Let's speculate about meanings and symbolism in the new ED. Keep shitposting to a minimum.

>Namida and Wasabi are divided by a train rail
>The train, symbolizing technology, passes by Wasabi, symbolizing her devotion to the traditional ways of shinobi as technology passes her by
>The arm rises up over Namida, symbolizing her being granted entry to the new order by her embrace of technology
>Sumire walks by power lines a storm.
>She's already embraced technology in the manga
>The juxtaposition of the storm with the power lines symbolizes the notion that no matter how much humans advance, nature will always dominate in the end
>She walks without cover in the way, symbolizing her lack of fear in fighting nature with technology

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Boruto is cooler than Naruto

Why is she such a technology nerd? I can understand boy scout denki but not her. Kind of weird.

Also I kind of hope Denki dies. He's just not about that ninja life.

If you think about it, the Foundation was already in that line of using tech and science to get an edge, so in a way it's a sort of natural evolution for her, especially with her synthetic pokemon.

Also in this ED: Team InoShikaCho are staring down the storm. The InoShikaCho formation is one of the oldest traditions in the Naruto universe. They will probably be crushed by new technology and have to adapt or die.

Nue and Hawawa a cute!

I usually stay away from reading too heavily into OPs and EDs, but this anyalysis actually makes me hope they do something with this concept

The new ending is pure unadultered Kino

When is edgy sumire gonna suck people's chakra dry to kill them?

Iwabe best boy.

Proof me wrong

Mitsuki already exists

Hanabi is hot

Probably only against enemies like the ayys


I can't, you're right.

I hated him when he premiered but he's become one of my favorites. He feels like a Kuwabara kind of bro.

Why are they in regular clothes now?
Aren't they ninjas what happened to the show?

Oh boys here we are:

>The new ending is pure unadultered Kino
I have to agree. All the other Bortuto EDs were pure shit.

She would suck Boruto something out but not Chakra.

Someone said it had kawaki fucking the village up. If so can someone pick? I missed it

>Why are they in regular clothes now?
>Aren't they ninjas what happened to the show?
Because this hasn't been a thing since episode 1 of naruto. Wow Naruto nice ninja outfit. Totally accurate portrayal of a real ninja.

Those are their clothes from before they graduated. Not sure why they're wearing them in the ending but whatever.

For the most part the only people who dress like ninjas in this ninjas in this franchise are nameless mooks.

Desu, if the Ootsusukis blow up all of the major Shinobi cities, it would be cool and interesting if one of the survivors of said destruction somehow stole all of the Ootsusukis technology and use their newfound goods to try and hunt the Ootsusukis down

SasuSaku fanart is only good when it looks in-character

>pic unrelated

Is that edited?

You know, I thought this was kind of stupid at first but then I remembered that in episode 1 they literally introduced Boruto riding a train and explained how it's making it easier to get around the village, so you might be onto something.

Is he going to be daijobu?

Ever since the Sumire reveal all bets have been off as far as how far they're planning ahead

Don't be delusional Sumire-chan.

More scenes like this please


I hope for a boruto naruto moment where they actually try to bond and be nice. Like better then the family epsiode

Can Naruto still use Ying/Yang/Truth Seeking balls?

SP, I am fucking begging you, please, don't let Sumire's character rot. By character setting alone, she's the kid with most potential of the new Konoha 12. Please include her in an interesting arc!

I love the new Boruto girls.

They are all lewd

I am sorry user, Sumire-chan only has eyes for Boruto-kun.

Train = technology is common enough symbolism, especially in Japan where they got the railroad from westernization and the end of isolationism during Meiji after the revolution.

I hope she grows up to be very busty.

The new Konoha 12 looks promising

I don't think the storm is related to the technology stuff. It's a storm that is approaching Konoha just before the exams, it has to be the Otsutsuki clan.

>Denki right there.

I just hope she won't get degraded to a ship waifu like Hinata or Sakura at the end. I want constant screentime and development here and there but I keep my expectations low.

That's the only part of the series so far that made me think "wow, they are really planning ahead the story". So far, everything else seems like made up on the spot. That's why the climax of the Nue arc still remains the best part of Boruto IMO.

The question is why is Sumire the only one in the storm? Is she going to be hurt by Urashiki? We know she's not involved with Momoshiki and Kinshiki's attack. Consider that Katasuke, her eventual mentor, literally tries to fight the Ootsutsuki (nature) with technology and gets his shit pushed in as a result.

If anything, it probably foreshadows their team breaking up.

It would be kinda shitty for them to break up so quickly.

Well, unlike Hinata, at least they actually seem to be planning to use her character in meaninful ways.

Hinata was used in pivotal moments in the Chuunin Exam, Pain, and War arcs, not to mention having her own movie.

We already know that they will, though.

Not necessarily, we just haven't seen Wasabi and Namida in the manga. They could still be a part of a team while Sumire takes an extra job with the science lab.

