ITT: kuso anime that Sup Forums will defend

ITT: kuso anime that Sup Forums will defend
>16 episodes in
>nothing happens
>terrible pacing
>story treats you like a retard

you're favorite anime

>story treats you like a retard
If the threads were any indicator, it didnt do this at all.

I honestly don't think SSY is that good (compared to actual dystopian literature it's really banal), but your criticisms of it seem to suggest that you're a fucking retarded ADHD ridden faggot.

>story treats you like a retard
I'm pretty sure this is not the series fault.

ur a retard lol

I have a better idea, user. How about you post an anime you liked and discuss it with people who also liked it?

Spot the edgy retard kid who dont understand the anime

>actual dystopian literature
Like what? Sure as fuck hoping you're not one of those literature is better by default retards.

>>story treats you like a retard

It doesn't but if you feel that way, it says more about you.

Well did you read the actual dystopian literature it was adapted from?

Sup Forums absolutely hated this when it was airing

Since it is based on a novel (not an LN, but an actual novel), it counts as literature.

I dislike a lot of things that Sup Forums likes.

Didn't like Shinsekai Yori either, dropped it after a few episodes. Same thing goes for Tatami Galaxy and Katanagatari.

Yeah, the literal 5 seconds of gay kissing reminded them of their insecurity in their sexual orientation, and rather then face it, they decided to hate on it and drop it.

>story treats you like a retard
I need examples.

Yeah I couldn't get into that garbage anime as hard as I tried.

He only thinks that because he's too retarded to understand it.

Story was the only thing it had going for itself. Visuals were atrocious.

I know you just wanted a SSY thread but you either need to commit to devils advocate or not makes the threads at all. There's very little left to talk about when it comes to SSY.


I remember a lot were defending casshern sins. I didn't really particularly like it.

>nothing happens
>story treats you like a retard
>hating on SSY
You have to go back

Why would I defend anything from A-1 other than SnW


Shinsekai Yaoi is dogshit

>There's very little left to talk about when it comes to SSY

"Squealer did nothing wrong, discuss"

Yeah, the first half of the show has terrible and irregular pacing and the overall editing feels really off, but it picks up in the second half.



>characters speculating 20 minutes over dumb bullshit
>"you just don't get it, 2deep4u"
Fuck Kyoanus fags.

that shows not about what you think its about
the mysteries are just a vehicle for character development
not "2deep", in fact incredibly simple

houseki no kuni, its shit even if Sup Forums shills it.

>character development


but i like some of these shows and hate some of them too

Yeah i think that it is reallZzZzZzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Oh yeah the cold lazy guy slowly learning the joys of friendship by resolving the lamest mysteries since detective stories are a thing, only in 20 episodes! It's dogshit.

Found the brainlet. stick with dragon ball super.

Thank god I'm not you

>he thinks its about friendship
>main character started off as being friends already with 2 of the other 3 main characters
yeah i think you might be retarded

it shouldn't surprise me that Sup Forums liked the osomatsusan season 1 finale and season 2 as much as it does considering how much everyone here thinks personal growth and facing struggles is a bad thing and you should never have to do anything uncomfortable. it insults the intelligence of those who invest into it to care about its characters and punishes them for caring by spitting in their faces with the excuse that it's comedy.

>story treats you like a retard
Maybe because you are


Fucking neck yourself.

>Story treats you like a retard
This fucking ruined Re-Creators for me.
I kinda skimmed through through the recap episode and caught Meteoras:
>Just because we did a recap dosen't mean we're running out of money, we just think you're too stupid to follow the plot LOL.
What the fuck? Has an anime ever been more condescending?