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Thursdays are the best days for these. Let's keep ya'll up-to-date!

With Bato.to closing down on the 18th, Rakuen Translations WILL CONTINUE producing the series! Just gotta figure out a new place to upload the content to (besides their own homepage, of course). So that's not a worry!

And speaking of keeping up-to-date, how about I post the tentative translation for Chapter 38?

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Chapter 38 - Boxing
Let's do our best with training today!

[Soryuuin Akemi]
[Tachibana Satomi]

Oh? Hibiki? Where are Ayaka and Zina?

You don't know? They both came to the gym, but they aren't comin'...
[Sakura Hibiki]

Today they're taking a boxing class.
Boxing!? [bold font]


Page 3
[Silverman's Gym Fighting Sports Studio]

You knew Ayaka's parents' own a boxing gym, but you never told me!
[Zina Void]
[Uehara Ayaka]
[Uehara Nana]
We've got a pretty good line-up.

[The Uehara sisters' home is a boxing gym.]
>Glory Boxing

[Due to increased membership,]
>Silverman's Gym
[they've opened up a branch at their partner gym.]

It's my first time coming to a fighting studio!
I don't really see the muscle trainers, either.
To enroll in the fighting sports classes, you need to register seperately from the Silverman's Gym membership.
Some members are only in the fighting sports class.

Which reminds me.
Since today's special, why don't you girls join for today?

Today was free attendance since the world champion from our gym was supposed to practice publicly,
But that was postponed due to some complications.
>Silverman's Gym (top left)
>Silverman's Gym
>World Champion
>Public Practice!!!
Since regular practice is done in the main branch, we're just having a recruitment class here instead.

Don't worry, my boxers will be the instructors.
And looks like members from the Silverman's Gym are taking a small training holiday.
>Background Boxers
>Background Machos
sfx Machismo...
Gettin' a bad vibe from this match-up.

[And so, the girls tried some boxing training.]

sfx supapapapapatsu
OKOKOK Keep up those strikes!

sfx Kieeeee
Cute voice...
sfx pomf

sfx BAM

So? Havin' fun?
Wait a sec, wasn't there something obviously funny about the image just now?

Sometimes, the same training has different effects, given the venue.
Ah. Duh, I didn't explain anything.

Here you go, the problem. What do you think are the most important muscles for a strong punch?

It's gotta be the muscles in your arms. [bold font "arms"]
>About here?

Based on those hitting machines, my guess is the back. [bold font "back]
>Around here?

No, something like the shoulder? [bold font "shoulder"]
You have to lift your arm to punch, right?
>Perhaps here?

Not even close! The correct answer is, "Lower body"~ [bold font "lower body"]
Punching from the legs!?

The muscles in your arm aren't the only ones used to throw a powerful punch.
Punching with just your arms isn't enough, striking with "the entire body" working together is far more devastating. [bold font "entire body"]

Powerful leg muscles are essential. [bold font "leg muscles"]

Even with a powerful upper-half, if the lower-half is weak,
you're not punching with even half your potential.

Of course, you need the muscle groups you three answered,
but training the lower body takes priority!

And for the next part, I will explain how to train for a strong punch.
[Machio Naruzou]
Ah. Machio-san appears.

How to increase PUNCHING POWER
*Caution! Be careful about injuring others.

The basic stance is like so.
If your feet aren't in the correct position, you can't maximize power transition so pay attention!
Above •For a Straight Right
1Left •Keep fists forward
2Left •Left foot in front
Below •Foot Position
BLeft •Like an "L-shape"
Bottom •About shoulder-width apart

•Be careful of your left knee (don't over-rotate)
Shift your power by turning the right foot, then the waist. Now, rotate your waist and direct all that power through the right arm. [bold font "turning the right foot""then the waist""rotate your waist"]
This is what's called "punching with the whole body." [bold font "punching with the whole body."]

Lower body strength is essential while "punching with the whole body."
Squats are expecially recommended to fully train the lower body! [bold font "Squats"]
Others, like leg extensions and leg curls, are also good exercises. [bold font "leg extensions""leg curls"]
>Leg Extensions
>Leg Curls

Additional Notes. I've begun noticing people "dumbbell-shadow-boxing" with the risk of hitting others, so practice only in designated safe areas and mind your surroundings. [bold font "dumbbell-shadow-boxing"]

Additionally, depending on the gym, shadow boxing in the weight room is forbidden. Always follow your gym's rules.

By firmly training our lower bodies, let's punch hard!

So, for a powerful punch, a strong lower body is important.
I see.

Incidentally, Sakura-san's punch is really nice.

Outstanding lower body stability, and perfectly aligned transfer of power.
You can't punch like that with just your arms.

Absolutely World Champion level talent! Let's start boxing now and jump onto the world stage!!!
How about saving those two, before that!!?? They're about to jump into the after-world stage!!!!!