I think something is going to happen with team 15 and Urashiki. The problem with Katasuke is that around this timespan he is supposed to be possesed by some unknown entity. Why would Sumire be conveniently placed in his lab when he is becoming evil? I think there is more to this, and the Urashiki is probably related. Sumire's behaviour in the manga is suspicious.

>not even going to try to be a chuunin
Irrelevant confirmed.

Yeah, but before The Last she felt like a plot device and not an actual character.

We know Katasuke was ensorcelled by Ao. We have no idea how Urashiki fits in.


I don't really agree. I readily understood her character from her fight with Neji.

Well, someone has to be sponsoring Kara. Maybe it's Urashiki?

It's probably one of the modernization corporations.

I don't think the aliens would sponsor humans, especially considering how Momoshiki and Kinshiki seemed to approach Earth. They believe humans to be lesser lifeforms.

Why would a corporation have intel on the ayy seals? It would be believable if Urashiki was leaking intel for some shady plan.

>Why would a corporation have intel on the ayy seals?
Through Kara, probably. It's a trade. They give Kara their resources and Kara gives them a seat in whatever grand scheme they have.

Maybe there is some kind of catch on the ayy seals that only the ayys know? That might be the reason why Urashiki could be spreading intel on them.

But Kara should have gotten info on the ayy seals from someone, that's what I meant.

Sumire is borutos only hope


What if Sumire is also controlled by Ao or Akita being a Kara agent and her controlling Sumire?

Kara seems to be around longer than Momoshiki and Kinshiki's (and basically Urashiki's) arrival. There must be another Otsutsuki leaking them info -- probably another rogue like Kaguya.

Or when Kaguya got sealed she made another Will like Black Zetsu like she did when her sons sealed her and its setting up another plan behind the scenes.

Is it just me or do they look way older here? Maybe the height

>People think Technology can defeat magic
Lol, ok.

Nukes aren't nothing to laugh at, user.

When Sumire becomes relevant, the plot of the show moves, no shit.
>Nue arc, the Jougan appears and manifests its powers, the gate appears, and the ayys detect the presence of Naruto's world, Toneri makes a lot of prophecies
>She now appears to be in the middle of a storm, just when the ayys arrive
>She's in Katasuke's lab, and the chakra tech stuff is like 80% of the contents of the manga
Making Sumire important is making Boruto interesting. Keep Sumire relevant!

Maybe Urashiki had arrived in Earth before Momo and Kin? He wasn't with them when they were shown in the weird dimension with the Chakra Trees.

When will Kawaki nuke the leaf village?

Watching her walking in the middle of the storm. It's possible. Maybe they did something to Namida and they are blackmailing her with it? I wonder what would they want from her though

>especially in Japan where they got the railroad from westernization and the end of isolationism during Meiji after the revolution
Huh, really? Didn't know that.

I doubt they're going that deep into it. I think the most we should expect is that she's spying on Katasuke, under Sai, or something like that.

>is that around this timespan he is supposed to be possesed by some unknown entity
It was Ao you stupid fucker

>all this reaching to make Sumire appear more relevant in the manga when she was likely not even a blip until she got popular in the anime

Still, Kara is related to the ayys, and Urashiki has to be doing something during the Momo and Kin fight. He wasn't in the manga, so it was probably something that happened off-screen.

You're going to rile them up again but I agree that this is pretty stupid. They're not going to change the movie arc's story that significantly. The most important change was Momoshiki giving Boruto the seal, and that was exclusive to the manga.

They don't have to change anything. They can just add stuff that happened in other places, off-screen.

Use your head, user: if Urashiki attacked anybody people would learn of the existence of a third Ootsutsuki. He's dead, Jim. A good guess is that he's where Kawaki got his seal, but we'll see.

I like Sumire but the crazy fanfic is a bit much.

I doubt Kawaki will appear anytime soon, but Urashiki was in the movie arc promo, so he has to appear at the same time as Momo and Kin.

It’s just speculating, nobody actually expects anything that significant but no harm in imagining the possibilities while waiting for something to happen

My guess is he'll have a background appearance then boom gone for 100 episodes then shows a flashback of kawaki killing him with Kara help similar to boruto.

In 100 episodes at the very least.

You see user, you can speculate about any character just fine as long as it isn't that far-fetched, but when it's about Sumire, some anons get sensitive.

Kawaki is probably the vessel, so his tattoos are probably artificial, he probably didn't kill any ayy to get them.

All Boruto OP/EDs ranked (best list):
1- ED4
2- ED2
3- OP1
4- OP2
5- ED3
6- ED1

Also compared to all of Naruto I'd say ED4 is in the top 10 best endings easy.

Wow, no one even attempts to talk about the current arc. Neo team 7 really was a mistake.

It's filler dude. No one's gonna care about anything until after the movie arc ends

In that case, the entire Boruto anime has been filler.

What excuses are they going to come up with for why Iwabe and Denki weren't shown at all in the manga yet?

Filler can be good and enjoyable. That shit we got is embarrassing.

None, they will just act as if they were always there.