Why does she always look sad?

Why does she always look sad?

Tomoyo is happy, shut the fuck up.


Fuck the Chink, Tomoyo x Sakura ending when?

Thats a smile is it not

How can someone like you even enjoy CCS? Why are you hurting yourself by watching this?

Because CGDCT is my sole reason for living, and CCS's magical girl setup is fairly nice and sweet. The characters are also great. It's not like I have anything against Li, but Tomoyo's situation is just too sad for me to tolerate

Tomoyo isn't human and doesn't experience emotions in the same way as everyone else does.

Unrequited love makes anyone sad.

She's got the gays.

Imagine WANTING a yuri ending. This was not a normal desire 20 years ago and is clearly a sign of tampered waters.

Good thing it's [CURRENT YEAR] now and being heterosexual is a sign of mental illness.

She's asian.

She'll get over it like her mother did.

Her mother didn't get over it at all. She did have a kid with a guy but she's still obsessed about Nedeshiko.

She did?

Tomoyo doesn't have the heart to lie to a man like her bitch mother did.

We do get a short flashback iirc (to college age, not childhood) but we don't really know what Tomoyo's mom was like at Tomoyo's age.

Tomoyo is too pure for this world

Because you're blind and projecting hard.

Tomoyo is a fucking c u c

Tomoyo is literally the loser otaku self-insert so she's actually projecting material.

She needs a dick inside her.


Couldn't Sakura use the create card to create a clone of herself that has a dick?

Literally nobody like this exists

>has a good circle of friends
>loves selflessly

How can you project onto her if you're nothing like that?

Cucks exist. Though a 10yo wouldn't think that deep.

I think you're the one projecting here.

It's not lying, it's about learning the proper place of the Japanese woman

Mirror works just as fine.

Mirror Sakura doesn't have a dick.

she was never the same after the war

A dignified lady looks a little melancholic except when she is overcome with joy. It's gap moe.

Yes, and she did.
>someone obviously didn't see the director's cut of episode 69

>hfw she wanna go balls deep inside Sakura but no penis

>letting a smelly chink steal your girl
Sakura deserves a better lesbian stalker.

Tomoyo knows that Nanking 2 is coming and so she doesn't have to do anything.

rude desu wa

>When all the card have gathered together...
>It is not the end, but rather, the beginning.
>The beginning of the end...

What did she mean by this?

According to Funimation's website the first dub episode will be up on the 24th.

Yeah it's kind of a weird thing to say. Wonder if it's referring to the end of the series or some actual end within the story itself.

After rewatching the original, watching Syaoran slowly fall in love with Sakura was the best shit ever.
He starts as a really grumpy child, then Sakura starts being cute and hugging him and he melts oh so slowly. At episode 37 he is already stealing glances at Sakura without him even realizing... so fucking cute.

No one cares about the dub, kill yourself.

I just want to see how it compares to the two CCS English dubs.

Is Sakura the only Japanese heroine to ever get chinked? I mean Japanese in-universe, it obviously doesn't count if it's set in China or something.

It truly is the best thing, I don't know why people keep falseflagging and hate on Syaoran for no reason.

This isn't a thing. shut up. Syaoran and Sakura have the purest love to ever exist.

Yeah. both when he was tsundere and when he dropped his ramen around her he was entertaining as fuck. But now that they got together he's pretty boring.

They're still dropping their ramen around each other. And Syaoran has some degree of knowledge about why the cards turned clear and what's going on.

She gon' die.



the Goku of magical girls

>Anne of Green Gables reference in the ED
Damn son. Maritimes represent!

>second season ruined by the racism of the fans

Everyone's just having fun, user. We need new memes to complement the new series.


I can help with that.

Is Granblue Fantasy the game like it says on the bottom? Why are CCS characters in a mobile RPG?

Promotional event back then in October.

It will be better. But being better than utter shit isn't an achievement.

Did Hoshi no Tsue transform into Yume no Tsue? Or does she have two keys now?


Pretty sure it's a separate key. She put her old one in that box and then after the dream she woke up with the new one in her hands.

F R I E N D Z O N E D.


theres all sorts of promotional characters in there, lots of lm@s characters too

Ohai I upgraded ur Madoka.

Almost as if anime is filled with perfect people with personalities more pleasant than the ones in real life.


I don't have many CCS reaction images, but I am guilty of owning several lewds




She lost the Sakurabowl.

She needs a dick

Not anymore. The Cards died.

The CLAMPs could have her facing new interesting challenges as the all-powerful master of the cards but noooooo, they had to Nerf her again and restart the goddamn capture schtick.

I'm glad Sakura is back but this plot excuse is pretty uncreative. Neo CLAMP keeps on disappointing.


Sakura doesn't deserve her anyway.

tfw da Burrs win da Sakuranbo wl

You say this as if Tomoyo isn't already 100% devoted to her regardless.

>TL Note: Eww...

She was never in the bowl because Sakura is a normal girl interested in dicks


She's not necessarily sad. Her happiness seems to mostly come from her selfless love for sakura. If sakura is happy, so is she.

Would you be happy if you were NTR'd by a chugokujin?

Just imagine how cute Sakura and Tomoyo's daughter would have been

Watching Cardcaptor for the first time right now, and all the Madoka References are absolutely hilarious. (Before anyone is retarded enough to bring it up, I know the release dates of these series)

>tfw Sakura could probably create her own magical helper and it probably would look like a cross between her and Tomoyo

Yeah I'm sure Sakura will name her kid after her, there's nothing to be sad about

Even Sakura is confused as to why she has a smartphone.

She finds it kinda funny, She find it kinda sad


so she is a cuck?

Kek.tumbl/u/r BTFO.

She just need Kaichou's dick to cure her miserably


I saved that image to make that edit, someone beat me to it

Sakura would destroy them

Well, she is ally to the cock, who is unbeatable