Amazing, Hibiki! I can't think of higher praise.
Having such a beefy lower body is remarkable.
Gee...I dunno how to feel about that.
Wait. That last part sounded off.

Anyway, even if the punches are strong, I can't do anything with 'em.
Ah. Now that you mention it, I've got just the thing.

Punching Machine Contest!!!!! $10,000 prize!!!?
[spoiler: Japanese just repeats "Punching Machine Contest"]
*poster small print at the bottom of the flyer* Sponsored by Muji TV
>Deire Kudarou
Deire-san dropped off that flyer for a tv promotion he's directing.

I'm suddenly feelin' VERY motivated!!!
This looks interesting! I'll participate as well.

Martial art experience is OK!
We're comin', too!
Guess I'll tag along.

Let's get squattin' and train that lower body right now!

Punching Machine Contest...

[Jason Sgatham]

[What's Jason up to? Find out in Part 2.]


Sakura-san, really, why don't you start boxing?

These days, female sports are becoming popular.
You could take the world by storm!
Well.....but with fighting sports...sounds pretty spicy.....

That's not true at all! It's fine once you get used to it.
It might burn a little, but not spicy.

Just spit out the blood with water.
[Appetite vs. Honor, Hibiki made her choice.]

Hey, isn't that whats-is-name from Kengan Ashura?

Anyway, thanks for all your hard work, bro.

Heeeeeeeere's Jason!

It is indeed Gaolang Wongsawat. He's trained at Ayaka's boxing gym before. I wonder when we'll get to hear more about that in Kengan Asura...

Thanks for the translation my dude.

When given, like, 2 weeks, it gets pretty simple!


How does one feel about Teppu?

This one loves Teppu



Are we supposed to know this guy? I don't remember him at all if so.

He was introduced alongside SIR. He was officially named an introduced in the previous chapter.

>Sorry for the delay, I am SIR Dogegenchonegger's secretary, Jason Sgatham.
>[Jason Sgatham]

>No, wait. That's the guy in the suit........

>what the heck?
>No, I haven't heard anything about this.

>My coming to JAPAN was under Sir's orders.
>[Harnnold Dogegenchonegger]

>...Don't you worry. Sir would not act like a child and spy.
>I was merely, ordered to support master Naruzou's training........

>Anyway! If you need me, you can easily find me with the background machos!
>What kinda thinking is that!!!!!????

He's a Jason Stathom analogue



Needs more gains princess screentime.

Machojou had a few chapters with Harnnold but more musclehime is fine by me

How about Madokami?

I know nothing of AngryGod.



Will she eventually snare the muscleman?

Hii guys. Christmas kinda threw me off the loop, I hope that I didn't miss anything vital. So we're still on during Thursdays? Allrighty then.

>postponed due to some complications
So did the Kengan-guy get his shit pushed in or something?

God, they're all so cute in those gloves. ;_;

sensei a cute


We'll see how Machio-san takes love as the ultimate muscle press.

Christmastime sent everybody through a loop, what with publication dates altering to Sundays and fast-paced releases of three chapters in RAWs.
And yeah, I'd say I'll still continue to make these threads every-other-Thursday. I much, much, much prefer the OG translator-friend over my crapshoot tls, so I'm always happy to have his (or any) corrections to the garbage you see me post in the future. Furthermore, if our RAW provider buddy with his MEGAfolder updates continues to provide the digitals+choitashi, I'll happily be posting those. In fact, as he's generally provided them a week in advance...I just might post the advanced-week chapters on the Thursdays before the official Sunday publication!

Though I know he's mentioned getting those raws from the Japanese ONEManga reader application for Japanese Google Playstore Android devices and that getting some of the chapters/pages requires a unique currency. I dunno anything about tech, really, but if he swings by and mentions it, maybe send him a login or two?

Technically, English scanlations for Kengan Asura is a full-year behind the Japanese RAWs, so I dunno, myself. Maybe?


You're welcome. I enjoy fans enjoying being a fan and enjoying the fanworks of other fans of this manga.

You do God's work, user. Even if you're not the primary translator, your efforts help to make his job easier by taking some of the load off.

That's not the only thing I want to punch hard with my firm lower body...


Eva Wahlström would be so proud. :)

21 wins, 0 losses
Though, she's a super-featherweight class and Nana wants to make Hibiki super-heavyweight, though.

>Nana wants to make Hibiki super-heavyweight

Wow, all that eating, all those fat jokes. It all leads to this.

She's a fat joke, all right


That was me during crimbo. I still feel bad about breaking my perfect streak, luckily I didn't gain all that much weight in the end.

Cringle loves his Pringle

>Cringle loves his Pringle Tingled

>Chris Cringle, here to mingle with the singles while the music jingles and get his pringle tingled.

I wonder why she isn't chocolatey like her sister.

