Have you ever seen a character that was so perfect that it made you depressed she isn't real...

Have you ever seen a character that was so perfect that it made you depressed she isn't real? Like for real heartbroken-I-can't-even-get-out-of-bed-anymore-why-is-the-world-so-shitty depressed?

I still can't get over the fact that I'll never meet a girl like Rikka and that I'll never find true love. And it's not even physical attraction. I can't even fap to Rikka and I fap to like every single anime girl there is.

Why is this world so unfair? How do I get rid of this Weltschmerz?

Call me a faggot, I don't care I need to talk about this. Am I alone with this pain?


Sounds really fucking pathetic.

Kill yourself blogshitter

Don't worry user, you're not alone

this show is terrible though.

>tfw she was real
>tfw every day with her was pure happiness
>tfw we were going to have a family together

Then a number of factors including her past caused her to have a breakdown and she was gone.

I'd be more inclined to feel sorry for you if you didn't type like reddit

even if she was real she wouldnt be with you anyway

blogniggers need to be put in an oven

Well fuck user OP wanted to hash this out I was giving my experience that, no, he dosn't wish she was real because that shit hurts when it's gone.

Rikka a shit.
Ruined her while character arc in one (1) episode.

No, but I'm unironically depressed because I will never be resurrected in the Naruto universe. I don't even care about all the hate I get for this, sadly I'm being dead serious.

>3D girls

I just wish Chuuni girls were real in general

Don't worry user. I always wanted to live in the Pokemon universe.

What happened

I don't hate you because it's petty to make fun of the autistic

Man if you're gonna go for kids anime, you could have said Shaman King.

Why would you want to live in that universe of all universes

It's story time anom

I can't even imagine a more boring universe than the Shaman King Universe.

Don't pretend you wouldn't want to do asspull ninja magic and protect your nakama in edgy wars and age with little to none technology, beautiful environments and Rin.

>you get to have a ghost bro to put inside of you, and a special unique weapon to go with
>in pokemon all you do is take care of pets

I was talking about the videogame universe. The Ashanime is trash.

It's the same thing, it's just pokemon.

>tfw you will never meet a girl that loves you like Rinko loves Takeo

>wanting bros inside you
That's gay as fuck.

Don't care, Shaman King is cool as heck. Ryu best character.

>Just pets
Dude have you ever played a Pokemon game. Those "pets" are literally supernatural entities. Arcanine can take you from Paris to Pekin in like a couple days.


It's literally the same as the anime, just magic animals. Boring.

Feels awful to realize you will never have girl that will love you enough to betray all her beliefs for you like her.

>Magic animals

What's more to say? I knew a real life Rikka, had a blast with her, grew close, she was afraid of couple stuff because of her abusive past, became a couple anyway, but she was eventually consumed by it. She was the reason I even began watching Chu2 as when I saw Rikka, it was like she was there again. Except Utah got the happy end.

Ok it's not that boring, but there's way better choices.

What happened to her

Already said. She had a breakdown on a massive scale. Personality change, couldn't be around anyone except immediate family, I became a literal stranger to her. I tried to repair what was between us a few times but the girl I loved was gone.


Life usually is M8

No, it's just you.

Elaborate please, because I have a hard time wrapping my head around this

What caused her breakdown
What were her problems
Why doesn't she recognise you anymore
How did her personality change

What is she doing now?

Fuck off to /soc/ with your shit, retard. He's clearly roleplaying.

>Waifu is Rikka
>She's already married to Yuuta
How do you do it?

>so fucking new he doesn't know what a waifu is

I'm done with this cancerous trash board. It has been complete ass for a few years now.

It just hurts. Like being in love with a girl who has already fallen in with someone else.


>What caused her breakdown
Her history was the biggest factor but the final trigger was the difficulty she faced at uni, she couldn't adjust to the stress of it and that was that
>What were her problems
Not sure I understand this one
>Why doesn't she recognise you anymore
Perhaps I didn't say it right, she knows who I am but the breakdown completely emotionally changed her like flicking a switch. What she liked she now didn't kind of thing.
>How did her personality change
See above

Believe me user I wish to fucking god that i was some stupid faggot roleplayer right now but I'm being legit with everyone here. I only mentioned this because OP thinks he wants something when in reality he really dosn't.

Even if, why do you care so much? Maybe I just wanna hear an interesting story

Well what was her history? I want to understand her breakdown

Why do you care about a retarded, roleplayer? Go watch an anime for an interesting story. What a goddamn retard.

You're the retard

>but the final trigger was the difficulty she faced at uni, she couldn't adjust to the stress of it
Can relate to that, went to a similar experience myself, it pretty much destroyed my whole social life and had to restart from zero. Lost a lot of loved people thanks to that.

You seriously want me to go in depth about her abuse? user I said this to help OP out but I'm not about to disrespect her but doing that shit.

You have my sympathy dude.

>says the newcancer enabling blogging on Sup Forums

Kill yourself

Her mom bought her an iphone 5 instead of 5s, and then she got raped in public by some guy brushing shoulders with her on a crowded street. She never recovered.

