Was she in the right?

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>loses anyway
This feels familiar, somehow.

She did her best but what are you supposed to do against two girls with literal mahjong superpowers? And even then she was able to stop them for a short time. Hell, she was the only one who did useful things without recurring to luck hax. Never rooted for a side character this much.
I feel the same, user

If everyone cheats with mahjong superpowers, you just have to cheat more than them.


thinking back this must have been the most understated role her VA ever did.

You must be a Kyouko fan too.

>let me play some real mahjong
Should they have held a separate tournament for lesbian and normal mahjong?

Actually yes, but I like Yumichin the most, just look at her
Pic related

>Kyouko wants to play normal mahjong
>plays against Saki, Toyone, and Kasumi in the quarter-finals
>Saki, Sawaya, and Nelly in the semi-finals
>Sawaya, Ryuuka, and Himeko in 5thcoke
What did Ritz mean by this?

Third time is the charm. GANBARE, KYOUKO!

And I mean the individuals, when she will school Saki.

Kyouko is tied with Ikeda for my second favourite main series girl.

Any new lewds?

She may school Saki, but she won't be the one winning the individuals.

I don't know if they are new, but here are some:

it's Naruka's birthday.

so... next anime season when?

I don't think we will get Toki anime. Manga finals won't be done this year, that much is obvious, so anime will be at least three years from now, if we're even going to live that long.

After Toki gets a couple more volumes.

>at least three years from now, if we're even going to live that long

Never ever;_;

2019 Zenkoku live-action