Dragon Ball Super

What's going to happen between these two?

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Dyspo will get the Frost treatment. That is all. He seems like the kind if dumbass who would fall for Frieza's lies.

if Kefla was a drink what would she be?

A bottle of piss.



Is Toppo going GoD in the next episodes? How are they going to stop that shit when Goku and Vegeta are fighting Jiren?

Gohan is gonna destroy that stupid bunny. He is SSB level while freeza isnot

Frieza and SSB Giku knocked each other out. Jobhan couldn't even scratch Toppo with his KHH while SSB Goku had him panting and battered.

this but frieza better be written to seriously fuck dyspo up since jiren and topo are occupied, if frieza does an instant near death shot, eliminates dyspo then goes back to hiding would betooanticlimatic


there are already 2 threads up you dumb chimp


>le Dragon Ball Super face
Nuke us already, based Korea.

why would they give gohan the same voice actor as goku

Good Dyspo, good!

Dyspo has the upperhand over both Freeza and Gohan


Lets be honest, even if Gohan gets Blanco he would get rekt by full Power Toppo who is Hakaishin level.

>Mr.Toriyama we need a new form for vegeta next episode
how does he do it

>speed of the beams

Hit> Dyspo> Frieza> Gohan. It's clear now.

This one.

>falling for Freeza and Gohans ruse cruise

Golden Frieza and Gohan Blanco work together to kill the wabbit

>Golden Frieza > Dyspo > Gohan

Fixed. Dyspo might be stronger than base Frieza but Golden is in a completely different league.

If Frieza isn't using Golden in this episode then he is a fucking retard. Especially after what he told Gohan.

>lightning fast
So we can agree they are weak shit now?

Unless Frieza goes golden he's trolling and just wasting time.

>Frieza AND Gohan together job against Dyspo

Apologize to the rabbit

You know that's just an expression for really, really fast right?

a soy shake


Episode 124 is written by Fukushima aka worst DBS writer, there is your explanation.

What did they mean about Universe Survival lasting until March?

Do you not understand english?

defend this, vegetafags

It's still retarded if he doesn't. I don't think Frieza is retarded so I believe he will use Golden.

The final flash was enough to knock down Jiren.
Vegeta's final flash at full power would have completely destroyed Jiren, so he had to hold back not to kill him

Cell managed to dodge Vegeta's final flash which is why he only lost half of his body. If it had hit his entire body Cell would've died right there

The only excuse I can think is that Dyspo isnt going to let Freeza transform, like how he didnt let Hit use tokitobashi before Hit adapted to him.

i was thinking jiren played possum bc of what vegeta said to jirens comment about his "arrogant fists"

Doesn't killing only get you eliminated?

>Vegeta's final flash at full power would have completely destroyed Jiren, so he had to hold back not to kill him
Is this the new "psychological victory"?

it's the moral advantage

Hit used feints to lure Dyspo.

To be fair we've only seen Dyspo against A list opponents so it's no wonder he looked weak. He's probably still hard as shit

So I want to rewatch DB and DBZ. Which version is the best available?

>Vegeta's final flash at full power would have completely destroyed Jiren
I know this is bait, but imagine how fucking sad would it be if someone actually believed this.

>>So JObrieza and Jobhan will job together to Dyspo.

Perfectly amazing writing. (No irony)


Well, I know that, I mean which release.

FreezyPop 3



I assume Freeza is going to kill Dyspo since he's been humiliated, and he always throws a hissy fit when that happens. Can't imagine we'd go the whole tournament without the no killing thing coming into play once, especially with a villain in the team. This might even make Jiren give a shit/Toppo go God/have any stakes at all.

what is this expression trying to convey?

Something tells me we are going to see something similar in the coming episodes.

Your answer is here

Vegeta in his new form leaves to fight GoD Toppo. Goku begins his final 1v1 with Jiren.

>if your a God you get the Rod
Toppo is fucked.

>Jobs to Dyspo even with Frieza at his side
I wouldn't have expected anything less of Jobhan. Maybe he'll soon unlock Jobber Instinct. The ability to throw yourself directly in the way of attacks without even knowing they're coming.

