ITT Sup Forums secrets

Confess your deepest, darkest, Sup Forumsnime secrets here, anons!
>I shitpost about how SoL anime is garbage, but I actually love it and it's the only type of anime I can enjoy.

I like SoL anime but I feel really sad for you if it’s the only type you can enjoy.

I like to shit on anime I enjoy because I like seeing anons defend it.

>shit on anime you enjoy
>use replies to gather up ammo to use againsts others who shit on te anime

I got a sex change, extensive surgery, and over time completely changed my personality because I wanted to become my 2D role model. I somehow managed to pull it off and nobody is none the wiser.

I've been watching as many sad shows/movies as possible to see if I can still cry

Holy shit I knew symphoqueers were mentally ill but not to this extent.

Why is Karen so shit? she ruined the whole episode.

I just started posting 2 years ago but I pretend I'm an oldfag.

I haven't seen Evangelion.
Nor do I want to.

bad plan! you are densitizing yourself, try watching mostly happy stuff and then a real sad movie or something like that

>shitposting about things you like
Fuck off. There are more than enough faggots bitching about how much they don't like anime here without people that do like it pretending to be more of them.

I do the opposite. I praise anime I dislike with weak arguments, because I want to make its fans look dumb.

I watch anime

TTGL is unironically my favortie anime.
And yes, I have read Getter Robo and watched GaoGaiGar like /m/ told me to do, but I still like TTGL more.

I like dub shinji more than the sub because he actually sounds like a boy going through puberty with a weird voice, megumi just makes him sound like a child

Cross Ange is one of my favorite shows of all time.

That actually sounds like a good idea, I should try it. It's not like it will be hard anyway, since apparently this season has quite a few comfy shows.

I spend the whole day shitposting about Evergarden but I actually loved the first episode.

Me too.
I also shitposted about Pop Team Epic and Devilman despite liking them.
I don't even know what I am doing with my life anymore.

I don't shitpost because I feel bad doing it

korean films got that shit senpai try The Crucible or Hope

I occasionally shitpost shitposters

I’m afraid you’re going to have to delete this, user.

If I feel like getting banned for a few days I lewd the green one who must not be named.

I usually shitpost about KyoAni so to have a containment thread for shitposters but seems like haters already know this and won't stay on a single thread. Can't have a nice KyoAni thread anymore.

I've only ever watched a few episodes of Evangelion, and then watched End of Evangelion with a few friends. Not really interested in ever really picking it up.

I watched it as a kid, never watched it again.

I download CGDCT shows (or any anime with an artstyle where the girls look nice, really) that I'd never usually watch just in order to cap all the frames containing smug or cute expressions.


Whenever there's a huge shitposting fest going on I always join in, even if I like the show.

I watch every anime muted. Even the musical ones like k-on , euphonium and love live

Don't worry curing hearing loss should be doable the next decade.

I pretend to understand Pop Team Epic to look smart.

I want more main girls to be best girls.

I treat Sup Forums as a containment board by bringing memes from other boards and shitpost
By the way I actually watch and enjoy anime

You mean the 404 girl?
Watch this kiddo

Full Metal Alchemist, Monogatari Series, and Steins;Gate are all pretty good but vastly overrated shows in the English speaking anime community.

I never understood pretending to be upset over yotsuba posting and other group roleplay events. It's just not interesting.

I sobbed for like 45 minutes at the end of K-On!!

I think a big part of why so many people like it is sort of a personal connection. If someone didn't have that I get why the show wouldnt interest you.

I don't actually watch anime. I just shitpost here to cause shitty threads

I always use sage when I post in threads I don't care much about, like this one.