Do find muscular girls attractive Sup Forums?

Do find muscular girls attractive Sup Forums?

As long as they're not so muscular that they become masculine, yes.

Muscles are not inherently masculine, though. Maybe old masculinity, but current nu-masculinity hardly has anything to do with muscle.

Now that I think about it, Mikasa is the only anime girl with toned abs that I know.

I wish artists did this more instead of skinny girls being super strong for no reason.


Well you better watch Jormungand for some fit and badass females. Good show too.


Holy fuck, thank you user.

>tfw no strong lats waifu



My niggas

Strong core

Terraformars also has some abs, Michelle san in particular

Natural fit girls are the sexiest female form.
Roid monsters with male delts for example are no go, especially when they start getting that five o'clock shadow like in the olympia comp.

So perfect, I want her daki.

Titan tits and Titanium thighs

Reminder that Saber has a muscular and toned physique according to canon.

fuck no muscles are for fags

I find that one attractive


Especially when steamy with sweat

abs jobs are quite literally my fetish



Mikasa is the perfect tone.

Sounds like you want a boyfriend, nigga

you know you shit user valmet is the best /fit/ girl

who has the best abs Sup Forums?