You're obviously the newfag trying way too hard to fit in lol

Yes please. Come on you're an user. Nobody knows who you're talking about.

You're so edgy I almost died on accident.

You too, user, hope you manage to find happiness again at some point.

All I'll say is she was abused by her father but I won't go into the details. I loved the girl user have some fucking sympathy here.

Not only are you new as shit, you're also clearly underage and autistic.

You are not alone. Dealing with such feelings together used to be a large part of what Sup Forums did. Not anymore.

Her father grounded her for two hours in her room, and she couldn't get over it, right? Had that happen to me, almost died.

Damn user that's rough.

Talking about it helps.

Please sympathize, I've never been the same since. Had to start life allover in another country, and change my name.

So basically she was a spoiled bitch who couldn't take college without mental breakdown? Seems you were lucky to get rid of her.

i want gf

I've been here for 7 years. I can always tell who the newfags are who try way too hard to fit in.
Bet you're newer to Sup Forums than Boruto

>Like for real heartbroken-I-can't-even-get-out-of-bed-anymore-why-is-the-world-so-shitty depressed?

This is a self-destructive fixation and you should seek professional help.

>calls me a retard because I tell him to watch anime
>on Sup Forums
>the board for anime and manga, and not blogging and roleplaying
>acts like he's not a cancerous newtrash

You are a tumor.

Nah. I hadn't intended to talk about it this long and it's apparently pissing off some anons so I apologise. All you need to know is she's gone now and every day all I have in her place is this fucking void. Worst part though? one week before it happened she said she wanted kids with me. One fucking week.

So OP. The idea is nice but be careful what you wish for because reality hates me, you, and everyone else.

Nah it was Uni, I met her in college but Uni was the final trigger.

Nobody would ever want kids with you, shut the fuck up roleplaying retard. Not even an anime drawing you made would want it, even if you put the words in a text bubble.

You can't just pull stories out like that and not elaborate.

Give us the full fucking story now. Ignore the foaming autistic kid

You must be new

Sorry user I've said all I really want to say on the matter, like I keep repeating, I only mentioned it to help OP not to mention If I keep recounting my life this user is likely to blow a fucking blood vessel.

Wanna know how I know how new you are?
You're so damn emotional about trite shit, it's obvious you got BTFO earlier because you started some recommendation thread and people told you to fuck off so now you think everybody on this board needs to act that way and shit up threads trying to fit in.

True oldfags don't get this emotional about threads they don't care about.

The idea that going to the brain hospital is going to bring your old love back is the same as the idea that going to the circus enough times will turn you into Tarzan and enable you to speak with apes and monkeys.
The only difference is one notion is socially acceptable while the other is not.
Anyway not my circus, not my monkeys.

Ok, here I go, but I'll keep it short.

>meet girl in college
>her name is Rikka
>slowly fall in love with her
>she's almost like an anime character
>really shy, really cute, super sweet and gentle
>never seen another girl like her
>over time get close to her
>turns out we have chemistry between us
>she starts sharing about her past
>it's quite dark, but she can trust me
>offer to go to my place one day after classes, so we can talk in peace
>she agrees, best day of my life
>we get there, I have a gift ready for her, and had planned to ask her out
>we go inside
>up to my room
>open the door
>everybody walk the dinosaur

And that's when tings went downhill.

I'm neither of the anons in the argument, but your voice actress is EXCELLENT.

>projecting this hard

Must be sad being this cringy in real life. Looks like you had it hard.

Now you I want you tell the story even more. Sad story about chuuni girl having a mental breakdown with the chance of an autistic kid getting a stroke reading it?


As an artist I'm happy they aren't real. That's what makes them special. You've basically made something immortal if you laminate it. Yet, on the other hand I wish real people were more like them. People suck ass.

>You've basically made something immortal if you laminate it.
Somewhere, a metalworker is shedding a tear.

Tell me the story of how fat you are and how you've never had a single friend.

Nice try but I always skip greentexts to the end first

I don't mind telling you a brief outline of what happened user, but there's bits I want to leave out. I started getting angry at the way she was becoming distant with me and I did things I regret. I probably treated her worse than her father at times.

>tumblr gif
>calls himself an artist

Show some of your art. Haven't had a laugh today.

You fuckin wot


Nah, it's experience. You kids always occasionally pop up and the story is always the same.

How did I not say the correct definition of waifu you retard?

>As an artist I'm
Whenever someone starts their sentence like that you instantly know that whatever follows should be disregarded.

Oh shit mang

Go on

>his life experiences are him being paranoid and assuming random things about other people on Sup Forums

Truly sad.

>brain hospital

A therapist to talk things out with isn't some kind of weird and macabre "brain hospital", user. It's just a trained professional who knows how to help people catch themselves in their own bullshit.

But all that aside, this is a thread about a man fixating on a cartoon character, not an "old love". So it's a moot point either way.

Rikka is shit though

She told me her father sexually abused her as a child, but she also told me she loved him, because it's her dad after all. So I decided to rape her. Turns out she didn't like it. I regret it so bad.;_;

Fucker. I'm not some faggot who claims to be an artist and isn't. I don't need you fuckwads bringing me down. Fine you get ONE. And old one from last year.