Just because an anime is slow paced doesn't automatically mean it's shit

Just because an anime is slow paced doesn't automatically mean it's shit.

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You are correct.

Just because an anime is slow paced doesn't automatically mean it's good.

Just because an anime is shit doesn't automatically mean it's shit.

Sup Forums only likes things like boruto, hero academia and snk

Pic related was just nothing. The cool part was the burning up metaphor and that's it.

Can a single property of a work of art be used to judge its quality or is only a comprehensive view of all relevent properties enough?

Just because an anime is made by KyoAni automatically mean I need to defend it.

Right. VEG isn't shit because it's slow-paced, it's shit because of how transparently manipulative it is.

Yuru Camp is slow paced and good. Sora Yori is slow paced and good.

Evergarden is slow paced and bad.

Pic unrelated, though.

Sup Forums is full of children in conjunction with shounenfags. I wouldn't mind their opinion too much.

Personally, I liked it if only for the fact that there wasn't exposition or the exposition was handled fast and non-obtrusive (war flashbacks). As we know, Japan doesn't know how to do exposition if it isn't eating out your ears with tons of boring dialogue.

Have you ever had a revelation? That moment when you experience a sudden and complete flash of understanding? You suddenly realize that you've been walking around half-blind, missing so much of the world around you, but unaware. Ignorant of all that you were missing.

That's what Violet Evergarden was for me. I could feel my heart open up, as sharp and clear as ice cracking. I began to sob. In fact, I cried so hard, for so long, that I completely missed that last twenty minutes of the first episode. So I rewatched it. And then again. I watched the first episode eight full times before I felt I had a fundamental understanding of its depth. And then I watched it another ten just to make sure.

Violet Evergarden is my Revelatory Text. My New Testament, my Quran, my Pale Blue Dot. I will never again look at the world with tired jaded eyes. Better yet, I'll never look at myself that way either.

VEG is shit not because its slow paced story, but because it forced 'melodramatic' into every fucking aspects of its show elements.

Needs a decent script at least then

pic related.

Nobody said it's shit

Dude have you even seen their key adaptations?
Now those were melodramatic af.

>forced 'melodramatic'
Is this the new forced buzzword?

i didn't get it

>VEG already started at the top in sales
>japan got very emotional watching the 1st episode
>nu-Sup Forums is seething with anger

I still don't know what the main premise of the series is.

Is Violet still going to be a combat bot due to circumstances? Or is it about becoming a ghost writer and trying to live a life after the war and with a dead lover? Or something completely different?


It's a growing-up story of an autistic former child soldier, nothing too special but not complete trash like the usual run-of-the-mill light novel.

Yuru camp is fucking boring dogshit. Goes to show how awful your opinion is bud.

You take that back user right now.

You haven't been in Sup Forums these days, have you?

He's right, it's boring. Only VEG and Overlord have an interesting premise this season, shit looks grim.

>no Soramoi
Fuck you.

so was evergarden good or not, people were hyping the fuck out of it

Why don't you watch it yourself and form your own opinion?

Watch it and make up your own mind about it you prick.

The pace has nothing to do with it. It merely feels like another hollowed, soulless failure like Euphonium. Whomever is currently in charge of choosing those two stories at KyoAni as major projects needs to get fucking fired, retire already, or simply realize he sucks at this shit, and step down from his position. He has terrible taste! The story feels boring and pretentious, that whole "I don't know what I love you means!" stupidity is outright silly (and not in a good way), and feels more like a trope than anything else, and the characters are uninteresting, and walking stereotypes at best. I've seen string puppets show more believable emotion than these abominations hiding behind photoshop filters. Everything about this anime feels so forced, and so fake. It truly is nothing more than a polished turd

Moefaggots should be rounded up and executed by firing squad. What a waste of oxygen, holy shit. Always shitopsting in every thread and trying to prove their neckbeard pandering trash is even remotely decent.

The first episode wasn't very good, but it was also spent on set up and both sides talking about it are way overblowing how good or how bad it is.