You don't get much sun, when you're cooped up in the gym all the time.

Gotta remember, Ayaka and Hibiki are gyarus, and she's no gyaru

but DAMN


Aww yeah Nana thread

Ayaka's skin tone doesn't seem unnatural though.
It just seems a little odd that Nana is so pale compared to Ayaka.

Perhaps their mother has red-ish pink skin, for a complete Neapolitan trio.

It kinda looks like you got this man.

Or maybe it's just the full-body covering track suit.

It's just that Hibiki and Ayaka are known school-gyarus that are big cult-film movie fanatics. They've got tan skin and rebellious, though only Hibiki has the bleached hair. Gyaru is kind of a catch-all term anyway, like saying "prep." I'm not saying preppies and gyarus are equivalent, I'm saying there are all sorts of subdivisions, but it's still a general category.

Color pages of a generally b/w tone manga can be misleading, sure. Just consider how pale Akemi is.

I'm not worried about gettin' it, I want PERFECTION and I don't trust myself. So, I always always want errors and flaws pointed out so I can correct 'em!

Makin' a zip file with all the reaction images and some others I've gotten so far.

Here ya'll go, if ya want: a zip file of roughly 350 Danberu images that aren't just full manga pages.


I'd post the direct link, but Sup Forums



GAOLONG! My boy getting the respect he deserves. Love his way of fighting and his cold demeanor

Saw Paing, quiet down.

Oh I think you're doing fine. I'm only here if you don't wanna translate anymore.

I didn't think that would happen.

Believe you me, this is your project in my eyes. I'm just postin' a DUWANG version, as far as I'm concerned. I just like makin' it easier on the eyes for ya. Give you a small break, recently, since you've been doing this since Chapter 1, broski.

I wonder if Jason was inside the bag when Hibiki punched it while she was Super Saiyan?

Can only hope

Either 4 or 6 weeks ago I couldn't bump the danberu thread, because I was banned for rolling for dubs in a troll thread full of blogging normalfags, and it ended up in the archive in the first day. I'll try and make up for it, at least for today.

I think it looks okay, minus a few bumpy parts I can overlook.

So you gonna do this every chapter?

You two should cooperate.

On the one hand, there's less pressure to "keep it alive" since a tl was made already. Which is nice.

Like said, don't overlook anything. Tell him the bumpy parts. Make machismo great again.

>So you gonna do this every chapter?
A little?
I mean, I'll try to have an I-used-to-live-in-Japan-as-a-child-and-took-a-class-or-two-for-fun level of translation done to post alongside the pages, since there's two weeks between chapter releases and I can do a couple pages a day for funsies. But I always want to hear better clarity for meaning and the kanji I can't make out without guessing through a program.

Like, the only "proofreading" I ever really did before for the English script before it went to our Rakuen buddy for typesetting/cleanin/redrawing was minor character consistencies (like Akemi being slightly more polite, Hibiki being a bit more curt etc.) and cutting down text length to better fit inside dialogue bubbles. Maybe twist a joke that didn't work as well in English as it did in Japanese. See: I didn't do jack-crap but, imo, cut-down script length. I love your work, man. I'm just a fan of the series and I wanna keep regular activity, even if it means the first draft is from this idiot.

But hey, if you're giving it a thumbs up, I'm grateful! Never hesitate about correcting something or offering the better wording/phrasing, though! I'm an old man, I take criticism really well.

I'll take another look again, but I don't wanna go full austistic since that might be a little too much.

You do you, mangione. I think of these threads as
-Fan wanking a great manga
-Advertising a great manga
-Putting together the best product possible

And that means any help anyone with true skills and talents like to give! There's at least one user who makes fantastic transparencies of stills, there's you doin' live TLs since Day 1, obviously the Rakuen big guy doin' the redraws and typesetting, our RAW provider who gets the early scans out a full week beforehand and in better quality than the official Urasunday site does...Hell, he eve gets the choitashi extra pages that NEVER show up on Urasunday! We've have Volume 1 and Volume 2 been posted in these threads before, too. I'd really love to see Volume 3 posted! That's bound to have some nice artwork and a slew of new 4komas to enjoy, and it's been out for weeks now.

So yeah, just sayin'. These threads for the fans and I'm glad you're one!


Oh dear. Maybe I'm better off taking over since Xmas season's over.

pan 2 bub 1: That's right, Ayaka said her parents owned a boxing gym, so I wanted to try it out!
pan 2 bub 2: She's got pretty good reflexes.

pan 1 bub 1: Oh I know.
pan 1 bub 2: Since you're here, why don't you guys try the class out too?
pan 2 bub 1: To be honest, one of our gym members, the world champion, was supposed to hold a public workout here,
pan 2 flyer subtitle 3 (bottom): Public workout!!!
pan 2 bub 3: Since regular practice is held at the main gym, we decided to hold a hasty hands-on class here.
pan 3 bub 2: The other Silverman Gym members said they'd join the session too.

pan 2 bub 1: OKOKOK, try to be precise with your strikes!
pan 3 bub 2: Only her voice is nice...
pan 5 bub 2: Hold on, one of those images just now were clearly strange, right?
pan 6 bub 1: Sometimes, exercising in a different place gives a nice change of pace.
pan 6 bub 2: Oh, so we're completely ignoring that.

