Devilman Crybaby

Instant AOTY?

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Yes, ofc

inb4 Kyoanus shitters show up

How bad did all that cum smell?

That's VEG

Yes and the ost is amazing.

Any reason it would be?

Yes, because it's AOTY

aoty for what? best hentai of the year?
sure why not

I guess so.

Can you stop with these threads?

Miki didn't smell it so it wasn't that bad.


I don't even like anime, but I liked Devilman, it's quite allright. Is this the best you weebs can offer?

Watch NGE.

What r u stupid? Of course I've seen NGE. That's the most entry level animay imaginable (I liked it too)

The year has to end before it can be considered AOTY.

I like Crybaby, but why all the useless threads? Do you want to be cancer like DBS fags?

was it a mistake to release all the episodes?

watch all the other shows by Yuasa


the mistake was knowing they'd release all episodes but still pacing it as if it airs weekly.

are devilfags gonna spam threads until anons say yes?

Is this bullshit or what

Well its the only anime to finish in 2018 so technically yes. But I did enjoy it.

It was pretty good.

Heh... not so fast... kid...

> all those moeblobs
Of course.


>Devilman is going to become the new JoJo and attract hordes of dumb secondaries, ironic weebs and tumblrtards
At least Violence Jack, Mazinger and Cutie Honey will be safe

This what these reviewers deserve

I would say >mal
but trips dont lie

It was violently mediocre.

want a gif/webm for when they pass the baton in that flashback sequence in the lateset episodes

AOTD, in fact.

>655 moeblob voters compared to a voting size of 14,357 for an anime that came out last week
You fucking moron.


This is just another Kemonozume bullshit. Yuasa is bullshit. Continue to lap his shit up, caca perros.

Sorry that title goes to Violet Evregarden

>one of the most monumental works of Japanese manga
>finally gets a modern adaptation
>(YOU) start whining that it's only popular because of Yuasa even though that makes zero sense given that Devilman as a work is far more popular than Yuasa has ever been

>Cutie Honey will be safe
Think again, sweetie

So everyone who disagrees with you is Mexican?
Can you turn me into a Mexican so I can get my work permit?

>Digibro drones will never stop parading around this piece of shit

Who? I only listen to Pewdipie

Stop ruining this masterpiece with your normie bullshit. They're just latching onto the next popular thing to get their views from morons like you.

You're right but you should fuck off too, normalfag.

based tumblrbro putting le normies on their places

I finished the original manga and it was good, I started Lady but I'm having a hard time getting into it does it pick up as it goes on?


You're part of the problem

I thought he was a moeshitter.


>Night Hawk starts playing

Woah, its almost like people can enjoy both moe and dark stuff

Wrong kiddo, Death March has no English dub yet plus all the episodes aren't even out yet so we can't be sure of it's consistency yet.

>judgement starts playing
>judgement stops
>judgement starts for real

yeah it starts a little slow but does get better

Preposterous. Don't say things like that again.

man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man man human

fuck off with these threads already

After all.

>judgement is playing
>people getting absolutely FUBAR

Other than the obvious pacing and animation issues, I liked it a lot. Sure as hell wasn't expecting it to follow the manga's more fucked up plot points, but that was a nice surprise.

Download my mixtape, its fire

>I don't even like anime

Then what tne fuck are you doing here on this board? You misclicked Sup Forums instead of Sup Forums by accident?

>you weebs


It's Girlish Number all over again.

This shit is only 720p even with the 4 people netflix subscription?

I really didnt care for it at all, thought it was poorly paced and un-intentionally comical. I get the humor and the action for the most part is decent but the story is pretty terrible and the characters are extremely 50/50.

what did Sup Forums like about it so much to make it aoty 1 month in?

don't ask, seriously.

because your name is pablo

Where can I find the complete manga? The only version I could find had a ton of missing pages.

which edition of devilman you're looking for?

aight cool

Whichever is the easiest to get my hands on.

I am telling you no joke, when you start getting into points like Siren battle was shit and too fast, turtle guy fight was shit too and so on, everybody is going to call you pablo, a mexican or just ignore you.

You’ll find the original version scanlated. Wait for seven seas if you want the deluxe English edition.

Because they're a bunch of simpletons. If they watched something actually soul-destroying I wonder how would they cope? I mean, this was goofy as fuck.

What anime do you like? I'm curious.

You're totally right. It's only one of the most influential and popular manga works of all time because of memes. In fact, all of the creators from the 80s, 90s, 00s and today who cite it as one of the greatest works that inspired them? Memes. That's right. Everyone is stupid. Everyone but (You).

What does being Mexican have to do with anything? I see this shit a lot on Sup Forums lately

I think he's talking about this particular anime adaptation, not the manga itself. Calm down.

It's just some retards from /m/

Honestly might end up being the case, at least as far as tv shows are concerned

wait fucking Yuasa is directing Devilman?

I wasn't interested in it at all but now I'm obliged to watch it
Better be good

You’re talking about a Go Nagai work. It will always involve Pierre, Pablo, Mario and Ahmed.

Don’t hold your hopes especially if you read the manga.

I never said any of that, and i wouldnt know why they would be calling me that. The defensiveness is un-needed, i was just openly wondering because I genuinely dont understand.
I think thats kind of harsh, I dont think the goofiness during what was supposed to be more serious moments is a huge issue it just kind of made it fall flat for me.
For something that could be comparable to this id say The Hellsing OVA's probably. I guess paranoia agent could also be comparable and I thought that was pretty well done. I dont think listing my favs would matter much though, most of them arent really like this anime.
As the other user said, and again this defensiveness is insane, im just asking about this recent anime adaptation. And im not calling anyone stupid, or begging for (you)'s. I have a genuine dis-understanding with the love for this anime and am wondering how others feel. But I guess its more complicated then that.....

>is going
Too late mate, i'm already here.

Netflix masterpiece, what in God's name?

Holy mother of God, fine let's say it's an anime "masterpiece" but FUCK ME, NETFLIX MASTERPIECE of 2018. Has the IQ of the world collectively dropped?

I can't for the life of me understand why people would like the manga more

Post Ryos

The themes in the manga were hamfisted and the ending even more rushed than in the anime.

>I think thats kind of harsh, I dont think the goofiness during what was supposed to be more serious moments is a huge issue it just kind of made it fall flat for me.

People acting like they were gut-punched by this, like it isn't a hamfisted cartoon with clearly signposted "cry now" moments, and Akira being a complete an utter retard despite Ryo being an over-the-top sociopath. I feel like I have to be harsh.

This avatarfag posts this shit in every Devilman thread on Sup Forums. Ignore him.

I guess ive just felt that way about so many other anime that it feels par for the course. I guess its another reason why I dont get this anime being aoty, it really just feels like more of the same, with a few extra fight sequences thrown in, oh and sex.
But honestly with the difficulty of even trying to get a real opinion from fans im starting to think im either missing something huge or being trolled.

it's a go nagai anime you retard