Why did everyone in her village try to sexually harass her? She was supposed to be a middle schooler

Why did everyone in her village try to sexually harass her? She was supposed to be a middle schooler.

Yoshio doesn't really see it as sexual harassment, since he's family. Also he's changed her diapers, she was overreacting.
The old guys have literally no one else to ogle, plus it's not like they ever went too far or anything.

>Also he's changed her diapers
Does he still change them


It's hardly sekuhara if she's asking for it

You answered your own question in the second sentence.

Can you blame them?

>She was supposed to be a middle schooler.

Yes. JCs are too young.

Literally built for bullying.

Shame on the author.

Is this the thread where we pretend that middle schoolers aren't sexy?

Middle schoolers aren't sexy. Just look at this, it's just cute.


>not sports bra
I hope she at least has some tape down there to prevent nipple chafing

He changes her panties now.

I just want to slip my hands in and rub those cute buds.

No lolicon.

Goddammit I think I might be a pedo guys.


>that google translate dialogue


>confusing 2D with 3DPD
You failed the test, enjoy your time with the Party Van

It's fine

>Don't say pedo use loli or my facebook friends will shame me!
Fuck off.

What a cute little shrine maiden

Would you guys rape Machi given the chance?

No? I'm not attracted to little girls.

No. I would take her on a date to the city and help her overcome her insecurities.

Yes. Yes I would. Are you happy? I would hold her down and fuck the shit out of her regardless of her pleas.

No. But I would rape this homosexual

Did the BD version of the show with the alternate ending ever get a torrent/sub?

Nobody ever said pedo until the Sup Forumsfags started using it as an insult though. A few years ago everybody called themselves lolicon because 3D is PD on Sup Forums.

Lolicon literally means pedophile in japan. Only a retarded niwaka would take it as an insult on Sup Forums.

It's the antilolifags who started and are continuing to push it/falseflag with it. I wouldn't doubt that he's one of them who keeps trying to equivalate liking anime characters with that term

My wife Machi is so cute.

What words mean in Japan doesn't really matter to what they mean on Sup Forums though(and lolicon is not the proper word for it anyway). All I'm telling you is that if you want to use pedo instead of lolicon than you might as well be saying cuckoldery instead of NTR or something but then don't complain when someone mistakes you for some shitposter form /v.

>Feeling shame for being described accurately
Worse than animal-tier, desu

Why are you so knowledgeable of Sup Forums meta? Go back.

Why are you so new? All I'm telling you is that 6 years ago nobody used the used the term pedo to talk about themselves on Sup Forums, only the term lolicon was used. Then Sup Forumstards came along and started calling everyone pedos. I'm telling you about what happened on Sup Forums retard. Why don't you lurk more?

This post is painful to read.

He's in the other thread too
So yea he's the falseflagging antiloli shitposter

Depressing irony in this post.

Middle schoolers are sexiest.

No, but I would make her wear cute outfits though. The sundress was nice.

>not calling them JCs
thank you for not calling them JCs

She always makes such strange faces when you put things on her head, though.

What's wrong with calling them JCs?

Middle schoolers are perfect for breeding.

meme buzzword term


They're actual terms though.

Oh hi, sorry but that user isn't me, looks like some pedofaggot is a little paranoid huh? Hehehe

Useless for conversation since they refer to nothing in particular in a medium where anyone of any age can have any kind of body type, and also redundant in the English language because we have perfectly usable words that mean the same exact thing regardless(which are rarely used because they suffer from the same issue I stated first).

Yep, and we have English terms for those words. My guess is people don't use them because they (pic related) don't mean a damned thing in this medium, or because they are in denial and don't want to say "I want to fuck elementary schoolers!" and use "JS" as a euphemism.

JS has otaku connotations even in Japan though. The regular words doesn't.

Well this is confusing. You are false flagging as me(the guy who's being accused of falseflagging here and in another thread), even though I'm not even posting in that thread and they are confusing me with someone who was posting earlier who probably wasn't false flagging. How did we end up here...is it newfags? Newfags must have something to do with this.

>the way the water pools in her back dimple just above her butt
I'm going to be arrested

Sorry, I just came to this thread. I was posting in and I think the pedofaggot thinks you are me or something, I dunno now.

Why use english terms instead of using actual Japanese terms that are better suited? Besides, the people using the terms clearly understand what they're saying.

Also what said

Because they are meaningless.

So is Isekai and Netorare, still doesn't make them any less of shitty buzzwords that only became a fad to use very recently.

I want to know if twintails managed to keep her purity while hanging around all her slutty jc friends.

What village does she come from? It looks like she might be from the Village Hidden in the Rain. They're a dangerous bunch there; they've produced shinobi like Hanzo, Nagato, Yahiko and Konan.

Better stay clear of that girl. She's probably about to kill that bear.

No, I want to protect her smile and encourage her dreams.

That's a cute little girl.

This is her butt.

That's a sexy little girl.


you are incredibly retarded.

>too young.
no such thing

I may be retarded but I'm also right.

no, you are incredibly retarded if you think JC is less meaningful than middle schooler because of the loose portrayals of body types in some anime and manga, and even more retarded for thinking the adoption of Japanese terms by the anime and manga board is meaningless.

t. wapanese

No but I'll have consensual sex with her.

Machi is so cute, but this series is so cruel to her

>The old guys have literally no one else to ogle
What about Hibiki?