Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku

First episode sucked. I don't know why I had hope, everything about the show suggests it's generic as fuck.

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I can't help but feel that this is kind of racist.

Animeonlyfags out


it was fucking terrible

Don't worry, it will get worse.

They are more comfy than LN shitters

Are they making changes? I remember than WN had load of bore before he first met Xena.

If MC takes out that skull and crossbones would he die?

Anime is always adapting the LN and the LN is considerably fast paced and skips a lot WN content.

How far is the LN translated compared to WN?

It would be very non-relevent. Because it's not a food ingredient.

Pretty sure DM LN added more content and characters but made the characters meet up faster.

Woah is that a Lizard nip?

>tfw mangafag

lizards dont have nipples user.

was it just me or did the running animation look weird as hell at times?

I stopped the WN after he killed that god with some dimension shennanigans. How far behind am i?

You mean dog-head?


I don't really remember, it was some vague being or something, its been quite a while since i've read it

So its an isekai?
What is its gimmick?
Also why has the dude only one leg on the cover


>What is its gimmick?
Ultra gary stu

Gee, I wonder why.

I thought it was going to suck, but it didnt
Will watch it

Yeah, what is the reason?


>first ten minutes suck his dick
>goes from scrub to god with zero sweat
For fuck's sake Japan would it kill you to have character progression?
How can you even self-insert into a character who doesn't earn that power? Like how do you feel good imagining yourself as that guy?

Yeah, people get isekai'd all over the place. The missing co-worker he was talking about was isekai'd before him actually. Too bad we won't see her in anime.

But he did earn that power, he wrote the code himself for it. He also nearly died for it.

Dog shit has more warmth than this crap.

Nah, we don't need 10 episodes of him honing his skills like some poofter. It's way more fun this way.


Damn this is pathetic.

I'm sure you can justify it however you want, but it's shit characterization.

But they're all like this now.

Well shit, how to get hired for this company?

The only possible appeal of something this bad is self-inserting for the loli harem.


I get pissed every time by these isekai fuckests.
I don't know why I bothered. At least show the cute girls in the first episode or something.

this is probably one of the worst isekais that i've read and i've read a lot.

the leveling is some special sorts of retarded (how do you hit level 300+ off level 50's)

on top of the arbitrary levels of npcs and enemies (how do random level 150/200 enemies even remotely come close to justifiable if the normal npc level is like 20)

Somebody get this hothead outta here!

Are haremfags the worst? They come into these isekai threads just for the girls. Not even the power fantasy.

>virgin cant watch an anime without rubbing his microdick to cartoon girls

>underage can't watch an anime without self-inserting into some jap virgin's power fantasy

You must not play a lot of games, senpai. This stuff is typical.

aye death march is bad, real bad
at least we getting shield hero soon, if anyone shit talks that you can use the sjw card

>this is probably one of the worst isekais that i've read and i've read a lot.
Well, you clearly didn't read it very well if you missed the parts where it clearly says that his meteorite shit also killed a bunch of dragons and the Dragon God.

Mind you, she got through lots of shit in that world, established the kingdom and spent 1000 years in magical anabiosis before they finally met so it's not all fun and games

This anime is hot garbage lol
why are they keep making shitty otaku fantasy isekai?
where is the good ol' isekai like digimon and inuyasha?

Did she get a harem too? Or are women just inherently more productive when they isekai?

Don't worry, faraway paladin will get a anime soon

>his meteorite shit also killed a bunch of dragons and the Dragon God.
How can you type this and not see how shit this series is? He accidentally kills a dragon god, therefore jumps from level 1 to 310.
This is trash on absolutely every level.

>implying Isekai was ever good

He never killed any gods besides the dragon god right at the start and he gets kinda overboard with dimensions shenanigans in the latter parts so there are many places that might hit the vague description

Digimon 1, 3 and 4.


She's got the power of friendship

>cleary says Seiryu

It makes perfect sense to get a boatload of xp from a dragon god if even the regular dragons are beastly.

