Why does Bakemonogatari look better than the rest of the tv series? Did they change directors or what?

Why does Bakemonogatari look better than the rest of the tv series? Did they change directors or what?

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>at best girl

I knew this scene was familiar.

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He hasn’t said anything about Shinobu though.

The later visuals made everyone look like they had some kind of illness.

I really liked the Kizu art style though.

Bakemonogatari has an entirely different feel from the rest of the series.

Correct, that's cuz tsukihi and Karen are best

Bakemonogatari = actual depth and philosophy sorrrounding a teenage boy who is "beyond" others' way of thinking therefore seen as inept.

Rest of the series = him being an ass wipe cus he figured out he is special

>actual depth and philosophy
I don't know what show you watched but it certainly wasn't Bakemonogatari

I don't know what education you had but it certainly wasn't a good school

I preferred second season.

Are there any offical kizu translations anywhere?

what are you on? nise had way more budget

Yep, Bake and Kizu were directed by based Oishi, the rest of the monogatari by that incompetent of Itamura.

Nadeko Medusa, HItagi End, Tsubasa Tiger, Ougi Formula, and the Sodachi arcs all had more depth than the Bake arcs, you dumb memester.

and they wasted all the budget in the OPs because the actual visual direction looked like a poor man's version of bake honestly

>actual depth and philosophy

Tone it down a bit Sup Forums.

>nise had way more budget
No wonder nise was so great.
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I wish they would tone down that plastic looking art style.

Different directors
Tatsuya Oishi was the series director of Bakemonogatari and Kizumonogatari
Not only he has a great style but also knows a lot of animators who help him in his productions.
He is also the director of the Pani Poni Dash openings, Maria Holic opening, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei op and Negima op.

The rest of the series was handled by Itamura.
He keep some of the style from Oishi in the series but little by little it changes into something more confortable for him.