If it wasn't a hype KyoAni production the first episode threads would definitely be hopeful about where things are going.

You could change a few words and apply this criticism to any other show. That's how pointless and meaningless it is, you nitpicking, tryhard faggot.

>Lizard arc
alright bud

I don't care wtf you say to try to deflect it, Violet Evergarden is garbage, and nothing more than another polished turd after that other Euphonium trash. Both of them were a mistake, and I hope neo-kyoani burns to the ground, since this is the path they've consciously decided to take

I want to evergarden her violets.

This times a million. They're the worst posters on this board by far.

From the bottom of my heart... BASED KYOANI NU-Sup Forums BTFO

Read some biblical literature, learn about the innate meaning behind religious art and symbolism.

>complain about moe
>while defending KyoAni

You are dogshit. Keep fapping over a crappy LN adaptation just because of muh KyoAni. It doesn't even look good this time.

>slow paced

It's the opposite though.She went straight from turbo autismo who can't into emotions to teach me what love is with nothing in between.

>it doesn't even look good this time
You heard it here first folks. A true Sup Forumsnon always goes against what the rest of the world is saying about it.

Yeah it's shit because it present no interesting plot elements character or ideas.

>MC is a boring as shit "muh Major" idiot
>music don't fit
>animation is nothing outstanding
>horrid filters
>bad directing
>Europeans using -chan
>random little girl can slaughter adult male soldiers without explanation
>survives losing both arms

Months of hype for this. There is a dozen better shows this season.

It wasn't that bad. Not great. I have to say though, the women are top tier. A shame kyoani doesn't get a lot of lewds anymore.

>Dragonball Super

Watch Slow Start and witness 3x better Sakuga. Sora Yori also had better animation.

There is nothing outstanding about Evergarden.

Add some film grain and it would be true kino

I want to violate her evergarden.

Just because an anime is shilled doesnt make it good

>I've seen string puppets show more believable emotion than these abominations hiding behind photoshop filters.
Thunderbolt fantasy was awesome.

>Forced 'melodramatic'

how do you have an opinion on the slowness of an anime that isn't fucking out yet

I liked it. Then again I'm fairly fond of war movies/anime. But it doesn't have tits or lolis or memes so Sup Forums hates it.

What was it that made this episode so lackluster, was it the hype? I remember last week when Devilman came out, I couldnt help but be completely amazed by the first episode. It felt like a trip.
This though? It was just there. Yes it looked pretty and polished but it lacked soul. Unrealistic autistic main character doesnt help either.

Plus nothing happens, why did we waste time in that granny's house in the introduction episode?

based kyoani with the glove service

she thought she was going to be abandoned and it was to show that she was afraid to become useless.

the person in the middle has a dick

That's not going to stop anyone.

Just because automatically is automatically doesn't mean it's automatically.

I know but I wanted to point out that it's not a woman

He's a cute she.

>low detail cute girls getting a budget increase during some scenes = sakuga
Seek help, your eyes are just as bad as your bias.

Slow start has some poor backgrounds and color design, and was only animated about as well as most Doga Kobo anime. It's nothing special, really. I'd argue this season's Yuru Camp, Violet Evergarden, Pop Team Epic, Devilman Crybaby, and maybe even Antartica all look better than it.

This. KyoAni should go back to making good moe

It's already out, newfag.

Just because you're correct doesn't mean you are right

It was bad because of how unnatural it felt. Violet monologuing about Gilbert, Colonel very obviously hiding the fact that Gilbert is dead so that the audience doesn't miss it, "I want to know what 'I Love You' means!"
Everything about it felt really off. It doesn't help that this show in particular is overly gracious with the camera effects.

>KyoAni series begins
>shitposting and trolling everywhere for few days
>some people pointing out how it's mediocre at best
>3 episodes pass and barely anyone cares anymore

VEG is going to be the same. Nothing about this is a hit material.

