Which anime franchise do you think will go down in history as the biggest or most iconic of the 10's?

Which anime franchise do you think will go down in history as the biggest or most iconic of the 10's?

You know, something to go with your Gundams and EVAs and Haruhis.

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You posted it is what I'd like to say, but the truth is it's Love Live.

Not that one, hopefully.

Kemono Friends. First ever full CG anime to be a huge hit and social phenomenon along with the huge controversy and outrage around it afterwards sealed its place in anime history.

Pop Team Epic

>strangled by the blue bird
They blew the chance.

It had a chance, but not after Kadokawa killed it.

It's gonna recline so fast Touhou and Kancolle are gonna be put to shame.

It doesn't need to do anything more than it already did. It's a big first step towards the future of anime. When people look back in 20 years and wonder when was it that CG really took off the first big hit will always be Kemono Friends.

Love Live and Monogatari even if bake was 2009


>Haruhi as the pick for the 00s


It's already dead user and cg dates pretty bad.
Kemonoshit 3 months of star already fade.

Is there anything better than when the anime of the year or decade comes right at the first season or year?

What else?

Rozen Maiden, Higurashi, any Kyoani Key adaptation, K-ON, Gurren Lagann, etc.

None of those were as huge as Haruhi was in the 00s. Haruhi also affected the industry dramatically.

even though fate was real popular in the 00s, you can't deny it's exploded in the last few years

Madoka in the west
In Japan probably some furry show.

it's dead already, no one with remember it in a few years

I wanna say KILL la KILL just because it was so crazy in a trend of such stale moeshit, like it or hate it you cannot deny it was memorable and so different than everything else. But the real answer is Love Live

Didn't Unicorn and Origin come out this decade? Just go find whatever merchandising filth Bandai put out in the last 8 years and call it..

Madoka or Kancolle if you look beyond just anime.

It's success had nothing to do with CGI and everything to do with writing.

I feel meme aca would, or at least be a strong candidate since its blown up so completely

GuP destroyed Gundam in sales.

You cannot be serious. Kill la Kill was a mediocre debut show from a meme studio and Love Live is generic idolshit. Do you actually think people will praise them 10 or 15 years from now?

WSJ series are not even close as influential as they used to be.

The real answer is Love Live. Followed by Madoka and GuP. Yuri on Ice could join them if it's still so popular by 2020.

The real question is how many plastic toys did they sell?

>love live

Love Live is a top selling franchise for 5 years now.

It's still doing 50k in S4 when SnK dropped to 7k in S2. It's filling 70k stadiums.

Monogatri didn't make half as much $ as Madoka not even mentioning Love Live. Disc sales are just a tiny % of revenue.

>WSJ series are not even close as influential as they used to be.
You're probably right, I just thought since there is so much already and there will possibly be even more come the 2020s that it could fiit

If the supposed speculah and runes in VEG are anything to go by, Kyoani wants to be like Shaft (at least in this particular example).

I like how they get ready for the facial at the end.

Academia became popular more because there was nothing else in the genre than because it was good.


Sure it sells but that doesn't make it iconic or worthy of enduring praise. Idolshit is popular at the moment but it will be forgotten by most people before long like all trends. It's like saying that AKB48 will change the whole music industry for decades to come.

Sword Art Online. Love it or hate it, you can't deny it's reach and staying power.

>what is futa

But OP didn't ask about changing the industry for decades to come, he asked about being remembered as iconic of this decade.

im@s is idolshit. LL became a mainstream franchise. Fanbase is split about 50:50 gender wise and it's absolutely mainstream in Japan. It's filling the largest concert domes in Japan without problems.


I would say devilman crybaby but it copied EVA so obviously, I can't believe it. Glad I am an oldfag and can see this while many people say things like it "innovated" stuff while eva did it first.

SAO is big but nowhere near the biggest.

Was it what kickstarted or popularized the Isekai cancer genre?

If so then it might be it.

Pic related

Biggest is love live by a country fucking mile but idol shows are almost in a different class altogether. Apart from that, SAO and SnK still have a broad enough audience/ years airing to sit around the top. If by iconic you mean large presence and also remembered fondly by the people who care about what was iconic, it's Madoka or Monogatari.

>anime franchise
does multimedia franchise count too? then the answer should be clear

There isn't even one for the 00's

If Haruhi started the trend of adapting LN's, Madoka started the trend of magical girls but darker then SAO started the "guy gets trapped/teleported to another world" trend.

But the question is about most iconic, not most influential. When I think of isekai I don't think of SAO. When I think of dark magical girl I think of Madoka.

I think im@s is much more iconic and recognizable as the older franchise, the only thing I know about LL from browsing Sup Forums is:
>CG dance scenes
>some seiyuu was a whore
>tumblr shitpost fanart
And the general cancerous memeposting.

>the trend of magical girls but darker
All 3 of them?

LL is crazy popular in Japan. I don't see how the threads on Sup Forums are relevant to that.

Didn't they all start in some form before Madoka aired anyway?

Madoka and Monogatari are the only big franchises of the 10s that aren't complete garbage so I'll go with those

Kemono Friends probably.
It set the foundations for CGI anima being widely produced.

