Dagashi Kashi

are you ready?

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No, I'm trying to lose weight.

Hotaru's boobs are not THAT big

Yes. I'm ready for more sweet candy girl.

for what?

They're petty close.

I'm going to drink coffee during this.


This bitch is so disgusting.

Post that small tits blonde bitch instead

me - yes
my teeth & waistline - most likely no!


Too bad you're not 2d.

gross hand

even if I was my waistline would 'pile the pixels on' during this post-Christmas time of the year sadly.

still I am ready to reacquaint myself with the show again all the same.

I can't wait.

ready for more doujin

Woah woah woah who let this homo in here?



there is always one ...

agree, her nails are disgusting - vulgar and tasteless


I bet even her nails are made of candy

best girl kitaaa







The greatest love story ever told

Hotaru a shit



No u





ugly washboard


I want to fuck that candy ass.





please dont be real

Wow they actually managed to make her uglier somehow. Saya is still as beautiful as ever.



It's difficult to make a pile of shit like Saya look worse.


15 mins feel so short

Why is she always pushing her breasts out?

Looks very hit or miss from scene to scene.

Its said that a diet consisting of pineapple makes cum sweet, would that persuade Hotaru to suck a dick?


>literally a dude in drag

Worth a shot.

Cause she has one^W two


How many chapters did they cover?

Ready to drop it if the first episode bores me to tears, yes.

Looking at screenshots, they adapted chapters 88 and 60 and this is from 90

One too many

>2 Seasons
>A billion volumes
>Manga STILL hasn't been licensed for an english release
what went wrong

Too japanese.

Many sweets are bittter and sour and such.
Convince her it's a type of bitter sweet. or some shit

About to watch S1. I assume this is just a SOL with hijinks and purple haired girl is eccentric enough to carry the show.

Read the manga instead.


Pretty much. With some comedy and some fanservice.


I don't think coconuts is that fuckable but you do you

I like that QUALITY, adds to the smug


tits are universal

Yes, this and S2 of Saiki Kusuo.. can't wait

Cute dorks.

>season 2 already? But season 1 was only in 2016
>it's already 2018
>2 years have passed

Well fuck me

I read this for the snacks, not for the disgusting udders.

>QUALITY in the first episode

Maybe in 1.5-2 days for simulcast.

>new character design
No I'll pass

Well I guess if it promotes the manga then ok.


This is still canon in my mind.

Did anyone even unironically enjoy S1? It was shit.

Sayafags did.

I did, fight me bitch.

It wasn't too bad, it looked nice anyway. Needed more comedy and less anime original junk though.

subs when?

I'm not a drawfag but I think this pose is wrong.

I did only because of Hotaru. The story was fucking ass though. And it made me hungry as heck.

What's the source?

If it's wrong I don't want it to be right.
>not knowing about the best dagashi doujin ever

It will be actual canon.

Yep, chapters 88 (Big Katsu) and 60 (Peperponcino).

Recent developments in the manga might make a similar situation actually happen.

Something feels off about Saya. Like her eyes aren't "dead" enough.

>>not knowing about the best dagashi doujin ever
But that's Soo Sensou

How did they make the quality worse than a full length production?

Literally no budget