WW2 with famous people turned into cute girls

>WW2 with famous people turned into cute girls

This is such a fun concept, why so few series did it?

I can only think of Strike Witches and Daiteikoku.

I just want a straight up serious Japanese WW2 anime. About following some imperial soldiers on Iwo Jima or something. No magic or cute girls just a serious war anime but Japan got rekt so it will probably never happen.

I doubt there would be much audience for that. It would mostly be getting killed by Americans outnumbering them x5.

I want to see a vietnam war anime where all the soldiers are cute girls, but the violence/gore is like elfen lied tier.

Anime girls stepping on landmines, getting cooked with flamethrowers, getting covered in agent orange & napalm, and strung out on black tar heroin

That would probably sell pretty good really. Suffering porn is popular.

"Let's take historic event X and add cute girls into it" has always been a terrible idea

>Welcome to the rice fields, Hotaru
I like it

>was going to be a H-RTS but the project run out of money so TADA had to salvage into in the unplayable turn based mess we got

>This is such a fun concept
No it's not. Go back to Fate you lolinigger.

Great idea you mean. Manime is deaf and buried.

Such a shame. At least it got few manga volumes.

Maybe they will remake it one day,

Why does it always have to be Sengoku period instead of WW2 or whatever else?

Sengoku is the most popular japanese history period. Just like warring states for China. There is plenty of WW2 anime though.

God, I hate the very notion of this idea.
Nothing against attractive female, but if the only merit of your show is to add tits to something it is a failded thing to begin with.

I don't even know what they'll do after Rance. 10 was confirmed to be the last since Sengoku.

>if the only merit of your show is to add tits to something it is a failded thing to begin with.

So wrong. Strike Witches is the best WW2 anime by far.

Dohna Dohna

tk pls go


Shows like that are only good to give context to the porn. And if that's the case you might as well just watch porn.

>This is such a fun concept

Stop turning everything into cute girls, it gets old at a point.

No user, it is you who have gotten old.
And bitter.