ITT anime that people will still be talking about hundreds of years from now

ITT anime that people will still be talking about hundreds of years from now

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The only timeless classic.


883 years from now.

Violet Everg/a/rden > Pop Team le epic xD


There are literally no anime that will be talked about centuries from now.

>my lofi chillhop channel
alright, you got me, im mad

I tried watching it, it's like the lowest tier garbage Adult Swim could come up with. I won't be surprised if it eventually shows up there.

Only because speech will be obsolete.

the show that single-handedly SAVED anime.

Fucking newfag, go back to watching logan paul

Normalfags aren't retarded enough to enjoy this, right?


Is "normalfag" the new reddit?

if you're implying Sup Forums is full of autism, then you are correct.

Citrus, but only in "Was it rape" threads

Typical jaded anime critic

Le meme anime


Don't underestimate the retardation of normalfags.

>Pop team epic is normalfag
What the fuck happened to this board?

Prove me wrong.

Even on Nico there was a 70% "it was fucking garbage" rating, so probably not

Is there still a mirror of the OP anywhere? Seems like it's been taken down pretty much everywhere.

I really don't get that "AI" that does Let's Plays, and how people watch that. That is the one major confusing one to me.

Nothing, Sup Forums is shitflinging as usual.

The girls come running towards the viewer flipping them off only to be stopped by a nail bat.
What's the deeper meaning behind this?

Arigatou user.

It was too deep for that guy.


The manga is 10/10, but I hope it gets better as an anime. Anyway, not bad. This and Devilman (and MAYBE Kokkoku) are the the best of this season.

Sup Forums still waiting for S2 hundreds of years from now

Wise Magical Negro will still fixing bois back pain for 3 silver coins hundreds of years from now.