>japs have to break the setting for their power fantasies now
How do we return to good protagonists?

What did he mean by this?

I vaguely remember it cause its about where i lost interest, it either used hair or something

oh, and on top of the super generic "girls neatly falling into mc's hands" trope which i suppose is par for isekai's but this one really revels in the matter-of-factness/lack of conflict or challenge

plus the map reveal + 3 meteors thing is like the stupidest fucking "cater to newbs" mechanism ever

most games feature reduced exp when you're overleveled and even among the games that let you do that grind, you'd need to kill literally like millions of boars to outlevel by that much

and let's not forget the fact that if he were actually level 310 after the first meteor wave, the surviving lizardman should have literally been an ant/helpless before him, not something capable of hurting him

Don't go that way son

Does it make sense for a level 1 to kill a dragon god?
Or does the writer have to create some convenience for the reader to jerk off to the idea of it?

>8 minutes of MC being corporate slave
>15 minutes of MC inspecting game menus
It was really bad. Whether the source material has some worth or not, the anime adaptation will ruin it anyway. I'll keep watching because I was promised lolis.

That is literally what the meteor is for, user. It's explained and everything. I'm sorry if you can't into reading comprehension.

Conflict aversion is killing anime.

Yeah, the meteor was a writer's convenience. It sucks ass. It doesn't matter if you can justify it in-setting, because it sucks from a storytelling perspective.

I think he gets 310 from wiping out the valley first, then kills the dragon god when he tries out the OP lvl310 meteor

He's spamming a literal cheat spell, you dumb ass. The level is irrelevant.

>main character is yet another kirito knock off when they could have just made him an adult like he is in the real world
>is overpowered within the first 10 minutes
>end has an obvious set up for cheesy love story and what i'm guessing is the start of a harem by the OP
Its gonna be hard sticking to the 3 episode rule for this. Only enjoyable thing about it was "that kids mom is pretty hot"

Woah I love that character now.

>talking about storytelling
>doesn't even read isekai tropes
You're a baka.

I am going to come in user's hole!

Ah, that was demon god's hair. WN volume 12 chapter 28. It's somewhere around 2/3rds of the current total I guess? Maybe a bit less.

Is the WN complete yet?

>it's fine because tropes
I hope you enjoy this show user.

where can I read full spoiler of all plot (if this has any), so I can save my time from watching this garbage?

Thank you. I've enjoyed it so far.

there's still a range within isekais and their tropes.

which is why cellphone and this are bottom fucking shit tier while shieldbro/overlord are better, relatively, because at least their explanations are somewhat plausible/fall within less autistic suspended disbelief

Woah I love the fact that you need to take your stupid ass out of here right now.

Moonlight Sculptor is far better than this rubbish.

>tfw it was comfy a few hours ago
>more people are home now and trashing on DM

Nowhere even near close. The mc has started god's trials recently and unless they end up early with some kind of twist he'll easily spend a volume or two on that.

Take a chill pill dude.

Should have left it at one thread per week

I'll shit talk it. It's self-pity masturbation for emo cucks.

Undisputed AOTY

True, there was no thread for a good like half hour.

Since when is MAL posting allowed again?

Almost, but no cigar.

Fucking dropped

It's like you don't want to see the greatest anime of our time succeed.

He didn't even say the name right. I hope he says it properly at the end of the series where they have some big fight that's on par with a death march.

Why are cloaks so cool? Just about every isekai protagonist has one.

I've really been missing smartphone adventures. Shounen fags can get out.

He has a super OP spell he can only use 3 times. He uses it once in the first chapter and as a result gains over 300 levels and picks up a ton of skills. This is still just the first chapter and his limited use of the spell is now irrelevant thanks to being OP without it now. He later gets an even better version of the spell thats unlimited.

Basically from chapter 2 onwards there is no gimmick anymore, its already been dropped and forgotten.

It makes perfect sense given that his gimic is an op/bugged skill that does essentially infinite damage.