3x3 and 4x4 Thread

3x3 and 4x4 Thread
Start discussion or rec or anything else, maybe put your own spin on rating

I really like Berserk, Tatami Galaxy, Cowboy Bebop, LoGH, and Ping Pong.
please post them for the nth time.
if you don't post them you get a 0/0 rating.

I wish I liked anime enough to have 13 favorites.


Ping Pong isn't on his.

I feel like you change yours every time I see it
But I do too so it's alright





When is it safe to start putting Devilman Crybaby on my 3x3?

This meme already got more stale than these threads.


When it becomes good (never)

At least two seasons.

It's better than 90& of the garbage posted so far.


Having anything from Ikuhara, Isin or Yuasa on your 3x3 means you are a pseudo intellectual.

Spoken like a true pseud.

>pseudo reddit spacing


Mega pleb
Mega pleb

now THIS is taste

Pseudo meta pretentious.

This is probably the most homosexual taste I have ever seen, which is very impressive considering where we are.

>Not even bothering on pointing out which series you liked/didn't like

SO this is the power of 3x3 woah.....

I didn't care for Watamote. It was painful to watch.

Woah! It's almost like no one cares, except your low self-esteem self.

3x3 threads aren't even good at being a circlejerk, because no one elaborates on their opinion about the mosaics. Even if you get stroked, it just feels very weak, cold and lazy.
Anyone who posts 3x3s on this cesspool of a general has low self-esteem, and cares a lot about getting his ego stroked by imaginary hands.

I can stroke my own dick thank-you-very-much. It just so happens that I enjoy making ugly mosaics in my free time, and, WOW, look at all these other guys that like doing the same thing. Haha no gay shit going on here, not at all haha.

2/2 I really don't recognize most of these. Just shows that I need to raise my power level more.

>Just shows that I need to raise my power level more.
You didn't need to say it; your 3x3 makes it obvious


FLCL is pure garbage.
Only nostalgia faggots can enjoy this shit.

Did you start watching anime last month?

9/12 I haven't watched Monster but I have read the first 2 volumes of the manga and I like it fine not as good of a start as Pluto though. FMA, Watamote, and steins gate are the negatives.
7/8 So Ra No Wo To was one of the few shows that made me angry and I am not sure why it is heralded as a masterpiece when lots of other healing shows are miles better including some other shows on your 3x3. Also 2 more minor nitpicks 1) It bugs me that you have 8 tv shows and 1 movie I prefer to have separate lists for them and 2) Watch some older anime.
6/6 Watching Nana right now and I have heard the manga hasn't ended is the ending to the anime a cop out or does it go into original content?
0/0 How many of those are based on visual novels?
8/9 The one negative is for Belladonna of Sadness which I found incredibly boring and I feel asleep watching it. I preferred 1001 nights and Cleopatra more but I feel like I should really re-watch Belladonna maybe I am totally wrong on it.
11/12 Haven't watched esclfowne yet, and higurashi is just bad. I can see it working a lot better as a VN but as a anime it is a train wreck
.5/5 I have only finished SBR and I stopped Bleach at the end of SS arc. I like the style btw.
6/6 This is for the 20th century 3x3. Your Movies is also pretty good Puss in Boots is a delight.
9/9 Good show but nothing that stick out from the standard Sup Forums-core taste.

Sorry for the autism.

Been watching on and off for the few years.

Here's my 1x1, I hope you guys like it as much as I do!

+Cowboy bebop, Konosuba,S;G, ,Bersurk.

+HnK, KnK

+TTGL, Cowboy Bebop



+Bakemonogatari, Eva, Jin Roh
-FLCL, Escaflowne

Gundam, Sailor Moon
-Madoka, Macross

+Bake, Eva,

+S;G, Haruhi, TTGL
-Jojo, FLCL, HxH, Trigun

How did this happened?

Well, when two girls really like each other crazy things start to happen.

But Ritsu is for Mio.

Ritsu's compatibility with Mio is only 90% whereas her compatibility with Yui is 100%.

I can see Yui with both Azusa and Ritsu, maybe even Mugi. Sounds like she would be a player.

Yui's the type of girl who would easily give into her carnal desires. She'd totally be down with a harem.

5/8 ++snw
20th 4/8 (strongly prefer msg movies over the horribly paced show) ++patlabor
21st 3/5 ++fuujin, fantastic; --madoka
movies 3(4)/6(7) (no clue which shinchan movie that is, if its 6,9, then plus) ++porco
ova 3/6 ++for the animation/visual direction of that neo tokyo segment, written and audio directional part were pretty lackluster; old croc although i still think the narrators voice doesnt fit at all --muramasa
2.5/8 ++katana --utena, bunny

I always knew you were a plebeian, Anonymous.

pic related is canon. double genki doesnt work. relationship has no future.

Is there any alignment logic in 3x3???


I hate you! Double genki DOES work. Believe me, I've read over 1000 shoujo romance manga I am an EXPERT in romance. I (don't) respect your opinion but I do think Yui looks cute next to anyone.

I like to put my favorite one in the center

No shit


why does redditor Digi hates these threads?

why the fuck would you include the dialogue