstyle anyway they could have done better than that.

so much filter. is this show trying to copy Violet Evergarden?

Good joke, Silver Link are a pretty shitty studio already and they don't give a shit about their LN adaptations. It also doesn't help that they have too many productions. They have 2 shows this season and they were also supposed to have another one about butlers but it got delayed to Spring 2018.

>this entire sequence
Why did the harem have to show up? An OP MC just walking alone in a desolate land is comfy as fuck.

first waifu get

The difference is that VE puts shitty filters on nice drawings, but these are filters to make the QUALITY less noticeable

Keep it in the VE threads, please.




Not that I know of, sadly. It has a bitch loli who's a reincarnated OL instead.



He has a super OP attack spell he can only use 3 times total. Of course this becomes irrelevant really quickly when he gains a couple hundred levels in the first chapter and a bunch of skills. And slaves of course.

>It has a bitch loli who's a reincarnated OL instead.
I'll fucking take it.


Is this smartphone of winter 2018.

A fitting post number, by the way.

The smartphone of our generation.

nice icon design.

Is this the fastest a isekai has ever dropped its initial hook/gimmick in favor of power leveling and skill farming?

I prefer smartphone since the MC doesn't try his OPness by jumping through hoops like this one.

What the fuck is this shitty opening, fucking dropped.

>that modern casual-looking character outline on the left
Jesus fuck what were the devs thinking

No. Does have a 40+ shotacon christmas cake reincarnated as a perverted 11 year old mahou shoujo wannabe though. Voiced by Aoi Yuki.

They probably took a stockphoto and plastered it on there


>Voiced by Aoi Yuki
So she is now permanently pigeonholed as midget lolis?

Is Arisa the main wife?

I mean I know this is isekai but man this was pretty fucking garbage even by isekai standards.

I don't even know there's a standard.

Well, no, I mean it's a fucking fantasy game and it was out of beta already as far as I remember so what the hell were they doing there

>that press F to win button


I keep forgetting how fucking bad the progenitor isekai WNs are. This one just plays it straight non-stop with no semblance of self-awareness or I think it does and the author just doesn't give a fuck.

Is that a bad thing?

OP kind of sucked. ED was so-so. Portion of the story covered was about 90% true to the first LN. Mildly surprised at the pacing, they spent far more time on the Japan section then I expected. At this rate they may only adapt the first two LN's. Which wouldn't really be a bad thing, the third LN is absolute garbage. The LN's in general are much worse than the WN, but the third is really, really bad. LN version of an anime filler episode.


We actually never learned her age when she died nor anything about her past really. She still can end up being a guy or 90 y.o. granny in her previous life for all we know.

>all the nips asking whether the MC is an utter sociopath
I can't stop laughing.

How do they arrive into that conclusion?

Holy autism, dropped.

>999 as the post number too
Holy shit.


Thank you, i will enjoy it.

Well that was even more bonkers than Smartphone.

Is this what real isekai is? Holy shit.

I will.

Worst show of the season confirmed I guess.

Fug, can't wait to see my favorite shitty WN animated.

Reminder to

not be gay

Oh, I forgot her hair is purple. Always thought it was generic blonde

Wait. You mean to tell me the LN for this shit sells like fucking hotcakes? Fucking how?

>Kill hundreds of people shortly after arriving with little to no remorse and then put the skill points into lying and manipulation.

like this faggot 29yo moralfag mc

She's a fujoshi too, shipping MC with elf guy.

It doesn't. It sells okay for LN standards but nowhere near really big hits.


There's your answer, Nips have the strongest hard on for anything Isekai. That's why the market is so flooded

What in god's sacred name did I just watch? At some I really did wish that the MC was just having a dream too.

>the LN for this shit sells like fucking hotcakes
No it really doesn't. WN popularity doesn't always translate to LN sales.

>The same reason lonely women love trashy romance novels.

Wish fulfillment, that's how. Look at the demographic for these LNs and then look at the majority of MCs for these types of stories. Young Japanese losers who despite having zero success with women in real life, get transported to some fantasy world and immediately get a harem of 10/10 aryan girls on top of being overpowered in this new world.

I want to see Yue animated, they should make it 1 LN = 12eps for Arifureta with an original end and no bullshit after Vol1.

arifureta is shit m8

YES! Lolita, NO! Touch.

So when does comfy SoL start with the lolis?

The first volume is great though. Just cut the rest out and leave out the garbage brooding harem shit that happens and leave Yue as the main girl.


It's not even a good wish-fulfillment. You'd be correct if stuff like Road to Kingdom were to be as popular as this. This is just like watching a let's play of someone who uses cheats but then he decides to mess around instead of doing the main quest.