Fuck off shirou

I mean, there were more problems mentioned than just the pace user. But then there were some idiots judging the whole series by 1 episode. It's fair to say it didn't have the strongest opener though.

It's standard LN bad writing.

Certain anons around who kept going on about how it was a masterpiece and you're a shitposter and constant creation of bogeyman's are a decent part of why it got hit so hard. It was embarrassing for those normally looking forward to it.

>kyoani show
>being forgotten by Sup Forums
Hahaha, no.
What's more, 90% of jap tweets about this show are either about muh sakuga or "I cried a little". So I'm going to go against your views and say that this will blowout everything else this season.

Explain further.

Wait, how did any of those things feel unnatural? The monologue made sense in context and was inevitable due to it being an LN. Gilbert being afraid to tell a character who's entire sense of self worth revolves around a man that's no longer with us is a natural response to that situation. The "I love you" is a little bit too cheesy for the tone they were going for though, so I get that criticism.

Nope. Yuru Camp is comfy and does what it set out to do perfectly.

>I've seen string puppets show more believable emotion than these abominations hiding behind photoshop filters.

thunderbolt fantasy was fucking amazing. it was amazing from ep 1 too. Hey Kyoani, dropping a bunch of filters on everything doesn't make it "artistic" it makes it look FOGGY. And pretty autistic foggy pictures don't make a good anime.

>90% of jap tweets about this show are either about muh sakuga or "I cried a little".

about half the tweets were that. the rest called it hollow and dull.

which is exactly right. It's pretty enough to do a "muh sakuga" post, and hollow and dull enough to complain about that.

It's less the content itself but how it's presented.
For example, when Gilbert was dying and trying to give Violet life advice. He's literally dying yet screaming these LN-tier lines about finding happiness for herself and living for herself. It was just awkward to watch.

You know, I can go on twitter right now and see that you're lying.
Why do you do this user?

Well, yeah. That was the criticism I understood. I didn't really understand the other two. Oh, and about the VFX there was only one time they completely took me out of the experience, and that was right at the beginning when Violet walk left, and there's a strangely fast man in the background that shifted my focus away despite the blur. Sounds kinda weird, but it's true.

just because it's good doesn't automatically mean it's enjoyable enough to bother watching

What's it like being a sociopath?

her big thing is gilbert but what's so special about him. He shouts at her to live for himself. Where is she even drag him, how was he injured, havn't they had people die around them, how is she alive with both arms missing, no one besides gilbert was nice to the only in their squad/batallion. Yeah okay, does she even fire her rifle, before we have a replay of 300?


It was mediocre, it will be forgotten next season.

You realize some of us can read Japanese and can just go and see that you're lying right?

Its hard to pinpoint with Violet's obsession with the Major, but if I had to guess it's her flip flopping mood on being insistent on finding the Major yet also being fine with being assigned a new position. Sometimes she behaves like she does know he is dead but other times she behaves like she doesn't. It doesn't feel very consistent.

As for the Colonel, I swear they cut to his clenched hands like 3 or 4 times with an exaggerated body language. He didn't try to quickly change the subject (the nurse did, I think) he just stood there and said that the Major is alive and it felt really weird and "forced" for a lack of a better term.

It's hard to empathize when the characters don't have any human traits.

You can't expect all these to be answered in one episode, and they aren't immediately relevant anyway. Sure, it'd be nice to know down the line for some added context, but it isn't exactly pertinent to the overall narrative so far.

Really? A quick browse on both main tags and the only bad tweet is from a Sup Forums tier memelord cancer.


are you a chuuni?

No one would care about this show if it wasn't made by Kyoani.

These are correct.

Violet is still incredibly boring light novel though.

I'd rather read war and peace.

This show didn't even have slow pacing. The pacing was actually fairly fast for what it is it's just the narrative and direction is bad which causes it to become boring. There's no mystery here, there's no anticipation, there's nothing to look forward to at the end of the first episode.
Maybe a better director could have salvaged this but we didn't get that.