Wtf is her problem? Why doesn't Senpai just punch her face in?

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I got something I would like to put in her face.

he likes it

Because Senpai is a faggot.

He should punch her in the pussy with his dick

He's gonna tongue punch her fart box

She is literally stronger than him

Two very good reasons. First is that Senpai is a lonely otaku with no friends who welcomes the attention. Second that Senpai is a budding sub and gets off on it.

Stop and really think about what Nagatoro does. Real bullies go for PUBLIC humiliation, because the goal is to raise their social status at the expense of yours. Everything she does with Senpai is a private one-on-one session. In these encounters she pushes him to open up about his interests and hobbies. Sure, she's a brutal dom about it, and really enjoys how much she can push around an older boy. But Senpai probably wouldn't trust a pretty girl being *nice* to him, and like I said he gets off on it as much as she does.

This makes too much sense.

Have you ever punched your bully user?

She would kick his ass.

Bullying in general was very rare in my schools, I never saw it and was never a victim of it thankfully.

I can't remember what grade I was in but this little shit named Cameron had made my life hell all through grade school and everyone knew it but didn't do shit. One day I had enough and punched him square in the face and sorta, half head locked him. I got in shit for it but, my grade 6 teacher (who was the best teacher at the school) took me aside and told me he was proud of me for not letting him get away with his shit again.

Punch her in the pussy amirite?

She doesn't have a problem. Some people show affection and interest with teasing. Nothing she has done to him has been that bad. Some badmouthing in order to get him to talk frankly, which he otherwise wouldn't do. Embarrassment, especially in private, isn't a death sentence. And the latest chapter proves he doesn't really mind it or consider it abuse.

I just laughed in their face the first time they started shit and they dropped the on person bullying attempts. Instead they messed with my bike. Like lobbing it into a tree.

She has autism right?


People used to hide my bags.

They punched back harder. Stopped targeting me after that though.

>inb4 he takes off his glasses and fixes his hair

She is a girl, you can't punch a girl

Are you trolling, or do you really have no idea what autism means?

Real world autism means your brain is wired in a non-standard way and you have trouble understanding how other people think. Sup Forums autism means you lack social skills or are an obsessive geek about something. Neither of those applies to Nagatoro, who knows exactly what she's doing and does so deliberately.


Yes, I punched mine in the face after watching an episode of Rome the previous day.
Turned out I'm stronger and he couldn't do much against me.
Never bothered me again.

Soon in theaters near you

so when my ex who I see from time to time expresses her hate and simultaneous love for me me in front of our close friend group what does it mean?

When does she bully his dick with her pussy? Her friends are slutty gyaru. You typically associate with like minded individuals. How come she isn't on the chin chin while choking him out?

I never expected to be turned on while casually going through one of these threads. First time for everything, really.

There`s only one person winning in a fight between those two and senpai knows it.


What, you're asking my to psychoanalyze a real person (more complex and contradictory than a fictional one) from a one sentence description? Well, okay, but grain of salt.

At a guess, it means exactly what you say. Your ex remembers both what she liked about you that made you a couple and what she hates about you that made you break up. One doesn't erase the other, but it can outweigh it.

thanks familia I can move on now


We`re getting there.

no I want more

make him look good with the glasses on you boring bitch. Just fix his hair and clothes, taking away his glasses makes him less Senpai.

Nagatoro is made for dickings

Gods be praised

This guy has the right idea, hoop ear-rings just go well with Nagatoro.

More cuckqueening is required.

Cucks(queens) enjoy when their partner is unfaithful. She clearly isn't enjoying it and had to be tied up.
Get your terminology correct faget.



Cute bully.


Post the mspaint one

Why is she holding a snickers?

Because you are not you when you are hungry.

I get it now. She's such a bitch because she's hungry for the d.


Nagatoro takes any dick for FREE

>implying senpai's dick can "punch" let alone penetrate anything before bending

What you need to understand about Nagatoro is that she is 774's tulpa. She keeps him in check. Back in the day he used to draw really misogynistic stuff like girls having their tits put in waffle irons and being raped by mutant pigs. Then he felt bad about it and felt that he needed to repent. He started drawing hard lolidom. Eventually he felt that he had self flagellated enough and drew a romantic Naruto comic. As sweet as it was, he could not cleanse his soul of his dark desires, that is where Nagatoro comes in. She was supposed to be just a one off, but grew into something more. Someone to keep him in check. Not too hard, but not a pushover either. Nagatoro is 774's brown tulpa gf. Respect her.

This man is going to snap one day and rape the fuck out of this bitch

ha ha, no. He enjoys it. How people can't see this yet, I do not know. And Nagatoro knows when to show a bit of restraint.

he doesn't enjoy it though

Can`t rape the willing.

so this is why he'll never do lewds?

At the very least he enjoys a girl interacting with him.

Then why was his dick hard when Naga touched it?

>he doesn't enjoy it though

He doesn't hate it either.

That's why we're here

it wasn't though, if the monster were awake she would have been more scared.

I punched them in the eye so hard they went to the hospital and they never fucked with me again. It was perfect.

>he had a boner
Wait, REALLY!?!?
Man, either his pants are really big or his dick is really small and if it's the latter, then it'd make more sense for Nagatoro to feel disgusted and embarrassed.

Just read this. It was kinda irritating but I didn't want to stop reading it.

She would have made fun of him if he had a small penis.

How is it irritating?
You aren`t feeling a connection with senpai, I hope.

I doubt it, honestly. She does have some restraint, especially in the manga.

New chapter when? It feels like it's been ages since the last one

I think it's because nothing has happened. She's just a bully? She has feelings and doesn't know how to express them? She's an S and Senpai her M? Many questions

>nothing has happened
That's not true. Senpai is slowly opening up to her and learning how to communicate effectively with her. Hell, last chapter had him outright snooping on her and feeling strangely jealous. It's a story about an autist slowly opening up. Just take a look at the ganbooru confession story.

No but I stabbed one of my bullies in junior high school, I could go more into detail if ppl are interested in listening.

she furiously rubbed herself that night yes?

The what now?

Take a gander at this.

holy fuck, link to chapter 7?

it's 4.5

Wait, how popular has this become in order to have something like this

The official manga is new but the author has been doing porn and side comics for like a decade now. Nagatoro is like 5 years old by now.

Is this story going to go anywhere?

High impact sexual bullying.

dear god

Why is Nagatoro so brown? I thought Japs found that unattractive.

outside sports--->sun---->brown skin

isn't rocket science user.

>porn artist
>look up nagatoro shit he did before serialization
>non h anyway
Whats the point


B-but user he is already hot with messy hair and glasses...

She is Mexican

will there ever be a physical english release?

I want to buy it aaaall

It all depends on how many chapters are produced, how well it sells in Japan, and if there's any interest in yurop or the US.

Hey lads, How do we improve the manga?

How about having an actual plot?

I would pay good money to be in his place

By you not reading it, you faggot.

She needs a hot cockin'

There is a plot. The plot is the daily live of a sadist and her masochistic boyfriend.

Whoa, rude!