Yuru Camp

To comfy too stop

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Was it autism?

Drawfag idea: leave only the top tent, draw Rin in place of one of the men. Nadeshiko is down below, jumping like a dog, trying to reach Rin. Rin is with a look of disgust

How comfy is too comfy?


When you become so comfy that you refuse to move until you soil yourself, thereby making you uncomfy.


CR uploaded episode 1 to YouTube

Since I don't use CR I'm definitely gonna use that for my rewatch for now on to show my support.


>it's the genki retard girl theme music

I just discovered this today. I haven't felt this comfy since flying witch.

Great ad.

Exactly my thoughts. The humor isn't too "forced" for the lack of a better term. I'm loving it.

I want to kneel at Aoi's feet so bad.

The humor works because the show has great comedic timing, and they don't stretch out or overuse any gags.

You didn't watch Isekai no Shokudou?

The soundtrack is crazy good. I loved the music that was playing during the scene where genki was discovering the club room.

Don't even fucking joke about shill posting like this. Makes me feel sick to my stomach and I don't want to feel uncomfortable in yurucamp threads. YURU for a fucking reason.

You're not helping yourself with your choice of images.

I enjoyed it, but there was too much QUALITY at times

Spin off of Rin's lonely camping adventures when.

Both this and Flying Witch are far more comfy.

No, just fun.


Everyone I've seen building a tent for the first time plays with them autistically.

I want to live in this anime.



Don't post like this.

>she sees your dick

Ok, sorry

I wish i had some actual winters where i live. Camping in a tropical climate is not comfy at all.


god i love everything about this show so much

especially rin's outfits desu
so fucking comfy

This show reaches levels of comfy that shouldn't have been possible.

The club is just as good as Rin's solo stuff.

Fuckk off.

and a second with comfy rin

her boots are really nice



I just want to do what I can to support this show because I like it.

What's with the negativity?

Isekai no Shokudou was trash.



god i wish that was me

I want to fuck that pinecone.





Did that pinecone just talk?


This gives me bad thoughts.

Why are they wearing uwabaki outside?

I can't believe Shimarin is fucking dead

I haven't felt this comfy since Shirokuma cafe, and that's my number 1 comfy show.



Did she remember to bring a gun with her in case of bears?

I always bring a pistol and bear mace with me when camping.

what kind of bad thoughts


I want to make babies with her in the tent.

He wants to feast on their tender flesh.




Did she deserve it?

If you cut off the last few seconds where she spins around it'll be a lot better imo. Will just look like she's flailing a bit and then gives up.



i thought id never hear her voice again lads


It's so bad that I think I'm going to write out a story for it. If I actually do I'll post it in the next few days. I really shouldn't though.

I wish I could ride a bike on a nice scenic path up to a campground with a great view.

that doesnt answer the question!!!

Are the actual episodes short or is it me?

She thought she was above mankind's greatest friend.


I won't spoil it.



the bun grows stronger

ill be waiting user

it better be good or im gonna rape you

Time flies when you're a faggot.

>Rin sharing her VA

You KNOW the cross marketing is coming.



It should.

when you're comfy*

Fight me in real life

Guys, the director is a first timer it seems, I think the guy could be pretty talented


>posterized photo


>im gonna rape you
You already have an idea of what it is


What was the dog sniffing at the end of this scene?

That perfect skirt tuck though

Hot dog

Did they just paste her over a photograph?