I dunno. I watched everything on TV.

>Vegeta in his new form leaves to fight GoD Toppo
Why would he leave a fight with the strongest to go play with Toppo?

They will fuse.

>literally jobbed to a shitty monster thing on his debut

is Dyspo related to Beerus?

Imagine being this obsessed with a cartoon character

Dyspo is a rabbit, Beerus us a cat

vegetable juice

theres only three u11 left i am hoping we get a cool script with the fighting being intermingled with eachother since they are all getting stronger and the stage has been getting blown up left and right, so there could be nice segue into different fighters essentially trading off for awhile, at least I would hope so

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beerus origins when

2019 movie.

>a group of people memeing about their favorite characeter
>one autist who spams hate propaganda about said character every thread every day
Which is more obsessed

I think it's just a coincidence. Beerus race is millions years old and probably had nothing to do with Dyspo race.

>a group of people memeing about their favorite characeter
They straight-up admit they're just doing it for kicks and to get DBS threads banned.

>one autist who spams hate propaganda about said character every thread every day
Shithanspics spam hate about every non-Gohan character (especially U6). Lurk more and stop sucking the Pedros' dicks.

I would imagine Gohan has a come back strategy why else would it mention that.

no you speedwatching retard

Toppo will provoke him. This or it could be 2 VS 2.

>Is Toppo going GoD in the next episodes?
If he is, he's getting disqualified.

Is there any particular reason why you DON'T think gohan is getting a new form? Pretty much every character that has gone out since ribrianne got one last asspull powerup, and /ourguy/ is yet to get his.

17 vs Toppo seems like an odd matchup if we're seeing Gohan going to help Freeza. I wonder if this means Vegeta will survive 123 and we'll see more of Vegeta vs Toppo going forward. I wonder where that leaves 17 as well. He's already had plenty of shining moments, I wonder if he might be knocked out soon. I like the character but it's hard to feel any tension when Universe 7 has more fighters than Universe 11 in a tournament where the universe with the most fighters still standing wins. Universe 7 has to start losing people, and 17 seems to be the most likely from a story perspective. I'd also expect us to lose more fighters in the near future as well.

17 is getting eliminated.


For me it's two reasons
1. No evidence that he has a new form
2. His moment to shine will be something that plays to his strengths, his intellect and knowledge, he will likely just outsmart Dyspo somehow and knock him out


>no evidence

In before that Toei filler like the Krillin hype.

Toriyama doesnt/hasnt/will never give a fuck. He trolls his editors and his fans constantly.

... and this is why we love him

This is the last Dyspo episode, mark my words! Frieza and Gohan will eliminate him!

He isn't talking about a new form. He said he wanted to push his Ultimate to new heights. You fags forced this.

Toei is always doing that and people still believe them.

That's not how "in before" works.

That doesn't suggest a new form, just working on what he has to make it better (like FPSSJ), also that doesn't mean he's completed it

The fight would be over if Frieza would just go gold already.
I don't know why he told Gohan to stop holding back if he's going to do it himself.

Yep, that what Gohan probably meant.

Making his Ultimate form being Blue level.

You are the retards who have insanely high expectations for stupid reasons. Krillin did well and Gohan did enough. Krillin isn't Goku or Vegeta, he can't do the same as them. The only U7 fighter who has been treated badly this arc is Tenshinhan.

Do you love Dyspo

Yes but certainly not the way you do you fucking degenerate.

>dyspo, gohan, and 17 will be eliminated
>freeza will have something to do with it
>some jenk shit, possibly sacing gohan/17 to get dyspo
>goku will get pissed and eliminate freeza
>jiren and toppo will be surprised
>they will respect goku for it and stop the goku is ebil meme

Also, wtf is with you sperglords talking about toppo "going" GoD?

Its not some form or anything, its just a fucking title. Fuck you people are stupid

Why don't Frieza and Gohan make some loud sounds to make Dyspo go deaf to keep him from using his ears?