Proper subject verb agreement sucks.

pan 1 bub 1: By the way, here's a question. What muscles do you think you need to create a have a strong punch?
pan 2 bub 1: ARM MUSCLES, duh. It's a punch.
pan 3 bub 1: Maybe it's the BACK, since we call it the hitting muscle.
pan 4 bub 1: No, maybe something unexpected like the SHOULDER? Like how it drives your fist forward?
pan 5 bub 2: The lower body!? Even though it's a punch!?

We need more girls with fingerless gloves!

pan 1 side 2: Using your WHOLE BODY to punch would give you a lot more power than just using arm strength alone.
pan 2 side: Your LEG MUSCLES are especially important.
pan 3 side 1: If your lower half is weak, even if your train your upper half really hard,
pan 3 side 2: You can't utilize the system of your whole body, and this results in your strength halving.
pan 4 bub 1: Of course, as you three said, you should train your upper body muscles too,
pan 5 bub 1: As for the next part, I will explain some workouts and methods to make your punches stronger.
pan 5 bub 2: Oh. Machio-san's here.

What about boxing gloves?

pan 1 side 2: *Warning! Be careful about injuring yourself and others.
pan 2 title: For a right cross.
pan 2 side 1 (right text): This is what the basic stance looks like. If your feet aren't in the right position, you won't be able to shift your power well, so be careful! [Power transition sounds weird, and it's too close to the name of a war theory]
pan 2 title 2: Feet position
pan 3 side 1: Make sure your left knee isn't bending out (so your don't lose strength).
pan 3 side 2: BEND THE HEEL OF YOUR RIGHT FOOT, and PUT STRENGTH INTO YOUR WAIST. Then ROTATE YOUR WAIST and direct all your power to the right arm.
pan 3 side 3: This is what we call "PUNCHING WITH YOUR WHOLE BODY"

pan 1 side 1: In order to "Punch with your whole body", you need the muscle strength of your lower body.
pan 1 side 2: We especially recommend SQUATS as they work out every muscle in your lower body uniformly!
pan 3 side 1: Addendum: Sometimes, there are "PEOPLE WHO SHADOW BOX USING DUMBBELLS in gyms, and there is concern about grave injury if they hurt people. So [if you're doing this,] make sure to mind your surroundings while staying in the designated areas.

side 1: Make it a goal to train your lower bodies properly, and become a powerful puncher!

pan 3 side 1: Outstanding lower body stability, and her whole body is in unison.
pan 4 bub 1: Without a doubt, you have the talent to become a world champion! You should start boxing right now then jump onto the world stage!
pan 4 bub 1: That's amazing, Hibiki! She gave you really high praise.
pan 4 bub 2: You really used your beefy lower body well.
pan 4 bub 4: Wait, wasn't that last part just badmouthing?

pan 2 bub 2: A punching machine contest!!!! With a 1 million yen prize!!? [This is Japan, not the US]
pan 2 poster exploding bubble: Prize: 1 million yen.
pan 2 bub 3: This is a proposed TV program that Deire-san will be directing.
pan 4 bub 1: It says people experienced in combat sports are OK too!

pan 1 bub 1: Let's train our lower bodies with some squats right away!

pan 2 bub 2: ... how convenient.

pan 2 bub 1: Nowadays, female combat sports are getting POPULAR now.
pan 2 bub 3: Taking the world by storm is actually kinda realistic.
pan 2 bub 3: Hmmm... but I imagine combat sports to be kinda tough...
pan 3 bub 1: That's not true at all! You'll be totally fine once you get used to it.
pan 3 bub 2: But if I had to be brutally honest, the weight loss might be a little tough.
pan 4 bub 1: Depending on the person, you won't even be able to drink water.
pan 4 bub 2: Absolutely no.
pan 4 bub 3: For Hibiki, Lust for food > lust for prestige.

pan 4 bub 1: Well? They said they were coming, and they are, but like...
pan 5 bub 1: They said they'll be taking a boxing class today.

Done for now I guess. But I think it's just easier to start with a blank canvas since scrutinizing every sentence to see if it's right is kinda tiring in its own way.

I wish the Nomi Joshi series, one with a bunch of cute girls doing funny stuff too, had such a dedicated translator as this one. Such a shame.

Amazing work, user. Thank you for always translating stuff for us!

I wish there were threads like this for Saotome-Senshu, Hitakakusu