Why is this so hated? While it's not anything special, it's not actual trash like Chuu2 or Kyoukai...

Why is this so hated? While it's not anything special, it's not actual trash like Chuu2 or Kyoukai. It barely touches any retarded drama, which considering KyoAni's track record is a positive. It's pretty much KnK's idol episode made into an entire show.

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Bandwagoning, mostly. Probably would've been more well received if the ending wasn't a clusterfuck. I went in expecting a disaster and got a pretty fun anime with good characters, good animation, and good artwork that didn't take itself too seriously.

Kyoukai is good, though.
What you posted is just KyoAni's attempt to make money by pandering to mindless outaku trash with harem shit.

Half shitposters, half people that desperately wanted another hibike drama (who are also shitposters)


Because people are gay. It was comfy and had memorable characters. I wish I was part of their friend group.

>memorable characters
>literally all copy pasted harem trope garbage

Thanks for contributing an ecelebs opinion.

You know the presenter of a non-indexical proposition doesn't affect its truth value?

>Why is this so hated?
Say8ng it's hated would be a compliment to the show. It isn't hated, it's so boring it barely elicits a response in most people. Such a shame, because the way the first episode was set up it looked like it could be really fun. Instead it's bland and forgetable, something KyoAni's stellar animation can't change.

That's a big problem with KyoAni in general: their animation is beautiful, but they always animate the worst shit.

Just a reminder that this is Kyoani best work since Nichijou.
>inb4 Hyouka
>inb4 Hibike S1

>it barely elicits a response
If only that were the case my sweet summer child.
And the other episodes are all roughly the same style and fun as the first.

Because it was mindless fun fanservice and we have to hate those for some reason.

It was a good fun show. I loved the light novels as well, the theme of the series was beautiful and Haruhiko felt extremely relatable to me. Best Kyoani MC.

>my sweet summer child
Nice meme bruh. I was here when it aired and even right after it finished the threads dedicated to it were mostly about how hot Enigma was, because that was probably the most memorable part of the show.

Now I want to watch it

I can still tell you by memory what happened in literally every single episode and I only watched it once.

>xdd im obtuse on purpose
You've probably already watched it and are just trying to make it look like people agree with you it's not trash.

I want to watch it because of garish yellow outfits on girls in peak physical condition with big fat titties.
But then, I am not a faggot.

Sup Forums

It had some really strong episodes and some bad ones. None of them were outright bad. It was pretty unoffensive and I liked it.
I especially like the episode in OP's pic and Magical Girl Kurumi.

Title is misleading. Those are the reasons why to love MnPW.


Nah, you're not a faggot, you're mindless animal who can only function of base instincts.

They already do that by making mindless outaku trash with yurishit

I bet Haruhiko is aroused.

Only bad episodes were 2 and 5 aka Koito's episodes (surprise).
There were great episodes (4, 7, 9, 11, 12, 13), good episodes (1, 8, 10) and ok episodes (3, 6).

I'm hoping for this too but it's really too early to say after one episode.

Mayonnaise-sama is the only thing that this series will be remembered for. Specifically her limbo scene and self tit-fondling powers.

BIG FAT titties

I did put 8 and 10 in the good range

8 and 10 are in the great range.
7 is good. It felt a little out there. 3 had a couple good scenes.
Otherwise yeah pretty much.

Koito epsiodes did suck. She is sex though.

I made a mistake.

>Hey here is video that spells out my opinions because I can't form my own

I did hesistate when ranking 10 and 8, mostly because I thought they weren't as great as the other ones I put there, but yeah I did enjoy them a lot, mostly ep. 8. I put episode 7 in the great range because it was very unique, it was very well directed, and overall well produced. It wasn't a comedy episode but the mindfuckery montage and the ending with the house phantom were very memorable to me. I don't think you're wrong, though, I think the good and great categories are close enough that those episodes could go in either one.

Ruru was the best thing about the show, followed closely by Enigma.

>This will never be your Mom

It hurts, Sup Forums. ;_;

It is so goddamn boring that the only option available is to hate it. Chuu2 is trash in an entertaining way.

"Boring" is the second most subjective and empty criticism anyone could give about a show, after "bad". Not everyone has a short antenna.

>Why is this so hated?
just make a normal thread you ass.

Fuck, I'm aroused, yes.