This but unironically.
This fucking cancer killing anime is one of the most well regarded franchises in and out of japan.

If I should have choose one, sadly, it will be Zero no tsukaima, it started the isekai cancer as a trend

for the '10, well, with no doubt was the Idol decade, so probably love live,
kemono friends also has an impact in anime.

I always thinks that a iconic anime should make changes on industry or mark a new trend on anime, for good or bad. Kemono was a candidate only for the Tatsuki fiasco, you never see nip fans massively rise against the corporations, It didn't change anithing, but it sure have impact inside kadokawa., also kemono killed stalker threads

Not quite, at least not as such. Isekai was around long before SAO (Magic Knight Rayearth, Those Who Hunt Elves, or Twelve Kingdoms qualify for example) and SAO itself doesn't follow most of the conventions popular in recent Isekai. No dying and being reincarnated in another world, Kirito isn't some summoned hero he's one of thousands trapped, etc.

SAO's main impact when it comes to Isekai is as a webnovel pioneer. It was one of the first - if not the first - popular webnovels to to be published as an even more popular light novel series, receive a popular anime adaption, then generally go on to become a multimedia franchise. That seems to have pretty much woken publishers up to the potential of webnovels (multiple novels worth of material to evaluate, existing success and an existing fan base to build upon, and an author's consistency of output can be evaluated) and they've been pretty actively picking up webnovels for LN publishing deals since then, in hopes of achieving similar success. And a lot of popular webnovels, are Isekai stories.

It might not be the biggest as far as raw sales go, but that's not critical to being iconic. For example, while Love Live is popular with big sales, it's pretty confined to Japan. It might be remembered inside Japan, but outside it'll be forgotten. Madoka was big for a time, but it's attention was largely confined to early in the decade. The same for a lot of the other series that have been mentioned. Something can be big for a season, but then it's popularity fades, and with it people's awareness of it. SAO is popular world wide, even reaching the mainstream to an extent with it airing on Adult Swim. It also has staying power. It got two anime series, both successful, then a few years later a successful movie, and now it has two more anime series on the way. All told, in a few years time if you started asking random anime fans to start listing '10s anime from memory, SAO will be high on most lists.


Shingeki no Kyojin

it's Madoka, hands down.


Original Oshino

Love Live

Madoka is dead already.

It will never die. (not like mami)

It has daily threads.

Honestly, this is about what normies like, right?
So I guess the best metric is this list:
And just leave out all anime that came out before 2010. So it's Attack on Titan vs SAO. Fuck this gay earth.

Steins Gate and HxH have a good chance

I dunno. The Love Live Sunshine episode 12 concert performance looked very close to traditional animation in a lot of spots. Who knows what the standard level of quality will be in 5 or 10 years, let alone 20.


SAO pretty much started the Isekai craze in anime. As much as I dislike it it's definitely left a mark.

Madoka is also a good one that inspired some shows and unlike SAO it has a lot more positive outlook, so it's a good guess too.

HxH is a manga from the 90's that's been on hiatus for for most of the 10's and Steins;Gate is a VN from the 00's no one cares about anymore.

How the fuck is Angel Beats so popular?

Is that supposed to mean anything?

Kimi no Na Wa

I've never watched Sword Art Online and I don't plan to, but what is so bad about this anime?

Your post basically amounts to "I hate Love Live, so the rest of the world eventually will too." Far as anime goes, Love Live absolutely will be a 2010s icon. It's overwhelmingly popular and came out at the exact right time (its 2010 inception means that it has a presence through the entire decade, but there's no 2000s overlap whatsoever). Being iconic also doesn't require being favored by history. Boy bands are largely panned and mocked, but they're still emblematic of late 90s pop culture.


as a gateway for normies into anime.

They ignored the best part of the story, op mc, edgy mc, harem cuz' everyone wants mc dick, all females are characterless cocksleeves, had one good fem character and they made her into a maiden in distress, and the list goes on.

Its best anime tho, especially if you speak japanese.


Monogatari is one of the least normie-friendly anime I can think of.

Lurk 2 years and fuck off.

It means it's not dead, if it were truly dead then people would stop discussing it entirely.

What did he mean by this?

>barely any action
>90% of the show is characters talking
>puns make little sense if you have no grasp of the Japanese language
>the fucking toothbrush scene
Yeah fantastic gateway you got there

Irrelevant then

SAO is 10' isn't it? its going to be iconic as entry lvl anime that influenced the industrie

70s: Yamato
80s: Gundam (Movies)
90s: Eva
00s: Haruhi
10s: Love Live

anything else is stupid

Attack On Titan. What the fuck else would it be?

In what way?

Monogatari's pretentiousness allows normies to get into it despite having loli/fanservice and incest. it's definitely up there with DDLC as an ironic weeb classic.

>Love Live
Literally who?

Katawa shoujo still has threads and that game hasn't been relevant for years. I wouldn't use threads on Sup Forums as an indicator of what's alive and what isn't.

Which anime franchise is comparable to Devilman in terms of influence?

Go back to whatever board you came from.

You almost had it, switch with Spirited Away

Some idol anime thats popular among roreny japs with waifus.

Since when is that a franchise?